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Back Talk

This isn’t what you think it is.  This isn’t another story about a back talking teen although I could fill a few thousand pages.  I have no clue where in the world she would pick up on such a snarky bad habit…HUH!

A little back talk is expected right?  I mean as a mom I realize that I should carefully pick and choose my battles with the teen queen. However,  on the rare occasion I crawl up the wrong tree, I fully anticipate a little back talk, healthy mommy daughter banter.  It’s all about balance right moms??

Balance! Balance is a big buzz word in the FITness industry.  It’s also an important life word wouldn’t you say? Have you ever seen a big strong fellow who from the waist up is brawny and buff yet his legs resemble tooth picks!  This is a tale tell sign that Mr. Big Guy only works his upper body.  The balance is all out of whack.

Folks FITness is all about the balance!  If you neglect opposing muscle groups you will wind up off kilter and whomper jawed!  No one would only work the left bicep and never exercise the right bicep because they wouldn’t be symmetrical.

The very same goes for back to front muscle groups.  If I work chest, eventually I need to exercise my back. The same notion goes for the bottom half.  We must work glutes, hamstrings quads and calves. You wouldn’t want Popeye biceps and olive oil triceps.  RIGHT?

The lower back is easy to overlook because you can’t see it!  No one ever says,  “I would give anything to have a lower back like yours!”   People are always telling me they want fantastic abs but never a single request for a chiseled beautiful lower back!  It’s forgettable but without a strong lower back you won’t be balanced.

Poor posture is running ramped like a sexual transmitted disease. I see this growing curved spine trend and it drives me crazy.  Teens and adults alike all slumped over, rounded spine like a serpent.  It’s a terrible habit that needs to be broken.  Where are yalls mamas?  Isn’t that our job?  Isn’t a part of mom 101 to constantly berate our children to turn off the lights and sip up straight?  Aren’t we suppose to beat it into their brains until one day they eventually leave the house and do as there are told?  At least in public anyway.

Poor posture is just down right irresponsible. Good posture is responsible for so much.  Have you ever seen a solider or Marine or Navy seal with a poor stance?  Me either.  It’s a vital practice and without it many bad habits stem from not tucking in your tail and rolling those shoulders back.

First off, poor posture is no way to impress__________________fill in the blank.  Your coach, a boss, a first date, the in-laws, interview, rush parties.  It’s slouchy and pathetic. It’s a sign of weakness if you ask me.  Shy is one thing but sitting all slumped over is basically a billboard saying I’m so weak that I can’t even sit up properly.  A sign that you don’t care about your physical body or what others think about you.


Here are a few of my favorite ways to strength train the back and bring balance to the body. You’re on your own when it comes to you teens smart mouth. Lol

Back Extension

If you are a beginner, the back extension can be a challenging move.  If you’re weak, it will take time to build strength in the lower back area. The exercise is an isolated move and as you begin to get stronger you can incorporate weights and more repetitions. At first this exercise might be painful.  Working through discomfort is okay.  What’s not alright is to work through back pain because it could lead to further injury.  Proper form is vital on this exercise. Go slow! Squeeze your butt cheeks as you come up and tighten your back before releasing back down.

Super man

The super man is not the most exciting move on the planet. I personally dread doing them and I’m not sure why?  Yet, when I break down and rotate them into a circuit I can always tell I feel stronger. Pretend you’re a puppet on a string. Raise up with your arms lifting your shoulders off the floor and your thighs. It’s as if there is a strong tied to your ankles and wrists as you lift up try to get further and further off the ground with each rep.

Back extension with a balance ball

Make sure you are grounded when going for this exercise.  It may take you a minute to get stabilized.  The ball should be between your lower abdomen and your pubic bone.  Extend down and push up through the lower back. It’s important to back up to a wall. Place your feet against the wall and lift up.

Pay no attention to this face…Yikes! I’m concentrating hard on my breathing. I exhale at the top of the move and inhale on the way down. I’m not just acting…I’m physically performing these exercises.


Practice perfect posture when standing and sitting. Sit up straight.  Posture requires a constant awareness until it becomes second nature. Stand tall, roll your shoulders back, lift through the chest and keep your belly button pressed into your spine. Imagine a string lifting you from your tailbone. When your standing try NOT to shift your weight and favor a side. This can cause major alignment issues that can lead to other things. If you notice slumping shoulders while sitting at your desk, try to relax your shoulders and reset your posture. Rehearse this over and over until it becomes a habit.  Tuck your tummy in tight and envision your belly button touching your spine.

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Love, lift and be FIT!


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