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White Chicken Chili

The following low carb recipe is not only easy but it’s also a low-fat Abercrombie and FITness approved recipe.

While I can’t take credit for this tasty warm delightful dish, I can boast that I put my own personal spin on it.

It’s a hybrid between bean soup and hearty chili.

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And just in time for cooler temperatures, football playoffs, and winter weather. The cool thing about this chicken chili of mine is that it will NOT devastate your New Years FITness goals.

In under 30 minutes, you can whip this up and take it to a super bowl party and be the FIT hit.

You’re welcome, now let’s get started.

6 quart slow cooker/CROCK POT from AMAZON! I love the portable lock in place lid!

What you need:

Diced or shredded chicken

Two cans shoe peg corn

Two cans of white beans

Two cans of diced green chili’s


One clove minced Garlic

One diced onion

Tbs of cumin

1/2 tbs of oregano

1/2 tbs basil

10-12 oz of chicken broth

Add all to a pot. Simmer for 20-35 minutes and voila ”tis read to eat.

Serve with Monterey Jack cheese, diced jalapeños, cilantro and green onion


Once you have simmered you dump it into a crock pot to keep it warm.

It’s worth noting that I like my chicken chili spicy so I add a tad of Tabasco for flare.

This is an established mouth-watering crowd pleasure sure to have them coming back for thirds! I guarantee it.

So like I said this meal will not make a dent in your physique. Because it’s in fact a low-calorie high protein food that will ignite the metabolism.

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Love, eat, exercise and repeat!

Angi Xo

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