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Strength over Skinny! – Meet Michelle

All the way from SAN FRANCISCO, CA meet Michelle. This amazing woman came into my life last year during the pandemic. She was one of the many who choose to have the camera on during the workouts. Michelle was always bright, cheery and most engaging.

Not only was she inquisitive about the exercises but I could tell right away she was a goal-getter! I have not only enjoyed breaking a sweat with her several times a week but sharing our hearts as working moms. Her smile and energy can be felt in her enthusiastic story below.

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“Strength over skinny: How strength training changed the way I feel about my body”

I could start this by saying that the Covid-19 quarantine last March was to blame for my extra pudge, but the truth is that it was the culmination of a busy and stressful year where I simply stopped exercising. In fact, the quarantine was actually a bit of an excuse to be lazy, eat and drink more, and of course make too much sourdough bread. Not going downtown to work every day just exacerbated the issue. Because in addition to not working out, I was also not walking around as much: no walking meetings, running out for coffee, or running to catch the bus. I was just sitting around all day.

But I realized something: working from home meant that I could easily sneak out for a quick run or squeeze in a short workout between meetings. And then intention and fate aligned: I was watching a story from one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Cassie Sugarplum, and she mentioned she was going to start doing Instagram live workouts with her college roommate and fantastic personal trainer, Angi Abercrombie. 

Angi’s workouts were fun and the banter between the old friends was entertaining. I learned some great moves that I started using in my own workouts on off days and just as I was about to reach out to ask about online training fate stepped in again: Angi launched the Sugarplum Live workouts—and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Twice a week I log into zoom from my home office, pull my weights out of my closet and get to work. But no matter how difficult the workouts—and Angi can really create some tough workouts—they’re always fun. The conversations and laughter make the 45 minutes fly by. And I can feel the impact the workouts are having on my body: I’m stronger, I have more endurance, and I am toned. 

You see, I used to think I felt good about my body. When I was dieting and thin and clothes fit really well I was confident. But that confidence pales in comparison to how I feel now. I can do full sit-ups and push-ups, I can run 2 miles without feeling winded, and while I’m not super thin my abs, legs and arms are toned. I feel the best I’ve felt physically—maybe ever.

Thank you, Angi, for pushing me to show up, for making the workouts challenging but fun, and for the love and care you put into your practice.

ARe you kidding me…i’ts been a pleasure and thank you Michelle for trusting me with your health. andFITness.

Who’s next? Are you READY? FITness is all-encompassing. It’s about strength and feeling good! For some its about weight loss and or overall health. Sometimes its about maintaining muscle tone!

Come on! What are you weighting for?

Love Angi xo


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