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God Winks

We have a saying here in Dallas, Texas and that is, “if you don’t like the current weather conditions,  just wait a minute.”

This is because Texas weather changes as fast or faster than a female can change her handbag.  One minute it can be miserably cold and rainy and in less than an hour later it can be sunny, sticky humid and a girls worst nightmare for “fixin” hair.

In the DFW metroplex, we have been cooped up like caged animals the last seven days because it has been extraordinarily cold with loud thunderstorms and torrential rain fall.  Take a quick gander at my backyard.

My poor dog FAITH must hate us because we completely abandon all walking privileges when it rains.  I will bundle up and do a few rounds in the cold but not in the wet cold!  I don’t do wet cold dog walking!  And something else I don’t like to do is drive in the rain.

People lose their minds and forget how to drive in the rain!  The news reporters actually transmit from the side of the highway warning people to stay home until the sun comes out.  The ground is saturated and soggy and the overall mood is grey and dismal.  We all wait with bated breath for an inkling of sunshine to peek out so we can defrost and be normal functioning happy humans again.

Speaking of normal, have you ever heard someone say,It’s about to rain, I can feel it in my bones?”  Contrary to the weather forecast or the cloudless sky…you roll your eyes and chalk it up to their bad judgement.  Only later you’re dismayed at the arrival of short rain storm?

In the days of the dinosaur (circa 1976-1985) ) before Google and the weather bugapp, I thought my grandmother was some sort of fortune-teller or sorcery guru because she always knew that it was going to rain.  She had mad expert prediction skills because she “felt it in her bones.”  As a young girl, I thought my mamlou was an old lady grandmother with superior intuition.  Turns out it’s not just hocus pocus.  It’s the real deal.  Some people…maybe even you, can truly “feel it in your bones.”

When it rains, certain objects, including body parts, will swell.  I’m not referring to your husband’s head or the bulging laundry hamper.  This is also not to be confused with the stress belly dilation from the weekly wine intake.  I’m talking honest to gosh swelling and inflammation y’all. Like creaking doors, foundations, wood decking, light bulbs, tires, and human joints swell in the rain.

This is not an “old people thing” or an old wives tale.  Athletes and youth particularly anyone who has experienced injury, can or will notice a change in their bones before or during a significant weather change.  Now listen up honey, we aren’t talking about feelings.  When it rains you might be more apt to cuddle up, drown your sorrows and soak in heartbreak caused by emotional ties to the Grey’s Anatomy drama.  What I’m getting at is REAL science.

As a mom I’m doing my best to keep a pulse on the teen queens’ mood.  YEAH RIGHT, like that’s even possible? But something I have noticed, because I’m a “good” mother and often get all up in her grill and ask a million and a half questions, to which her response is a ton of dramatic eye rolling and asking me to leave,  is that…when she complains of hip or lower back pain it’s almost always one of two things.  One, it’s “her girly time,” or two, it’s going to rain.  I’m so dead serious right now.  It’s bizarre.  I don’t think she even recognizes the correlation but eight times out of ten it’s because it’s going to RAIN!  Maybe the teen queen is really an indian witch doctor held captive in her body?!?!  This would explain a lot!

Additionally, I have back up testimonies. I have several clients who have experienced ACL or ankle surgery.  Almost all of these beautiful woman tend to notice a pressure-ish joint ache before a big weather switch.  Namely before it rains.  The barometric pressure can put stress on us all.  There you go…now you have something else to blame and it might as well be climate control!  You’re welcome!

Who do you turn to?  What to do when you ache?

The Abercrombie house holds starts double layer slathering on the Blue-Emu.  Joint and or muscular aches aren’t always pleasant and some hurt worse than others.  A wonderful remedy we use and live by is and  Blue-Emu cream.   Truthfully, I start and end my day with this blue odorless cream despite the fickle weather conditions and my moody humans.    I massage away out problems with Blue-Emu and what that can’t help I nurse with grapes and prayer.  But not always at the same time or in that order.


Your turn…start paying attention and please report back.


As humans, we are connected to a source. We didn’t just happen.  Despite religious beliefs and or affiliations, you can’t dispute that we have a maker.   The earth was created by something.  I believe that something was God.  Therefore we are intertwined with our Maker, the earth and the earth’s atmosphere.  Our salt and water make up deeply feels (and not to over dramatize) but we FEEL the gravity and pressure changes within our world.  We feel it to the core.  OUR BONES!

You may be thinking, “I have never felt it in my bones”.  But that might be because you’re too busy or entrenched in other business.  You may not be paying much attention to your body.  We are so distracted these days. We aren’t exactly always in tune with the earths gravitational tugs and rotating axis because we are working, paying bills, fighting political  battles, feeding faces and kissing boo-boo’s.  Who has time to sit and think about what you are internally feeling?  RIGHT?

And so what?  So what if my joints swell?  Is it the end of the world?  As long as it doesn’t continually aggravate you and or cause you grave pain there is no real danger.  I just simply wanted you to know that you aren’t crazy or weird if you feel it in your bones.  

The next time you notice a slight twinge or minor ache, take a look at the forecast.  Pull it up on your hand dandy mobile device and see if a big weather change is coming.  This small little idiosyncrasy might allow you to slow down.  And even if for a second,  let you look deeper and remember that you are part of something bigger.  A universal God with a plan and purpose for your life.

Can a body ache or bone swelling be a God wink?  I don’t see why not.  It’s also not a bad idea to be mindful and take care of yourself.  Proper bone health and support is crucial as we age. Calcium, iron and glucosamine are all great supplements to consider.  Personally,I drink from the jug!  

My studio gym has this one fluorescent light bulb that will not turn on before or during a rain storm. Each and every time, I have to manually grab a pole and gently tap the bulb to make it pop on.  I also have one back door that becomes difficult to open.  Instead of looking at it as a hindrance, I view it as a GOD THING!  A  little wink from my maker.

A quick reminder that God is always at work.  He’s alive and active and I say a quick thank you Lord or Hi Jesus!

Happy hump day everybody!

Love, stop and think, and don’t miss another God wink!



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