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Suzanne H: Success Story

Introducing….all the way from Oregon, Suzanne H. Would you believe that Suzanne and I had a one-time day trip encounter in San Diego, California on a private boat. Neither of us really knew that one 40 min deep conversation on a random Sunday boat cruise would turn into a full-fledge friendship. BUT IT DID!

Suzanne was going through a hard time and many adjustments in her life. At that point, I too was struggling a bit. I think because we were strangers we were not afraid to be totally transparent and we bonded. We both were exceptionally emotionally raw. And we vowed to go forward making choices to trust God’s plan and get out of the trenches. I gave her a good old-fashioned girl-to-girl pep talk and encouraged her to get back in the boat and paddle to shore. Sometimes in life, we drift. We lose our way of being busy working moms. We forget to care for ourselves and entertain self-love. The two of us shed a few tears, prayed a prayer, and went on our merry way.

The rest of this story in Suzanne’s words.

This is Suzanne pre-weightloss

“It’s with profound gratitude that I write these words! Every step of my journey has led me closer to my goal, and I keep moving the goal line to accommodate bigger goals and dreams!!”

I met Angi on a boat in San Diego in September 2019. I was visiting from Portland and she was from Texas. We each had friends who owned a boat, but we’d never met before. I was immediately drawn to this vivacious, blond woman with the contagious smile and incredibly fit, lean, and strong physique. I’d always been into fitness, and had recently lost weight, but it was creeping back on, and I was in an exercise funk, not feeling motivated and doing some emotional eating. Angi immediately knew I was struggling and we quickly bonded. She was so intuitive, kind and compassionate. I left our meeting and quickly looked her up on social media. What a fitness dynamo!! As Covid became a reality and my gym closed, I remembered Angi, and quickly signed up for her Zoom workouts. I was hooked. I started with the camera off; I was too embarrassed for others to see me. I signed up for some private Zoom workouts. Angi’s positive energy was contagious. She believed in me! She kept it real with her struggles and victories. Her stories about the Teen Queen and Mr. Chicken Fry were hilarious. I felt like I was actually in the gym with her. Angi asked me about my goals, and I think she believed that I could achieve them even more than I did. My dream was to wear a bikini with confidence and to feel good in my own skin. I’m forever in Angi’s debt for encouraging me to push through, to level up, and to earnestly allow myself to believe I was worthy of every success. Now, I can workout with the camera on! Dreams come true and hard work pays off. Angi is simply the best and I love her!

That is the sweetest!

Thank you Suzanne! I’m so over the top proud of you! I have seen the eye of tiger and sweat in your eyes! Keep on keeping on!

Who’s next?

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Love, life is a mess but it breeds success!


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