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Dryer thoughts

Recently, while in the middle of a taming my frizzy skinny hair under the warm heat of a hand-held blow dryer, I had a very deep thought. It’s possible that the serene hum of the dryer coupled with the vibrating hot air had me in a trance and melted my brain into mush. The truth is, I over analyze everything and while in my blow dryer coma I tend to nod off with cryptic thoughts.

For at least the last 30 years I have pined for nothing more than a thick golden mane of hair.  I have wished and worked for a Texas sized girthy pony tail swaying in the wind.  The kind you see on the Pantene commercials…thick beautiful locks of shiny hair. In fact you can read all about it in the details above in the highlighted area “skinny hair”.

As I scrunched my hair to the humming dryer over my head, the lightbulb went off.  It occurred to me like a flash of light.  If I did in fact, by some miraculous healing, wake up anointed with a head of thick long loose waves, would that be it?  Would having my dream hair be the end all be all?  Would I have it all?  Is BETTER hair the answer to all of my problems?

The quick revealed light was of course not.  NO!  Not even close!

Even still, I would be left with ALL of the other insecurities waiting for their chance to dance in the spotlight.  I can name at least 10 other nasty little imperfections lingering around in the forefront of my brain.  Such as, what the heck happened to my eye brows? When did they fly the nest without permission leaving me with a sparse pare?   

We are human right? It’s what we do. We innately seek out imperfections one right after the other. The assumption that long, full perfect hair would complete me and add solid confidence to my life is a total joke.

I, we, tend to slip into misguided thinking that if we could just have better teeth or a perfect smile, life would be (fill in the blank)  better, easier, nicer, different, happier, less stressful, more optional, etc.  If I could just get this belly fat off and lose 30 pounds I could get my life back on track.  If we could just make more money or if we could have a different set of circumstances, life would be so much better.  If we could have a bigger house or a fancier car,  life’s issue will go away and leave you alone.  Because this is what the commercials promise.

We so often buy into it!  We get sucked in.  GUILTY!

I catch myself all the time slipping down the rabbit hole marinating on the desire for unblemished skin sculpted to a champions level. A tweak here a little nip and tuck there! Further and further it goes…if I could just buy a designer handbag or own those cute shoes…or fly away to Mexico go on a couples vacation, but the truth is no one can or no one thing can give us true complete happiness or contentment except for one person.  GOD! Jesus is the ultimate giver!  He’s the blessor and what we do have or how we treat what we have is way more important than having more.

What’s interesting is that I happen to live in this modern decade where it is possible. I can have thicker hair or longer hair. All I have to do is pay the money for extensions and in seconds, I can have a fuller head of hair. I can also have whiter teeth, thicker eye lashes, tattooed eyebrows that look real, a smaller petite nose, a new hair color, a new set of boobs, etc..  (Which by the way I’m in no way condemning) I don’t think wanting any of these cosmetics beauty tricks is wrong.  As long as your aware that the procedure or enhancement isn’t going to solve your overall happiness in life! It won’t change your circumstances.

And maybe this goes for FITness too?!?! I do think that good health is apart of God’s plan. I also know that I have been guilty of putting too much emphasis on shape and I feel that it often robs me of the joy that God has for me.   Like that season in my life when I was completely addicted to the SCALE!  It was awful.

What I’m getting at is nothing is going to satisfy our souls like God can.  Our looks, our confidence, our stature has to be rooted in God who is solid.  Jesus has a very specific plan and purpose for each of us.  Not to say that it’s not HIS plan for any of us to posses a FIT healthy body, or luscious lashes or long hair or piano key teeth, or designer clothing as long as we keep a Kingdom mindset. Meaning all of the enhancements, material things, procedures and money or second homes or new spouse will not fill the void because we aren’t home. This is a temporary life.

It’s in this perspective that I find REAL comfort.  Thy kingdom come!  Until then I must keep my mind and heart focused on the eternal.  More eternal thoughts breeds less external stress!

While believers are commanded to keep our bodies clean and presentable we should conjure the idea to maintain balance.   There is nothing wrong with beauty treatments and designer clothes and fast cool cars.  It’s in the knowing that it’s not EVERYTHING!

 What I do know is that Jesus is in the transformation business. He knows the exact count of every hair folicle on your head and this goes for the baldies of the world too!  He is faithful and uniquely made us in His image.

When I catch myself yearning for something different I ask myself…

Why do you want this?  Is it based soly on self improvement?

Will the pursuit of this object or procedure bring me eminent joy?

Am I hyper focused on the desire for  __________ that it hinders obeying God?

What I know is that I can have it all in Jesus!  He is the ultimate source of joy, peace, and happiness.

Here is the funny part!

Lastly, at one time in my life I purchased long expensive hair extensions.  I paid a lady to weave three rows into head which took almost five hours. Over the next several days my head was so sore and tender.  Sleeping was uncomfortable and washing and drying my hair was now a big to do.  I couldn’t just grab a brush and run it thought my hair.  I now had to slowly comb  it with uber delicate strokes. The extensions were sky high maintenance. Six week later I had to sit and let her tighten them up and fix them and all in all, it was a rude eye opening experience.  One day out of no where I was done…finished.  I had them cut out and I was left with what felt like less hair than I started with.  I cried.  It was all my own doing and for what???  It took me a year to get my normal hair back.  It was all a disturbing costly learning experience.      

Here is a little something to get your blood pumping!  Try these three exercises.  Star with three sets of 20 reps on each side.  These are assisted pistol squats you can also do these by holding on to something sturdy or by holding up one leg and setting down on a bench or chair without assistance coming up or down. Good Luck

Where does your head wander when your under the dryer?

Love, smile and hang out a while….there’s more FIT tips and motivational posts.  Click on Find the FITness or click on any category and look around.  

Angi xo


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