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Don’t Do It December

How in the world is it already December 7th?

Like one day it’s November 1st and boom…suddenly you can sense it in the air.

You can hear it everywhere…the hustle and bustle of the holiday is in full swing.  Christmas cards, TV commercials, festive office parties, Christmas music,  glittery decorations and online shopping.  It’s all happening.

The opportunity for DIET failures and skipping workouts is massive.  After all, you have all the things to accomplish. The school pageants and programs, the year-end meetings, the gift giving at every single event, the never-ending wrapping sessions and last-minute holiday happy hours all have a way of robbing your regular routine.

Don’t do it.  Don’t run, don’t hide and don’t nose dive and fall for all of the Christmas crap.  December doesn’t have to be a dud!  

Salvage what’s left of December and stay the way.  Climb on to the caboose and keep pressing on.  Winter is wacky but I have a plan.

IF…just for this month, make a calendar.  (if you don’t already have one)  A BIG one  maybe even two or three.  Keep track of it on our phone, one in the house on the frig and or your office.  It’s not too late! It’s NEVER too late!

This doll started today…December 7th is her first workout in 5 years.  She’s fired up!

On your calendar, write in all of the things. All of the busy tasks that loom ahead.  Look at it.  Evaluate it every night and each morning.  Lay out a plan that includes your health and well-being. It’s not only intentional but crucial to get through the holiday hee bee geebees.

When you physically see, with your two very own eyes, that on tomorrow’s schedule is a meet and great teacher breakfast or client meeting followed by your child’s school party at 2pm and an office party later that evening at 7pm you can instrumentally plan and figure out a way to workout and eat healthy in the midst of the Christmas chaos shuffle.

Say you’re expecting your college kid home by 4pm. You will be running and gunning to prepare the space for their month-long stay retreat. In between errands and stocking your pantry for his or her favorite foods and treats, don’t forget to take care of you! Buy yourself some tuna, fresh vegetables, nuts, chicken and turkey. Their coming home isn’t a permission slip to slip into the crappy processed food abyss.   Coolio college kid could use a few healthy home cook meals (they need it they have been cramming for finals and eating crap)!  It’s ok to dine out but just because Billy passed the semester doesn’t mean you dunk the Oreos.  PASS on the sweets and queso dip until actual Christmas.  YOU CAN DO IT!

This is the time of year you desperately need to stay on task. The temptations are never so escalated and mischevious.  A high intensity interval workout will keep you energized and away from all of the fudge grazing.

So what do you do?

Set the alarm for and hour or 45 minutes earlier and get up and walk, jog or workout!


If you know that you will be scrambling and famished between meetings and party time plan ahead and pack snacks.  Your purse,  desk, travel tote and car should be loaded with high protein options such as Quest protein bars and or Premier protein shakes.  These will keep you full on the run.


Check this out Party Rules 101 !  

Don’t get sucked into a late late night.  Go home!  Nothing good ever happens past midnight!  This is the gospel truth. Especially on a school night.  Go home, hydrate, wash your face and go to bed!

Don’t drink the third glass of wine.  Do NOT take the shot.  Never drink the shot.  Toss it over your shoulder or fake it but don’t do it!  This is free advice people.  Don’t do it!  Nothing but pain will await you the next day. It will ruin your day and only make you lethargic and sluggish. AND BLOATED !

December is tough I know. But if you have time to surf social media then you have time to workout. Take this little diddy out for a spin.

Your teenagers and college kids are watchin you like Santa Clause watches the whether. So…Lead by example.

Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!


DO IT DECEMBER.  End the year on a FIT note!  A high long winded high note of fitting into your new years dress like a queen!

Feel GOOD!

Love, lift and be FIT!


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