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Diet Deciet

What’s happening?  Friday is here and the week is in the rear-view-window!  Hooray for that.

I’ve got a question?

What would you expect of someone who feeds only on fast food?  Someone who devours unhealthy sides filled with sugar and fat.

Would you imagine that this person will live a long life?  Do you picture someone with a vibrant healthy body and plenty of energy?


Listen up love bugs.

Advertisers are grabbing for our attention via cyber space, newspapers, magazines and television ads that would have us think that weekly trips to Taco Bell, McDonalds and Arby’s are perfectly fine. They bet a ton of money that the general public will fall for the microwave in and out food style that breeds serious health problems and weight gain. AND WE HAVE…Well we DID!  But that was then and this is now.   We are smarter than the 80’s! We’ve changed, we have grown or at least I hope we have!?!?

The cute bronzed models on a 30 second commercial surly don’t trick us into believing that the jeep full of (babies) 20 something’s dipping nuggets and french fries while gleefully frolicking in the car is actually real life. The girls in bikini’s drinking ice-cold beers at the lake with a slew of her skinny friends is a bunch of BS! It’s FALSE advertising.


It’s all one big giant LIE!  It’s deep hidden diet deception. It’s a false narrative to prank us into blazing tire marks through the fast food window for five two dollar tacos or a bacon cheeseburger and fries for four dollars.  It’s tempting. The low prices are tempting to many busy people but it’s no good! Don’t fall for it because it only weakens your health.

Models and paid actors don’t eat Wendy’s and Whatabuger on the regular. They aren’t cheesing it up over double stuffed cheese pizza night after night. Because if they were they wouldn’t have a job as a PAID MODEL/ACTOR!  

You are what you eat is not just a worn out cliché.  Consuming a whole bunch of bad things on a frequent basis will produce all the wrong results.  If you take in junk you will become junky!  Read that again!

EXAMPLE, that new trash bin you purchased, it starts off shiny and new.  You strategically place a liner in it to prevent the garbage from messing up the inside with nasty spillage.  You vow to keep it clean and not overstuffed or fill it to full.  But inevitably a puncture causes the liner to leak.  Now some funky brown foul-smelling residue has tainted the can. It never fails.

This is a picturesque parallel to your body and it’s relationship with sugar, greasy, cheesy, rich fried processed fast food.  It causes bloating, gas, bad skin and weight gain.  It brings on heart problems, cholesterol issues and that muffin top didn’t just magically appear.  The additives and harmful ingredients in fast food is terrible.  It builds up just like the trash and the aftermath is indicative of your growing jean size.  The only time you should be zipping in a fast food joint is if you are in a pinch.  I  mean dire straights.  Like a road trip and the only place to eat is fast food.   (click there to hear about my last happy meal)  Or you are in an airport and you’ve got to make a choice.  BTW, fast food is actually costing you to spend way to much of your hard-earned money…and for what???  NOTHING AWESOME!


You need a new liner!

Our bodies are resilient yet frail at the same time.  We need nourishing food for the stressed out anxious lives we are living.  Feeding garbage to ourselves and our kids is hurting us. Snap out of it and end the fast food phenomenon.

BUT Angi, I’m busy.  I don’t have the time or patience to prepare a meal for myself much less my family.

Invest in the DIY way. It may take a little bit longer but the pay off is ten fold.

Make your own tacos or BLT. Heck grill your own burger and steak fries.  It’s a thousand times better for you than the drive thru window.  It takes no time at all to toss a salad together from your frig.  This is the genuine ticket to a healthy life.  Check out my meal prep tip here  Meal Prep Monday


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Cut up carrots, slice avocados and clean your lettuce with your bare hands. Sprinkle in a few cherry tomatoes, sliced almonds or pine nuts and squeeze in some lemon and shake the salt and pepper! I bet by the time you can whip together a sandwich or salad, it is in actuality under the time it would take you to load up in the car, decide on where to go, drive, order, wait, drive back home and eat!

Here is what I do suggest.

Making homemade turkey tacos with corn tortillas and homemade guacamole can’t be beat!  It doesn’t even really take that much time. Smash  up 3-4 avocados, mix in some diced tomatoes, jalapeno and onions and cilantro and lime juice and BAM, it’s done.  I also serve this with black beans and brown rice.  Besides browning the meat and adding in the taco seasoning it’s a quick, easy, healthy family friendly meal.

The slow  cooker, “crock pot” is also a nifty gadget to use on the fly.  Wake up and while your making coffee…load it up with frozen  or thawed chicken breasts and several jars of marinara sauce…(for y’all gourmet cooks, you can make your own sauce with fresh stewed tomatoes and garlic and chives) .  Turn that bad boy on and let it do its thing. Later boil some type of noodles, toss out a side garden salad (no cheese) and warm up some garlic bread and BOOM, you got yourself a nice balanced healthy meal.

Roasted or boiled new potatoes are easy too.  In fact roasting any type of vegetable I have learned is a no brainer. You can roast asparagus, okra, potatoes, corn and even Brussel sprouts, broccoli, in the oven in a quick 15-20 minutes.  Simply drizzle the veggies with a bit of olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic.  I usually serve this with a grilled chicken breast or grilled salmon.

We are living in the real world and in the real world we have to eat foods prepared properly.  Fast Food chains aren’t into your well-being.  They just aren’t. Lucky for you, I care.  Do I think that everyone can look like a super model or fitness competitor…not necessarity but I do know that with better nutrition and exercise ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Love, dream and eat clean!

Angi xo

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