Bringing Sweaty Back

All Good Vibes in Alabama

Who knew that my last minute $7 Target T-shirt purchase would carry me through the Summer?!?

What a needle in the hat stack find!   Who knew that this T-shirt would define my Summer and wardrobe. I paired this sleeveless crew neck tee with Roxy shorts, denim cut offs, white skinny jeans or cotton chino shorts! Click above for the cutest lightest most comfy beachy shorts ever.  They come in a variety of colors.  I purchased black and grey.

It was an easy go to throw back option that fit all casual situations!  Also on my arm are my inspired Budha girl bracelets from Baubles and Bangles.  I paid $50 instead of $150. NO BRAINER!

The Summer has been chill.  I found myself back in Orange Beach this amongst the Mayberry crowd. It was like we never skipped a beat! I adore the light hearted easy mood and the extraordinary love in this darling community. It’s like a step back in time.  Reminding me of  a simpler time when it people gathered for straight up fellowship, fishing, friends and food! (click above for my restaurant recommendations etc)

This was my first time to fly.  I took an American Airlines direct flight to Pensacola.  Pensacola is only about 32 miles but with traffic is at minimum an hour to hour 15 minute drive.  The traffic on the two lane highway is rough.  Jim Gray, my long time friend and travel agent, can get up to 20 percent off of all American flights.  214-720-1000 contact him direct for a quote.  

Also, I flew home from Fort Walton which is 25 minutes from Destin, Florida.  Unfortunately, Fort Walton is an hour and 20 minute drive from Seaside, Florida.  I would have been smarter to fly home from Panama City Airport which is only 30 minutes from Seaside.  This was my error.  I made a big boo boo.  I told Jim I was going to be in Destin when in reality we were in Seaside.  O well, you live and you learn!


The food goes on for daze!!!! All homemade ice cream, cookies, and knock your socks off sides such as mac and cheese, cole slaw, gumbo and more. Pork Ribs, Barbeque chicken, fried fish and more fixins than you can shake a stick at.  All served up every night in celebration of America’s independence! God bless the USA! Click here for a direct like to try super cute striped tank by the “Love Unites” collection from EXPRESS!

This go around I was blessed to take a ride on Lux-Sheree. A yacht owned by our friends Costa and Sheree Papasadiris. They took us to the Oyster Bar restaurant on the water. The food was outstanding but the service was uber slow which I hear is a normal practice. If you have the LUXURY of a leisure lunch check it out.

Pink bikini by Lili Fama

We floated, we boated, we mo-pedded and we had the time of our lives.
We soaked in the sun and had way to much fun dancing our way into the wee hours.


These are the smiles of incredibly happy men! Men who play and work hard. Men who love Jesus, their families and talking a lot of smack.

IMG_9060 2.JPGIMG_4352.JPGIMG_3917.jpgIMG_0805.JPG

Orange Beach just might be our future retirement plan. It’s peaceful, it’s clean, it’s pretty and it’s a beach town.  I’m told it is the end all be all red snapper fisherman’s dream come true. While we were in town, the neighbors off of Jubilee Road had their first annual RED SNAPPER fishing tournament called “Hooking the Hood.”  There were seventeen boats with three to four men per boat.  Each boat could weigh the three biggest fish.  I was rooting for team “WHY KNOT” made up of Gary Fredrick, Jay Parks, Jimmy Boyd and Thor weighing in at 67.8 pounds of red snapper.  WINNERS!

These men woke up at 4am to hit the water by 4:30am.  Every person on the boat has a position with a purpose.  I got schooled on the varying drift factors, fishing lines, the weight of the fishing lines, and specific bite times all based on the sun and the moon.  These boys made it look easy.  After the fish were cleaned there was a how down throw down of food, drinks, pool play time and games.

From what I have gathered, Orange Beach isn’t considered tropical.  It’s seasonal weather much like Texas. OB has rainy seasons and it’s hot and humid as all get out. In October and in March they say it can be chilly / warm.  During the Winter months such as Christmas / New Years it can get down to fur coat cold. BURRR!

Needless to say I love it down there more and more each time I visit.

I made two one hour power walking sessions but only one workout and I have it here for you.

All Good Vibes in the OB baby!

Love, smile and stay a while!

Angi xo

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