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Code Covid-19

Well Sh*t y’all…

It got me!

As if I hadn’t already been having a helluva week, last Thursday I tested positive for Covid-19.  

I know you have questions and I plan to address all of them.  But to do that it’s also important to explain the lead up.  Sunday, June 14th It was scorching hot afternoon and I was in the swimming pool nursing a champagne hangover from a birthday party the night before.  A friend called Mr. Chicken Fry’s phone and said that several cop cars were in front of my cousins house.  Not super alarmed because they live on a busy corner I decided to call and check. Unfortunately there was bad news on the other end.  My cousin’s son…Connor Cole Hubble, who was 21 years old, had hung himself in their home less than an hour before I called.  Hysterically, I leaped from the pool, dried off and  drove straight to their house which is only a stones throw from my house.  (we are a very tight family)

From Sunday until Thursday I was pretty much a fixture in their home.  I wasn’t going to leave their side.  I only went home to sleep, less than four hours a night, and train my morning clients.  The first night I didn’t sleep at all.  My body and my soul were crushed beyond belief.  The shock still hasn’t worn off.  The sadness I feel for my family is /was one of true grief.  My body was physically exhausted.  I couldn’t eat or sleep and I felt numb.  I was in a perpetual state of sobbing and caring for my cousin and her husband and daughter.

By Wednesday I felt EXTRA run down.  I recall a hint of cough and head ache.  Neither of which seemed odd because of the circumstances and Texas allergies/climate.  I knew I was struggling through my workouts but again I figured I was weak because I had not been sleeping.  I had zero appetite but as you can imagine I thought it was due to the sudden set of circumstances.

When I woke up Thursday morning I felt a burning in my chest and had mucus when I coughed.  My headache was growing stronger and I felt pretty clammy.  Mr. Chicken Fry suggested we all get tested.  I was not happy about it but we drove down to the local TRUSTED ER. At this point I’m reeling with guilt that I’m not doing something at my cousin’s house.  We checked in and the nurse administered all three tests to each one of us.

a rapid test (nose swab) results in 20 minutes

an antigen test a deeper nose swab

a blood test results in two days

My results for covid came back positive.  Chicken Fry and the teen queen were negative.  Well I’ll be dad gum.  I was crazy upset and mad.  I literally looked at the doctor and said “well this doesn’t change anything. I’m going to the funeral.  I have to.  I cannot NOT be there with my cousin. You just don’t understand. I will wear a mask and gloves but I’m going.”

She was calm and collected and told me, “Well, I think that is a bad idea for you and for all of your family. What you need to so is all and alert all of your loved ones who have been exposed to you in the last 5 days because they too need to quarantine for 14 days.”

WHAT ? TELL MY FAMILY?  Had she lost her mind.  I could NOT tell my cousins who just tragically lost their son to suicide that I have covid and all plans for funeral services were over.  NOT HAPPENING!  Y’all, I had a full balling breakdown in this medical room.  It was ugly.  Mr. Chicken Fry was trying to console me as was my daughter.  They were trying to apologize to the doc on my dramatic behalf.  Needless to say I was not thinking clearly.  I didn’t feel good and I was beside myself.  The gravity of the situation was taking hold and I was a wreck.

Naturally hours later I delivered the news to all of the family.  The calls came flooding in with questions and concern.  WHO, WHAT WHEN WHERE AND WHY NOW?  Unfortunately I did not attend the funeral in person but thankfully I was able to watch it with my family from home.

Of course there is no way to know where or how I contracted the virus.  I was out and about for most of the weekend so it’s hard to say.

The adrenalin of the sudden death had me wound up doing things.  I was making calls for the family, cleaning, arranging funeral details, writing the obit, and trying to care for the family.  However, once I was told I could not go anywhere, I came home showered and sat down.  I think this gave my body and my mind permission to process all that had happened and what my body was feeling.

I was straight up dizzy.  I was short of breath and I had brick inside of my chest. On a one to 10 scale looking back I was a 3 maybe 3.5.  

Mr. Chicken went into full blown mommy mode.  Straight away he ordered these gadgets from Amazon and I will say they have been life savers.

This thermometer was a super great investment. It’s easy to use and the infrared technology works from a distance!

He also bought an oxygen reader.  The doctor highly recommended having this around to be sure the level didn’t dip. The oximeter finger pro gives results in seconds.

Friday morning I woke after a much needed 8 to 10 hours of sleep.  I got up thinking I felt pretty good.  I had some coffee and got geared up for a workout.

YES I DID THE WORKOUT.  I had made my mind up the night before that I could do one 45 minute session.  I had over 45 clients who had pre-paid and I wasn’t going to let them down! Plus, the doctor said if I felt like doing moderate exercise it was ok as long as I paid close attention to my oxygen.

I felt it.  I was really woozy and off balance.  I felt my chest tightening and knew that I needed to rest.

