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Totally Tiffany: client testimonial 

Sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to encounter instant click kind of situations.  We meet someone new and right off the bat we feel as if we have known them for decades.  This basically describes my relationship with Tiffany.  From the moment we met, 6 years ago, we had a connection that surpassed the “hello my name is Angi and I’ll be your trainer,” speak. We got real,  real fast!

Tiffany came to me, my gym, frustrated but fearless. She was desperate for change.  Tiffany was looking to shed some serious weight.  Like many others, she had unknowingly gained weight and the post pregnancy blues didn’t help.  As a busy working mom the last thing on her mind had been herself.  The next thing she knew, she had an active 7-year-old boy on her hands and couldn’t keep up!  The struggle is real!

She committed to 3 private one hour workout sessions a week.  She was weak but dedicated as all get out.   About 5 weeks in, Tiffany had a monster melt down.  Mid workout she completely lost it.  Water works began to flood down her cheeks as she professed her fear.  “Will this really work, do you promise me this will work?  Will I ever lose the weight?  Is it possible to really get FIT?”

I looked her square in the eyes and made her a firm vow.  I told her the truth.  YES it’s possible.  I swore to her in the middle of the concrete floor of in the gym, that I would hold her hand every step of the way and that if she was an A++ student she would no doubt witness the weight loss she so desperately wanted.  Key word yall…she had to be an A student!  She had to do her homework and live up to her end of the bargain which was diet and cardio.

Now Tiffany is 50 pounds lighter and a FIT female Abercrombie and FITness all-star!  With tried and true baby steps, she conquered and won!  She was an A HONOR ROLL STUDENT!  Her tenacity was ferocious and she would not be undone!  This is Tiffany’s story.

I was a nervous basket case to start working out because I was frumpy and all kinds of flabby.  Angi made it comfotable.  We had an instant bond which made it nice.  In the gym is not just about physical training, it includes friendship and personal support.  She talked me off the shelf.  Sure,  it was a long three years to get to my goal weight and it wasn’t easy breezy….but Angi was there with love and encouragement. Many heart to heart talks when I was discouraged and many hugs with my triumphs have put a special place in my heart for her.

Every time I hit a pleateau Angi had a new idea that worked!  Sometimes it was a nagging push to get back on the cardio wagon and other times it was adding food into my diet.

The workouts themselves never disappoint! It’s always something different to keep me challenged. Never a dull moment! Not only do they get everything moving but it’s a mood lifter as well. I always feel refreshed after a workout.

Deciding to take some time to take care of myself was a turning point for me. Thanks to Angi I was able to achieve my goal!  Now I can keep up with my kid and flex my bicep with confidence.

Tiffany slowly migrated from private sessions to three group sessions a week.  I recall her biggest pivotal moment.  Surprisingly it was not when she was on the floor crying or when she realized her thighs didn’t rub.  It was when her collar bones began to show and her shoulders started to look all cut up!  We shared many happy dances in the gym.

Tiffany brought SWEATY back in a big way.  She’s a show boat now as she should be!  To this day she attends weekly weight lifting classes in a group format.  She maintains a healthy active lifestyle which is all I could ask for.

I’m so proud of this doll.  She never gives up!

Love, transform and take it by storm!



Anything is possible!


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