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Active wear comparison

I want to get right to business.  I swoon for smart soft active wear.  Hello I practically live in it year around.  More so, I enjoy stretching my dollars and therefore don’t mind hunting and pecking for a deal.

Y’all me and my family are no strangers to the all heavenly Lululemon.  It’s hard not to covet all of their fine products.  The material is just so lush and fab.  I have pieces from 10 years ago that I still cherish and wear.  There is no denying that Lululemon launders well and keeps it’s shape for decades!  That being said, there are some active wear alternatives to the not so important fashion trends like the crop top.

I have the above crop top in three colors.  Black, neon pink and neon green.  The 80’s throw back cut out back is super trendy and fun.  The  pink and the green have lost some of the bright color but take a look at this.

This is a side by side crop top comparison.  On the right is the high neck Lululemon Ebb to train Crop bra.  On the left is the $20  CROSS1946 crop top bra. 

In the picture the Lululemon bra appears faded black or grey but it’s really a TRUE BLACK (brand new tag still on it)  Notice that the Lululemon version has a slightly higher neck line and is missing the fun back cut out. So in this case I would go with the $20 look a like for less!

BUT THIS….this perfectly pink sports bra!  This color is hot!  It borders a neon brightness but also a truly bubble gum pink!

Strinking bold colors for workout wear (especially in the warm months) just make me feel better.  I paired the LuluLemon sports bra with this cheap high neck crop top from Amazon. The blue pull over crop comes in camouflage prints and a wide variety of colors.

This is a LULULEMON Ebb to street tank in white. I like the built in bra it’s like a two for one!   $58 I’m wearing a size four.

The Scuba Crew! I had to have this pull over sweatshirt!  First off the color is on point second I always need a light weight pull on and it’s got pockets!!!!! This is one of those items that despite the price I will have it, live in for the next 10 years!   $98 I purchased a size 4.  It’s fitted and for a more relaxed look size up!  

Ok so this is Core10 and Amazon brand that I cannot recommend enough. These purple high waisted capris are like butter and have plenty of compression and movement.  Only $27 I’m wearing a size XS.  (see comparison to LuluLemon below) They come in many other colors and prints!

 I love this pale pink mesh crop tank.  It’s super light weight.  It comes in other the picture for direct access.

 So I ordered these crops to compare with the LULUlemon FAST AND FREE black crops listed above.  Lululemon size 4 $118.  Yes they are a basic and I will have them for EVER.  But if you want every color buy the CORE 10 dupes but they are a super duper close call!


Ok so now that you are all schooled and shopped up on active wear…join me for a LIVE zoom training session.  (or recording delivered right to your inbox). A one hour total body workout.  I want to be your personal trainer!

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That’s all I have for now but trust me I have some sassy sneakers coming your way!

Happy Monday everyone!

Love, keep moving and grooving! 

Angi xo

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