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Turkey Balls: Abercrombie&FITness Approved

I would like to begin today with a cooking confession:  I have never ever made a meat loaf or a meat ball.  To be more transparent about my less than cooking practices, I have also never cooked a lot of things!  I’m not the interested maker of dishes such as Chateau Brion and Lasagna.  But hey, this doesn’t make a bad person.


Hello…YES…I have seen a meat ball, I have tasted a meat ball, I loved spaghetti and meatballs as a kid…thank you Chef Boyardee….but I have never physically got down and dirty with meat balls.

For some strange reason last week,  I felt very compelled to cook!  This was a very very foreign feeling.  Usually, in the event I’m consumed with an unexplained inspiration to make food, I would choose to ignore it and move on. However, it was cold, it was rainy and the teen queen was home sick.   Also…the newley ordered CROCKPOT had arrived  and was ready for a debut.  (I had to buy a new one bc Mr. Chicken Fry “accidentally” left a vat of queso on high heat over night.)  After a two day soak I determined the pot a total loss and ordered a new.  Thank you Amazon. <Crock pot link.

(PS I purchased this oversized darling leopard print thick sweater last spring from Dillards.  It’s GB brand. ) I linked it here and they are four more fab colors to choose from. I paired it with black jeans and booties.  It’s also darling with white jeans and wedge sandals.  

If you are a gourmet chef, I’m sure you snub your pretty little nose at crockpot cooking.  But for us working, Texas folk, it’s as staple piece of machinery in our humble kitchens.  FIRE it up boys…she’s coming in.

I was thinking…”how would one make low fat meat balls?  Is it even. possible?  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”  Now it might not taste good, but I must give it a good colleage try!

There is something dangerous about thawed ground turkey and time.  It certainly made my wheels turn.  Yall…I dug deep into my spice cabinet.

What I came up with was pure luck and something short of a miracle.  What’s more…this delicious dish of mine received a FIVE STAR approval rating from the teen queen and Mr. Chicken Fry.  HIP HIP HOORAY and GO ME!  I had quite the little happy dance going on.

Here is the best-est part…this meal is shockingly gluten free, high protein, low fat and sooo simple to make.  #AbercrombieandFITness approved.  You’re welcome.


25-30 minutes


4 hours or less in a CROCK POT


ground turkey


green onion.

gluten free bread

skim milk

garlic minced and salt

Lawry’s seasoning salt






Step one:


tear up the gluten free bread

I used about 6 slices

I created my own gluten free bread crumbs then soaked them in skim milk.

Step two:

Fire up the crock pot.  Add two or three jars full of your favorite tomato sauce. No need to all out and make the homemade sauce unless you’re just super into it!

Step three:

Add all of the listed above seasonings to the ground turkey and then with your bare hands, incorporate the bread crumbs into the turkey and begin to mix and churn the meat.  When you feel it’s the just right soft texture, form the turkey balls. Once you have a solid formed ball, drop it into the crock pot in the warm sauce. (again there is no need to get out the skillet and brown the onions or brown the balls)  This is extra work for the same result.

Step four:

Once all of the turkey balls are loosley placed into the pot, turn it on low and WALK AWAY!  Let it to cook and simmer for four hours.  If you feel that the turkey balls are cooking fast, turn it to low after two hours.

Step five:

Boil the pasta of your choice…spaghetti, rigatoni, bowtie, noodles, spirals

You could also use zucchini noodles in place of gluten free pasta!

After just two hours your kitchen will smell like a small Italian gourmet eatery.  Your whole family will be begging to eat A’READY…in my best NY Italian voic!

Alright already…

Serve this delightful hearty, warm dish with:

salad   – tomato veggie green leaf salad with lite vinaigrette dressing or lemon juice only…*AbercrombieFITness Approved!

gluten free garlic bread and butter (not Abercrombie and Fitness approved)


I ate a bowl of turkey balls….I protein loaded with a side salad.

This is a meal FIT for a workout queen and her court!  You don’t have to compromise taste for a healthy meal.  This will keep you energized and it’s not heavy.  The protein turkey balls would also freeze for future meals or left overs.

Love, eat and don’t cheat!


For other ABERCROMBIE AND FITNESS approved crock pot low fat favorites…click the liks below.



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