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Mother’s Day Cheers to you!



Kung Pai.

Cheers Y’all!

Toast to the fact that Spring has sprung and that Summer is near. Order up a homemade champagne cocktail and do whatever makes you happy!



BITTERS (orange)



Place the sugar cube in the bottom of the champagne glass.  Douse the cube with bitters until it’s orange.  Slowly and I do mean slowly pour the Champagne into the glass.  Careful because the propensity of the sugar and the champagne is to flood and overflow the glass with bubbles. This sugary twist changes it up.  Speaking of a change up…my wine & champagne glasses were looking a little dingy and stale.

I freshened up my collection with these long stem wide base champagne flutes by RIEDEL MAX CHAMPAGNE FLUTES ! They are beautiful and pricey but SOOOOO worth it. They are delicate and so extra. Extra long, extra wide base and a large pour! They make me happy. I have 6 and wish I had two more…umm happy mother’s day to me!

So with that…a gargantuan toast to YOU for ALL that you do year after year after year after year.

Pop the champagne. Don’t be afraid that it will go to waste. If you seal the champagne properly, it will stay fresh for 3-5 days with a proper topper. My go to is The

Le Creuset champagne topper which seals the bubbles in tight. It’s expensive but you will have it FOR-LIFE! The next second is half the cost KLOVEO champagne toppers! Made in Italy and of course keep prosecco, sparkling wine and cava fresh for days!

Stemless champagne glasses

How inviting does this look?  The bubbles, the berries, the mint, the straw.  I want to make it! I love these flutes – they are a great size – easy on the hands and the bubbles are so pretty rising to the top.

What do mom’s want? Some time off – so sit back relax and have some bubbles.     Hero_Slider2.jpg

My go to everyday champagne is GRUET straight out of New Mexico. It’s light, it’s crisp and not at all fruity or sweet.  BRUT. This perfectly priced bubbling bottle of joy is well priced and perfect for every event.  It retails in a grocery store for under $20…usually $14.99.  Retailers such as Tom Thumb and Market Street carry it.  Don’t every be afraid to ask your local grocer to tap in and order you some.  They are happy to oblige and all they can say is no or they couldn’t get it!  TRUST ME even my local SHELL GAS station carries it for me!  


On occasion, I get giggy with it and get the sparkling Rose for a different flavor and pop of pink!

I ordered a set of these premium wine glasses for white wine, champagne or ros’e all day!  I love them.  They are so feminine and weightless. They came in only when I pulled out the first stem…the glass was cracked so I shipped back for a return. My second set was perfect! CHEERS!


If alcoholic beverages are NOT your vibe…try these bubbles. C4Smart Energy drink. No sugar, no calories an no jitters. The flavor is astounding. It’s bursting with flavor and sparkling. I love it and drink it around 3:30pm to get me past the witching hour.

What else do we pine for this Mother’s Day?

Sparkle your own water with the SODA STREAM bubble maker!

AT HOME SPA DAY EVERYDAY! The Trilogy wand is a mother’s day must have!!!

YOUTH – all of us want to look and feel our best. Girls – Check this out…I have found a killer cool beauty product by COOLA A SPF 30 spray & make up setting spray. Apply spray post make up for bonus protection. Or after time in the sun and you need a little more protection, spray away. No need to reapply greasy sunscreen or mess up your make up. This product will keep your skin dewy and protected up to 80 minutes. It actually acts as a setting spray and has hydration effects.

I close my eyes and tuck my lips inside and spray. Wait about 15-30 seconds before you open your eyes. You may experience a chemical smell or a sunscreen smell but aside from that it’s weightless and keeps your skin protected!

I can tell you that micro-blading my brows has been the best thing ever! First off, brows frame your whole face. A perfect brow can lift your face and take years off! Plus it takes the labor out of doing marking up your brows. Brooke @ BEAUTEME is the bomb. A true artist and brow perfectionist.

Stack up the bling! I still love my BUDHA girl bracelets. They are so much fun to wear. Even in the gym I wear two or three at time. They are weighltess and noise free. They come in stacks of 9 and offer a serenity prayer. They do set the tone for mind fullness and serenity. I stack gold and rose gold together.

A fun little bobble of jewlrey is always fun. I loved this two chain necklace with a lightening bolt charm. It’s light weight and the charm reminds me to TCB “Take Care of Business”. It’s 14 K gold plated and is a quality chain and great layering piece.

Kick off your Summer with these darling and edgy STEVE MADDEN FLAT SANDALS! The TRAVELER sandal is a show off shoe. It comes in a ton of colors and I just love the studded straps!

Turn up the volume with a TerraCore or TerraGlide! It’s a super effective gym tool to enhance your workouts. 30% off with code ABERCROMBIEFIT

I don’t know what you want or don’t want for mothers day. I typically want time or an adventure. I either want to sip wine or champagne in an oversized sweater by a fire or  lake or pool or beach.

I want a week weekend away.  I want some serious massages, sleep, cleansing and down time.  

Mama’s of the world.  You’re so strong and I see you!  I know you work beyond hard and at times you question this whole mom gig!  I know it’s overwhelming.  But they will grow up faster than you can imagine.  Motherhood is full of wanderment and chaos and sorrow and heartache and joy and frustration and I could go on and on!

It’s you who takes on the emotional aspect of every child you have. I know you do!  But this coming mother’s day weekend, take a breath.  Thank God for the day and each of your blessed off spring and sit back and relax.  Catch a buzz guilt free!

Love me


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