Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

How will I get there?

Who bothers to ask for directions these days?  I’M FULLY CONVERTED INTO A WAZING MACHINE!  I’m a waZer, don’t you want to be a WAZER TOO?   The dynamite map app, WAZE has legitimately changed my life.  I’m, with great emphasis, the most directionally challenged individual on the planet. I’m not exaggerating and just so you know… geographically challenged is an actual real thing. Some folks slip from the womb wired with an internal compass.  I think I must have short circuited from the use of  forceps.  My creative brain matter of factly isn’t wired for it and to this day I struggle with right vs left.  Praise the good LORD for the new nifty app which comes along saving time and the day!  (not that I venture out of the Coppell, Texas bubble often but when I do there is no more despair. I plug-in the logistics and WAZE tells me where to go and bypasses my usual five u turns)

I’m going to circle back to FITness.

You’re eager for renewal and transformation but you’re utterly lost and don’t know how to get started.  Thanks to the new calender year, your mail box is loaded with advertisements You’re bombarded with coupons, discounts and ads showing glistening FIT bodies at a gym sweating it out and that becomes the picture of FITness.

Here is the deal, whether you choose to workout in your living room, hotel room or big box gym…it doesnt matter.  What matters is that you understand the fundamentals to get you from point A to point B.  You need accurate directions or some type of protocol.

There are three radical orientations that one must undergo to truly make a bona fide conversion.


Sounds terrible great Angi, but how do I actually get there?  Do I make radical overnight changes or little by little?  Is FITness a diligent effort or by through osmosis?  Is it a matter of rigorous sweat sessions and starvation? Do I have to hire a trainer and eat 6 meals a day?   Do I join an diet eating club like I see on TV?


Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to the gym and lift weights.  Roosters dig chicks who lift! 

Lifting weight burns fat. I mean really y’all, need I say more?  Ladies, lifting weights will NOT cause body builder bulking…not on my watch.  Somewhere in your life you were misinformed and Brain WASHed to believe that weights will make you SWOLE but not on my blog.  I’m focused on sculpting lean muscle and melting FAT.

How do I get there?  Join a gym or purchasing 5, 8, 10, 12 pound dumbbells.  Don’t worry, about graduating to heavier weights.  YES, you actually have to pick them up and use them.  Glaring at the dumbbells will do zero for the muffin top.  You’ve got to move.  Squatting, dead lifting and lunging while holding the weights will chisel your legs and butt.  Hey beautiful, listen up, it doesn’t happen over night…it takes time and weekly practice but it works…I guarantee it.

Add some basic biceps curls, tricep kick backs, push ups and sit ups. Give it 4 weeks and see if you can see and feel the difference.


Why did the chicken cross the road?  So she didn’t chicken out on cardio! 

This is where I generally lose a lot of you.  I haven’t been able to decipher if it’s the sweat or the actual act.  Some girls just hate to sweat and I think it’s because of the back end labor with hair and make up.  The lunch hour workout can be tough but nothing a pony tail and a hair dryer can’t fix.  Slap on a little mascara and gloss, no pain no gain.  Others make the excuse they don’t have time yet night after night or lunch after lunch they sit casually browsing through social media.  Maybe you’re reading about FITness, maybe you downloaded a FITness regime app…the problem is you actually have to do it.  Bundle up and power walk.  The first 6 minutes are excruciating but past that is smooth sailing.  Dust off and plug-in your treadmill!  Hey hot stuff, 30-35 minutes isn’t that long!


Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get something to eat, because she’s hungry and hungry chick is a healthy chick.  

You have to bypass your old eating habits!  FITget about it!

It’s all about revving up the metabolism.  Once you fire up it up, you’re going to be hungry like the wolfe!  Depending on your wake up call and bed time you may eat up to 6-8 times a day.  Usually, you should be hungry upon waking hence the name Breakfast….BREAK the fast!   From there it will vary based on how hot your metabolism is running.   It could be 2 and half hours or 3 and half hours before you start to feel the hunger pangs.  Feed your body good nutritious foods.  Forget about cheese, dressings and fatty fast food joints.  Lay off the carbustion carbs like pasta and bread and think b rown rice and quinoa.  Gravitate toward the produce section and lean meat area of the grocery store.  Rotesserie chicken, tuna, grilled fish,  pork, chicken and eggs are excellent sources of  protein.  Green vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, kale, cucumber, celery are options for snacking or stir frying. Pick up edamame, nuts, pretzels and fruit and berries for mid day snacks.

Portion control is NOT super crucial as long as you are eating GOOD, healthy, LEAN high protein nutritious non processed food!  I’m a believer in moderation.  Check out this post…basically my take on carbs called Spontaneous CARBustion

FITness isn’t mind-boggling ergonomic rocket science.  However, it requires dedication and discipline which is a hassle.  FITness is a hassle before it’s a habit. ~Angi Abercrombie.   Once you get a week or so under your belt you have created what I like to call FITmentum.

You must not lose sight of where you are going.  Keep your eye on the prize and listen to my advice.  The day by day practice and progress may seem laborious but each day is progress.  Every time you choose a glass of water instead of sugary juice, you moved the marker.  Every time you ask for corn tortialls instead of greasy chips you save big calories.  When you trade happy hour drinks for 30 minutes at the gym…boom automatic energy!

You will always find good FIT and honest direction here.  Please ask questions, speak up.  Knowledge is power because you don’t know what you don’t know.  Anything is possible…FITness says so and I know so!

Love, lift and sweat!




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