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Below 40

Happy hump day homies.

Don’t be alarmed, this is not a whiney post about the fickle wet Texas weather.

Better yet, this is invitation to below 40, a fairly new phenomenal poke place.  Click the link below to take a peek.

 Below 40

Below 40 is a small chain of poke houses with 3 locations in the DFW metroplex.  The newest location is in Carrollton, Texas.  Also find below 40 in Plano, Texas and University Park.

What is POKE?


If you have a pallett for fresh fish and or sushi,  you will like LOVE poke.

Some say Po’ke and some say Poke.  I just eat the yummy stuff.

Poke is where eating healthy becomes delicious.  Take a gander at all of these healthy selections.


From salad bowls to rice bowls the variety of vibrant poke will have your mouth-watering to try a different bowl with each visit.  I have easily become a poke bowl addict especially now that below 40 DELIEVERS!!!  Thank you Uber Eats Grub Hub and Door Dash. 

You can place online order or treat yourself to lunch or dinner in any one of the hip spots.  The restaurant has a modern airy organic vibe.



below 40 Poke House was opened on the idea of satisfying cravings. Cravings to eat healthier, cravings to consume better quality food, cravings of being excited about what you’re eating, and cravings to do all of that, without spending extravagantly. Oh, and of course, the ultimate craving – just another bowl of delicious and fresh poke.

Did I metion it’s B.Y.O.B.?

Yeah baby…it’s build your own bowl at Below 40.  Poke bowls are so utterly satisfying.  I never leave feeling hungry nor does Mr. Chicken Fry who coincidentally loves poke bowls…go figure. The bowls are portioned perfectly and are considered an AbercrombieandFITness approved food!  Below 40 also serves hot soup, sushi rolls, edamame, brown and white rice, kids bowls and ice cream.  

If you are looking for a fulfilling healthy meal to sustain you on your weight loss journey poke is an excellent choice.  You can never go wrong with fish, rice, salad and fresh veggies.  I do advise to steer clear of any fried fish, fried shrimp or bowls doused with sauce.  A good rule of thumb is to always order sauce on the side.  Be a dipper rather than a drencher.

If you have never tried raw fish or sashimi…this is a golden opportunity to taste some of the best.  The salmon and tuna are so fresh and when mixed with some spicy wasabi and soy sauce you will forget it’s fish.  No fishy restaurants on my list!

Pinch, poke, you owe me a bowl.

Who’s hungry?

Love, eat slow and finish the whole bowl.

Angi xo


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