Bringing Sweaty Back


Are you up for some dynamic dinner  or table conversation?

Have you ever wondered what exactly it is about someone that you really really adore or really really can’t stand or that you can’t quite figure out?  Well who knew that the answer could lie in a simple dinner topic.  All you need to do is pose one question and let each individidual answer.

What is one food you can’t stand to eat?

Yall…you can learn a lot about a person based on their taste buds.

If you find yourself in a lull or clammering for interesting conversation, all you have to to is ask everyone to answer this one simple question.

What is one food you abhore?

What is one food you do not like the taste of or refuse to eat?

The answers will be immediate and quick.  BE READY! There will not be a big delay  especially for the folks without a filter. 

Regardless, the answers will amuse and baffle everyone involved.  Furthermore this tantalizing tale of taste will bring out more intriguing  haunting horror stories than you can shake a french fry at!  This exercise in table talk is an outstanding icebreaker.


So tonight, blow the conversation doors wide open and dare to be brave and honest.

Be prepared to hear all kinds of graphic explanations of why a particular food is wretched and should be banned from the shelves.

There will be so many explanations!  

The excuses of why the food is unexceptable will be plentiful.  You will hear adults using descriptive verbs and adjectives.  Textures, smells and sensations will be brought to life.  The dinner will NOT be dull!

There will be agreements and disagreements in this lighthearted convo.  Expect passionate answers dating all the way back to childhood.  If need be, you spice it up and drop in some sub categories  to keep it real.  The food pyramid is a standard such as fruits, vegtables, meats, fish, dairy!  Doubful you will need such structure but it’s there if you need it.

The involuntary talk and chitter chatter will erupt.  People love to voice their opnions and hear themsleves talk. And who can’t participate in a food conversation?  HELLO!  food is language that all humans can discuss.

Once the Q&A is underway I would be willing to bet that these 12 foods, hands down, pop up in your conversation.   (please correct me if you think I’m wrong or my polling is askew!)

Popular polling shows that:

Beets are a total beat down.  They are highly unpopular and can cause discoloration of the urine.



Rasins – such a small food to have such human hate.

Cilantro (if you are lacking an enzyme cilantro will taste like soap)

Peas/ (black eyed peas) – green and smushy tend to be two double negatives.

Melon (excluding watermelon) Why does this always mess up a good fruit salad?

Sour Cream – You’re sour and no one likes you!

Blue Cheese (OMG it’s blue from the mold…why would you eat it?) 


Cooked Carrotts – OMG when I was young I was repulsed by the smell and taste of cooked carrots.  I could eat a raw carrot faster than bugs bunny but as a cooked hot food I would choke.  It was a no go for me.

The list could go on and on. SUCH AS>>>>>>

SARDINES! UMMM WHAT???  These are mini mustard fish in a can it’s a NO….YUCK! Nothing about sardines should even be allowed as a grocery store item. Unless you are going minnow fishing leave the sardines at the marina.



So not that your thinkng and having fun..,make a list and share it with me.


Canned Tuna


What I find funny is that no one ever answers butter or sugar! Anything with butter or sugar is purely awesome.

Once you start It’s hard to stop.

If you say sushi well…you’re just wrong! Don’t knock it till you try it!

Again, there are no wrong or right answers just a true understanding of your odd friends.


Angi xo

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