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Voices Carry

There is an unurmountable amount of voices in modern culture. So many people talking and sharing.  By my calculations this is “A LOTTA” lot of voices floating around in your sphere.

This is the decade we are living in…everyone has someone to influence or to be influenced by.

I have a lot of outside influence…it’s called FAMILY!    You maybe not fall into this category and if you don’t consider yourself lucky…SHHHH! lol   The “decade” we are living in has got nothing on my family!  I come from a long line of influencers. 

As long as I can remember I have had several COMPETING VOICES and they are always  giving unsolicited advice.  Whether I ask or not, I’m blessed DAILY with an abundance of free counsel!

Ya know the usual like: how to be, what to wear, how to dress, how to parent, what to say, what not to say, how to listen, who to distance from, who and what to care about, how to care about it, what they would do, what they did do and so on and so fourth.  

If you have a mom, a spouse, a child, a grandmother, a cousin or sibling, a mother in law, an auntie or uncle or a mildly close relative,  you already know where I’m coming from.

Unfortunatley most families know no other way.  We get all up in each other’s business!  We  give unwarranted input, interrupting and talking over one another, VOICING our good for nothing know how…VOICES CARRY! 

Friends…these voices from friends or family or the ones in your own head are not always healthy.  I mean if there is fun family conjecture in a group atmosphere that’s one thing.  But if there is indignant, in your face, constant talking talking talking this is no way to live.  I should also point out that any time someone is pointing to other people as what should be your standard it’s just plain wrong!

If you are always hearing:

be more like her, be a little less like that girl, do it this way, do the mom thing like she does, wife the way she’s doing it, dress like her, don’t do your make up like she does, do your hair like that, talk like they do, adopt their lingo, make choices like this girl, post stuff like that, build something more like their thing, secure approval from the world!!!

It’s not only overwhelming it’s is just down right RUDE!

So hear this…

This is your friendly PSA (public service announcement) reminder that God did not ask you to be like anyone but JESUS.

And even then, he asked you to be YOUR VERY OWN SELF while acting like Jesus.

You are best at being you. No one does you better! You are wonderfully and fearfully made!

No one needs another her or them. Go ahaed girl and run the race God set before you!

Run it with gusto, courage and commitment!

If you’re cheesy at heart, let it shine.  If you are serious by nature, by all means use it to your advantage.  Your world may look a whole lot different than your best friend or the dynamic duo pro bloggers you follow.  Just because your cousin has two kids and a mortgage doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to look or be the same.  Having more or less doesn’t make you or anyonese else better.  Choosing to be who God purposed you to be is what matters most.

You are not in charge of outcomes, opinions, success, or approval. These do not belong to you.


Are you taking good care of what God gave you to steward?

Are you using your amazing gifts and loving people well?

This is acting like Jesus which is what we are all called to do.

OBEY, love like Jesus and forgive ourselves and others.  

THIS is all you need to worry about. If your life doesn’t look like or isn’t a cookie cutter make over of the person or the group or the space or the preferences of the friend group, work group, family bully, or social media clan….THIS is not your concern.

 Your job, my job is just to and only to be obedient and be good and be love.

We don’t have to conform to something that God isn’t calling us to be.  What a load off!

Here is a for instance:

I want to be successful.  God wants me to be successful so long as I align myself with His plan and do it His way.  I started a business 10 years ago and I love every sweaty stinking minute of it.  About 5 years ago I was ready to tackle the tech-side of my business and start a virtual program and a blog.  Now, because of social media I’m able to see other fitness and travel professionals doing their thing and gaining likes and followers left and right.  At first I felt like it was a competition and I was overwhelmed.  Then I started to hear the voices. I heard my own voice carrying heavey weight in head such as “You’re too old.” “You’re not FIT enough.”  “You have no sense of style.”  Then the voices of friends or family asking  “Why do you waste your time writing a blog,” “if it doesn’t make you more money, then why would you do it?”  

I silenced the voices because I knew in my heart that blogging was a gift from GOD.  The Lord had placed before me a free opportunityt to practice writing and talk about FItness.   Thankfully, God God used my friend and college roommate to encouragae me to do it.

So if you don’t already know…I have this AMAZING friend.  She a living doll in every way.  Her name is Cassie at HI-SUGARPLUM  and she just launched her FOURTH clothing collection with Gibson to be feautred at Nordstrom.  It’s a fab holiday assortment of darling mix and match festive pieces.  Click the link above and check it out.  There are dazzling dresses, office attire or go out date night pieces.

Cass what I call a natural.  She is as organic as they come. Out of grief, she started simple DIY home projects and posted the results on a blog.  As a creative outlet, her natural crafty talents (who knew??) slowly began to pick up steam and gained her an auidence. Not only were people loving her furniture refinishing and painted rooms but they loved her style.  Cassie’s heart was clearly in her work and she rightfully got noticed for it.  Cassie’s fan base exponentially grew and morphed into a dynasty of big blogging business.  During her journey, she was unwilling to compromise.  She has what we call strong intregrity.  She didn’t allow the pressures of VOICES or money or bigger opportunities divide her soul.  To this day she is open to new opportunities but she  remains rooted in the areas she loves most. If it was fashion or party flare or decorating, Cass has  been consistantly real and true to herself.   She leads with style and confidence.  She shares her heart no matter if its high or low. With the encourgament of her husband, mom and kiddos…she is killing it!  It takes a village but it takes a village of encouragers and not putter downers. She models the possibility that God can and will take you to places and experiences that you can’t even imagine.


So tap into your special purpose.  God has fashioned you for greatness.  Get with God and talk it out.  HE will set your path straight and clear you mind of the negative retoraic that has put you off course.  Let the voice of God carry you.  It may be in a small community, a house full of kids, a small business or a work from home vibe, or a high powered leadership role. God will meet you and use you where ever you are!  Be the best you and drown out the competitng voices that don’t bring life.

When you’re head is full and clouded by all of the family voices, your own negativity, bloggers and social media gurus selling their stuff…take a break from it.  It’s ok to look for style and FITness tips but if you feel it tugging you down just STOP IT! MOVE AWAY!

Give up five minutes of social media time for five mnutes in the WORD!  I bet your outlook and the voice of God speaking directly to you would change your day, month, year, or your whole life!


Love, be merry but be careful because voices carry!

Angi xo




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