So I did. I had the whole weekend plus Monday to veg and rehabilitate.   FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY and Monday.

I have essentially been quarantined from my family inside the house.  I took over the media room and powder bathroom.  I was encouraged to be outside if I felt up to it so I have laid in the sun and in the pool on a raft.  My food is delivered on paper plates with plastic wear for less contact for my people  I’m sleeping in the guest room and we are doing the best we can to stay over 8-10 feet apart if and when we have contact.

I kept all of my essentials close by! My devotional books, my lap top and training schedule, the oxgen reader, a basket of workout clothes, my sneakers, a bathing suit, sunglasses, sun hat and a cozy blanket.

On Thursday I started taking a Z-Pack. I believe the antibiotic helped clear my chest of the mucas.  I had no fever but had slight chills for two days off and on.

The main symptom for me has been body aches in my back, headaches, dizzyness and weak waves that come and go without warning.  For instance, I’ll be sitting in a chair and suddenly feel weak like I’m going to pass out.  I have a feeling of being congested in my nose but I can breathe.  WEIRD RIGHT!

That’s the main thing is I feel weird.  Like something is way off.  It’s uncomfortable and uneasy.  Almost like I’m vibrating on the inside.  Every day I feel a little improvement.  It’s not gigantic change but enough to notice.

I completed a workout today and was able to go for a very subdued walk with a mask. I think moving my body has been helpful.





vitamin D


Rest is key but also don’t let the virus keep you down.  This virus wants you to stay down.  It wants to keep you laid up but I refuse to let it keep me there.


It’s uber important to stay hydrated.  Drink loads of water and water with electrolytes.  I chose VITAMIN WATER ZERO, water and sparkling flavored waters LACROIX.  I alternate and rotate all three so I don’t get bored.


I strongly urge you to be cautionary. If you feel your immune system is compromised stay home.  Don’t go out if you are extra tired and feeling run down. SOCIAL distance.  Social distance and be ok with an elbow greeting.  Pay attention to hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face.

Out of all of the family members whom we shared hugs, tears, snot and full blown face to face breakdowns…only one tested positive.  I’m so beyond thankful that it wasn’t worse!

So this is my covid story!  I feel blessed that it seems to be a mild case and I should make a full recovery soon. I’m on the mend.  Today…Wedneday I’m a solid 8.5 on a 10 scale.

I pray you find yourself healthy and happy.  Be careful.

Love, keep your mind strong and live long!



14 thoughts on “Code Covid-19”

  1. Angi. Praying that your health is fully restored. This Covid 19 stuff is so scary. I hear something different each day. I live in Dallas County. It is mandatory to wear mask. I work in Collin County where wearing a mask is NOT mandatory, however our company policy is to wear a mask!
    Take care of yourself and REST!

    1. Sally thank you for reaching out! I will take all the prayers and appreciate them soo very much. I do think masks can help limit exposure but it’s quite possible everyone will eventually get it. My prayer is that it’s mild and not deadly. Taking zinc and vit D are best immunity supplements to take. Xo. Stay safe

  2. Hi Angie,
    Just found your blog 2 days ago through HiSugarplum. You are so honest and real and that is refreshing. First, I am so very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine your pain. Praying for you that your symptoms will be gone soon. I live in Silicon Valley in Northern California and we are still pretty locked down. Masks are required in public settings and get togethers are still discouraged. My family has been taking Vit D and zinc, plus a multiple vitamin and vitamin C since February. Sadly, my mother in law contracted Covid in early Feb in Colorado. Not much was known about the virus and she passed away 3 days after hospitalization. We quarantined my husband for two weeks just like you. It was difficult but luckily he tested negative for anti-bodies. As frustrating as this mask wearing is and all the changes in the world, this covid thing is real and will eventually pass. I know God has a message for all of us in this. Much Love!

    1. Cristie oh my goodness I am so terribly deeply sorry for your loss. I’m sure this must have been so difficult especially in those early months when there were no funerals or gatherings. My heart breaks for you all I’m so sorry I so appreciate you reaching out and thank you for your confidence booster. Blessings.

  3. So glad you are “ok”. Condolences on your loss and will continue to follow. Virtual hugs.

    1. Hey Suzann thank you so much for your words. This virus is cramping my style. See you soon

  4. Thank you so much for being Brave and sharing. I did not realize all the symptoms and your story definitely helps clarify.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This helps more than you will ever know. Although I do not know you I heard your story. The tips are great as well. Prayers you get better fast.
    Thank you for your bravery and honesty.
    Hugs to you and all your family.

  6. so many prayers coming your way.. please rest and take your time to get back too Where you were.. this stuff is scary… we are in east Texas where the count rises daily… your sugar plum workouts were great for my at home fitness thank you!!!!

    1. Hey Mari thank you for your kind words I’m so glad you’re liking the workouts and I look forward to many more sweat sessions with you

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