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June marks a significant anniversary and special moment in time for Abercrombie &FITness! It was las June when I began hosting large zoom workout sessions!

Over the last year I have had the privilege of training women ALL over the United States. Many of which have stayed the course and committed to the workout sessions.

As you will see, each of the fabulous females I plan to feature have unique FITness journeys!

This next story is near and dear to me and you will soon see why. Please give a warm welcome to Margie.

“My name is Margie Goss and Angi and I go way way back. I have known Angi for about 40 years and yes, she has always been just as fun and cute as she is today! I’m originally from TX, but my family and I have lived in Atlanta for the past 14 years!

I have followed ANGI on Facebook and Instagram for years and wished I lived closer so she could train me! However it wasn’t until the pandemic that Texhnology changed Angi’s business model and provided the opportunity to workout with her. I was terrified because I was out of shape and slightly embarrassed but I signed up anyway! I chose the video only option and went for it!!

I had always been pretty lucky and able to maintain a healthy weight but that all changed 12 years ago. I gained a significant amount of weight unexpectedly leaving me exhausted, cold all the time, and was ultimately diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This began the delicate balance of medication and exercise!

Fast-forward to the end of 2019, my weight crept back up. I was tired and embarrassed from letting myself go. I had been working out on my own and was not getting results. Now it’s 2020, I was on Instagram and there was my friend Angi full of energy and passion. So, I thought why not give it a try…we were all stuck at home anyway!

I started participating in Angi’s Sugarplum workouts and she kicked my butt! But it was a good kind of kick me butt so I hung in there from April-Sept. I actually lost 12 pounds and could not believe it!! I was so proud. I could feel my strength building plus I was having fun doing it all from home. Angi was so supportive and encouraging that the miles never felt very far.

 In November I noticed, in spite of my dedication to the workouts and diet, that my weight was going up again. I was exhausted and I felt like I hit a wall! This came out of nowhere! I made an appointment with my doctor. I knew something was wrong. My doctor checked everything, Thyroid, hormones, etc. The lab results came back in December as an autoimmune thyroid disorder Hashimotos. As discouraging as that is, at least I now know what I’m dealing with, and had I not been working out, I would have never known! I would have thought I was gaining weight and tired and achy from NOT working out! So now new medication is required, and I am learning about other options to help manage this.


Water, Mat or towel and dumbells Let’s sweat, lose weight, get toned, and regain some lean muscle while increasing your energy! It’s POSSIBLE!


SOOO 2021, new year, new me, right? Nope, Covid was my next hurdle. In January I got Covid and so did my entire family….and extended family. It was rough. It took a huge toll, and I was in my room for 24 long days. 24 days of no activity and a diet that I was not in control of!! With the covid recovery and Hashimotos diagnosis, I pretty much gained back everything I worked so hard to lose and then some. I decided in those 24 days that I was not going to give up. I knew Angi’s program had worked for me before, so I was going to try again. Slowly I have been doing the recordings, building back my strength and stamina since the middle of February. I am happy to say that I have again lost 16 pounds. I’m on my way to getting back to where I was before and even better than that!
Margie Goss

After !

Isn’t this a remarkable story?! FITness and health go hand in hand. If Margie had not initially started a. workout program she might not have noticed the changes in her health. Thank the Lord that she was in tune with her body and knew that something wasn’t right. I’m so thankful she is healthy, happy and on the road to recovery!

Stay tuned for more testimonials to come. If you missed them, check out these success stories and or get signed up for JUNE 2021 and start your FITness journey to weight loss, or better health!



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