Bringing Sweaty Back, The FITting Room (FITastic fashion & sales)

Random Restocks Plus Some

I might have taken my cross training a little to lightly.  Cross training as in bouncing between food and wine.  I had a small scale melt down Friday and let it all go.  BLAME IT ON Post VACA blues!


To get my mood and mind right I seek FITness inspiration via retail therapy.

Therefore let me share some of my new FITness stuff!  You can shop MOST all of the Abercrombie & FITness approved FITness gadgets, workout wear, kitchen essentials and much more RIGHT HERE ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

Abercrombie & FITness AMAZON STORE

 The lululemon look a like speed short is back in stock in black! I have ordered a pair for me and the teen queen.

CRZY YOGA 2.5 inch only $22. (The teen queen wears a small and I wear XS) All the sizes are available.  These shorts have the built in panty and moisture with fast drying light weight fabric.  LOVE THEM! Other colors are available but limited on size.

Back to School sports bra time!

CRZY YOGA. – strappy sports bra – This strappy crop bra is back in colors and patterns such as camouflage and all the sizes!  HURRY up.  This brand is quality and fits true to size.  I wear a small but I like my sports bras tight!

APL = Athletic Propulsion Labs – Athletic Shoes $$$$

Women's TechLoom Bliss White / Black Strap

THE APL athletic shoe $$$$$
I had been dying to get my feet into a pair of these shoes.

They have been the rage in the FITness world for sometime now.  While I like the laceless slip on color block look, this shoe is not for me.  Unfortunately, I have a narrow flat foot.  Because I don’t have an arch, there is not enough support for my skinny long feet.  I have ordered a different pair and will report back soon.



I put this flavorless protein into my coffee every single morning.  I get an instant organic protein loaded start to my day.  Collegen is helpful for improving skin, hair, nails and a variety of other functions.  The benefits are fantastic!

To buy or review the following products from AMAZON, click the picture for instant re-routing.  

Sign up anytime  – NOW – for Abercrombie Unlimited and get full access to all of my weekly workouts.

Abercrombie Unlimited

Only $65 a month for 3-4 workouts a week! This is personal training recorded workouts. Total body workouts designed for weight loss, drop inches, produce lean muscle and energy. Includes a meal plan!


I have many other options for FITness and workouts.  Click here for more information on. my successful weight loss programs .

Weather you are sending a kid to college, back to school or find yourself in need of new technology (TO ZOOM WORKOUT WITH ME) check out this stellar buy!

MAC Book Pro LapTop $2000 Space Gray

Honey both of us will look crystal clear on the screen!  Treat yourself to a new upgraded laptop.

 MACBook Case – hard shell cover with keyboard cover! 


A client of mine has been modeling Gear Bunch leggings for over a year now and she always looks so dang cute.  I finally broke down and ordered three pair to see for myself.  My conclusion is ultra impressive.  They are bold and bright and the hits just keep coming.  You can have skulls and cross bones, Christmas trees or mermaid scales.  You can have stars, strips or purple hearts!  DO you boo boo!  The fabric is stretchy but soft.  It’s high quality and not see through at all.  What I like most is the compression in all the right places.

These are called confetti sparkles.  I love the name and the print!  Bright cheery and fun!

These are a tad more psychedelic. Very bold and bright colors with flattering lines!

I chose two capri’s and a mid-calf legging and one full legging (no pictured in purple).

COOLLA self tanning gel for the face!  I love this product.  It’s not smelly and has a major hydrating factor.  It’s back in stock so you can keep your Summer bronze glowing!

My favorite STABILITY BALL is back in stock in fun colors.  Pink, gray, black purple etc etc! I use a 55 inch and 65 inch ball!

This is an odd ball pick but….we are Crazy for Condiments!

So this is a bonus buy…the teen queen loves the spicy WHAT-A BURGER ketchup and she found it on Amazon.  We ordered three bottles and actually packed one for our trip to Spanish Wells!  (ADDICTED) WHATABURGER SPICY KETCHUP

This product is a little unordinary but a handy kit to have around.

 Pimple Popper Kit

I’m an extraction junkie.  This grade A kit is under $8.  The tools are. high quality and super legit.  It packs perfectly for travel and or tucked away in a drawer or. cabinet.

CAP Neoprene dumbells 10 pound pair.   Moderately priced but doesn’t ship till end of August! 

Also spotted 12 pound singles A tad pricey but two for under $80. Deliever by August 20th

I also scoped out Walmart and the links below are all I could find!

WALMART 15 pound dumbbell ONLY $13.00 but only in store pick up in DALLAS!

8 pound dumbbell online but not many left also at WALMART!

If Zoom workouts are your style…perhaps my pre-recorded self paced program is the ticket.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


I will keep working and hunting for active wear, workout gear and exercises to keep you motivated and moving!

Love, smile and stay a while!


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