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Abercrombie and FITness Best of 2018


Such a highly overused significant four letter word, wouldn’t ya say?

The BEST of anything would most certainly signify that something is or was in fact GREAT!  Maybe even the GREATEST!

What’s your best look like? Is it a night under the stars holding the hand of your significant other? Is the best day a palm tree laden beach sunset with a champagne toast?

The BEST is departure! Boarding an airplane or driving away for vacation knowing all loose ends are tied up and handled.

Call me crazy…but I think the ultimate best ever nightly routine is being in bed by 9pm! (Don’t knock it until you try it). Sweatshirt by wildfox truly says it all…I spend all day getting ready for bed! It’s my happiest hello and my hardest goodbye.

I’m not sure that BEST works well with this next scenario but none the less I’m going with it.  I’m leaning into it because hey…we are about to call a wrap on 2018 with no curtain calls.

Don’t freak out y’all…because the BEST is yet to come!

As a blogger/ writer what I have gathered most is the transparency factor.  When I truly put myself out there I get a result, but the by-product doesn’t necessarily produce a positive vibe.

On the off chance I write an internet crowd pleasing, comment making blog post, it’s typically tied to crickets at home.  This silence is code for “that was way to far, that was a tad bit too transparent or I told a wee bit too much and touched a nerve.

Yet my perspective is that I touched on an emotion that clearly resonated with my audience.


I pray! That’s all I know to do and in my prayer I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me to do HIS work.

The stats don’t lie! These are the top 3 or in my case most viewed BEST of post from 2018. 

This year I wrote “This is 20 years. It was a heartfelt HONEST anniversary post.  It was voted “THE BEST” from my loyal readers.  I cannot tell you how much value I got from the responses! I so appreciated the congrats and encouraging comments! Marriage is one or those work committiments. The sheen wears off, kids tangle up the tinsel, and without God I have no clue how people keep it together. 

Strategic parenting was a close second runner up! I guess it’s no secret that my age and lifestyle is aligning with many other parents struggling though the murky teenage shark infested waters. All I know is that when I meet someone who has just graduated their child from college I have great adoration for them. Not that their job is done but that they did well on the job!

When I started to share my faith it’s scarey. Not everyone believes the way I do. At first I thought I would steer away from discussing my Christ centered beliefs but then I realized I would be living a lie. While I’m not super into politics…I most certainly am into Jesus. Which is where number three came in….

“What’s eating you?” was somewhat of a hit too! After all, we are all capable of carrying around some baggage from time to time.

God Winks had a warm welcome and I think I know why! Nothing is coincidence and when you wrap your mind around who God is! What He is capable of doing, creating, inventing, touching, loving, repairing, and forgiving! Jesus winks!

Doggie Style came in 5th place which just makes me laugh! Highly doubtful it’s about what you think it’s about.

Living your best life is a cheesy but truthful slogan. It’s what we can all aspire to do! Live and love our best life! Healthy, happy, growing closer to Jesus and EVOLVING!

In any case…I do believe, that optimistically speaking the BEST is yet to come!

Live your best life!

Love, be blessed, and flex!


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