But we just got here!

The title of this post was originally…”Bahamas…know before you go!”

It was mainly going to be a tell all of the tales on how to get to the Bahamas!


But…after three hours of landing in Spanish Wells, a small island next to Eleuthera, the Prime Minister announced that all US flights to the Bahamas were cancelled. And…we had exactly three days to rebook our flight home.

Wait what??!?! But we just got here!

Mr. Chicken Fry and I locked eyes and minds. We are not going home in less than four days…we worked way to hard to get here! And when I tell you it was a non-stop project I mean it was a full time job!

After our family covid quarantine we were busting at the seems for a well deserved get away.  Our annual trip to Orange Beach has been nixed because of our contagious nature. With time on our hands we began hustling the internet for a private beach house from Orange Beach to the Florida Keys.  NOTTA – there was not a house to be had!

FINE BY ME…take me to the BAHAMAS! 

Our favorite spot on earth was booked (Staniel Cay) so might as well explore all of the mysterious islands of the Bahama. Why not try Eleuthera but first let’s find out what we need to get there. Travel lovers like me will not be stopped. We will abide by the rules and make it work.


This site is the 911 on all forms!  CLICK below!

The Bahamas are not playing around. Spanish Wells is an epic retreat. The people, the cleanliness the water and the food was devine. It’s mandatory to wear masks in and around town but not while boating or beaching.


We flew to Miami on American Airlines.  From there we took another American Airlines plane to Eleuthera.  From Eleuthera we took a water ferry/boat two miles to Spanish Wells.  WORTH IT!


We found this amazing beach house on Spanish Wells near Eluethera.  It’s called SailBeach and it’s a dream boat yellow cottage facing white sand and blue water.

It’s the most colorful well done VRBO beach house and prime beach front real estate. A three bedroom three bathroom beach view. Exactly 10 steps from the back door to the waters edge! Sitting in the living room with a panoramic view of the sand bar and water you can hear the oceans waves lapping the pink sand.

Yes that’s right the beaches on Spanish Wells are white with hints of pink! Pictures don’t do it justice. The house also had plenty of beach toys such as two paddle boards and kayaks.  Beach towels and the WIFI was on point.

From the back door you can swim or walk out to a long giant sand bar that is at least a half a mile long! We found starfish, sand dollars, seashells and sand crabs by the dozen.

I’m a SEABAND fan.  I don’t get motion sickness per-say but on fishing trips I don’t want to take a chance.  These babies are the jam.  Place them around your wrist and press in and hold for about 30 seconds and Seabands balance out and help keep motion sickness at bae. I have been using these for 20 years and they work like a charm.

Shop the most comfortable bright HIS & HERS bathing suits and swim trunks under $22


I found the FOOD FAIR which is the big (and super nice) super market/grocery store on the island.  Click above for their FB page.  They deliver to your house for $5.  I hooked up with Marcy (a long time resident) who shopped for me and delivered to our door.  NOTE…on Spanish Wells everything is closed on Sunday!

VALUE LIQUOR – Ask for Timmy (the owner) or his daughter Ginger – They don’t take credit cards but deliver for no charge! If you call ahead like I did they will have or order specific wine or beer and get what you need.

We rented a golf cart and a boat from Andre Sands! But perhaps the best purchase was a day fishing charter with the infamous and local Bruno Underwood (Underwood Charters). Bruno knows the waters and how to catch fish. We caught baby yellow tail, strawberry grouper, and trigger fish!

Bruno took us to the Blue Hole 20 foot jump, a 30 foot cliff jump, snorkeling the ship wreck, feeding the pigs and sea turtles! (see pics below)


A neighboring island north of Eleuthera is HARBOR ISLAND. Harbor Islands is like the ritzy fancy island of the BAHAMAS! Yachts and giant private homes line the oceans shore line. Movie stars and the wealthy have homes on this golf cart only island!  The water is phenomenal and so is the cuisine and shopping.

Queen Conch, a pink patio shack on Harbor Island is a  must stop. This place is known for its ultra fresh conch! They literally de-shell it and chop it in front of your eyes. They will also fry it up in a batter that will leave you sticky for days!



THE SAND BAR restaurant is on Russell Island just a quick golf cart ride across the bridge.  It’s an outdoor grill beach bar with a view.  The food and drinks were on the mark.  I had a glass of rose’ and the seared tuna.  It was tasty.  Mr. Chicken Fry ordered the mashed potato and bacon fries….insert eye roll!

We also dined at the SHIPYARD.  This was more upscale which is a term used loosley.  Meaning it’s a casual environment but feels fancy because it’s a beautiful setting over looking the crystal clear waters.  This restaurant faces an actual shipwreck and a beautiful beach view of Eleuthera.  I loved the food, the ambience, the company and I got the T-shirt to prove it!

WRECKERS was the last restaurant we were allowed to eat at due to the mandatory island lock down. That’s right we were dining on Friday night and informed that Saturday and Sunday we would be on lock down.  On the super market would be open Saturday and Sunday and restaurants on Mon-Friday could open for take out only.  Mr. Chicken Fry loved the meat lovers pizza.

We did a ton of group style cooking.  (I find joy in stocking a house for a week). I didn’t mind a single second in the kitchen of this place.  The view makes cooking meals in a family setting fun and relaxed.  I blasted YACHT rock from Amazon Alexa and would go to town seasoning and chopping.  Mr. Chicken Fry fired up the grill.  We grilled fresh fish and vegetables a few nights.  We did a lot of chicken and burgers and I made cilantro rice and baked potatoes.  For lunch I would make tuna salad and or sandwiches for snacking and grab and go.

We had a taco guacamole night.  Spaghetti night and even a few movie nights.  I made the kids watch the NOTEBOOK and Forrest Gump!  

This was a dream family vacation.  I mean truly a place to unwind and chill out.  There is plenty of activity if you want to explore or stay home bound and soak in the view.


A 60 foot blue salt water hole in the middle of no where.  Jump 20 feet from a cliff platform into a deep clear blue salt water hole.  The water is cold and refreshing.  Getting up is a little tough…scaling a rock with nothing but a rope and upper both strength. but hey if I can do it you can do it.    Mr. Chicken Fry had to go off the kiddie dive because he just couldn’t stomach the high dive.


For only $10 a person you can take a boat over to the pig beach and feed and swim with the piggies.  Big  pigs to baby piggies.  There are wild turkeys, ducks and. so much more.  It’s a super fun family friendly adventure.


On Harbor Island there is a remote rope swing cove and around the corner a picturesque  water chair swing!


The activity level is what you want it to me! The islans is quiet and quaint! You can swim and snorkel, walk, run, workout or stay under an umbrella and nap and read!

As for me and my gang we go full tilt on whatever we can find to do!

We hunt for the blue water and get all up in it!

Until next time Bahamas! We sure had a great time…until the hurricane kicked us out!

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