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Slow Cooker Chops

It’s been a cold, rainy and wet week in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.

Out of nowhere mother nature brought in a damp cold front sending everyone scrambling.  We literally went from sweating in shorts and tank tops to shivering in Ugg’s with umbrellas overnight. Burr rabbit.

This drastic climate change could only mean on thing in the Abercrombie house….bring on the warm, stick to your ribs kind of comfort food because mama ain’t going out in these nasty conditions.

Let’s face it, I was bored.  My laundry was complete, folded and put away.  My errands could wait because in my mind all things can wait when it’s rainy and cold outside.  Why not fire up the o’l trusty crock pot and try my hand at pork chops.  Yes the other white meat we all forget about.

Pork chops are most defiantly an AbercrombieandFITness approved food.  

What you need:

Pork chops – 8-12 pork chops (boneless)

Two or three bottles of barbecue sauce

1 onion

Minced garlic 2 table spoons

1/2 cup of water

Seasoning such as Lawry’s seasoning salt and pepper

Prep time:

10-15 minutes OR LESS!

Cook time:

Cook time can vary depending on frozen or thawed pork chops the cut of the chops.  I used thin frozen pork chops and cooked on high for four hours.  Thicker frozen chops would need at least 6-8 hours.


Turn the cooker on high!  Coat the bottom of the crock pot with a bottle of spicy barbecue sauce then place 8 thin frozen pork chops on top. Next,  douse another bottle of honey barbecue sauce covering the chops. Then added another 8 frozen chops and another bottle of barbecue sauce.

Chop 1 onion and mix with two tables spoons of minced garlic.  After about a half hour or hour, add the garlic and onion and water to the crock pot.  Stir or flip the pork chops and season as you see FIT.

Then, you walk away!  That’s right…you leave it alone and go on about your business.  I had all kinds of time.  

Yall, this homemade fabricated recipe was FANTASTIC.  Who knew I could invent a slow cooker meal!!

The pork chops were soft and savory.  (Look at me using a fancy gourmet cooking word!) Y’all I even got four thumbs up from the fam.  Mr. Chicken Fry ate it up as did the teen queen.  It’s a miracle!

You could most certainly dial this dish up with extra spice and drizzle a wee bit of chipotle sauce and chives to make it look all pretty.  But I’m telling ya…these chops were great. Not to sweet or spicy. Like Goldie Locks said…”they were just right.”

Did somebody say sides?

This protein loaded pork dish called for a natural organic carb like mashed potatoes or rice. Remember it was 42 degrees and rainy. Comfort food was required plus mashed potatoes don’t have to be fattening!


If you boil your potatoes, mash them, add skim milk and seasoning…need I say garlic…you have made low-fat Abercrombie and FITness approved creamy mash!

A TWO FOR ONE,  low-fat, low carb family friendly meal.

The best part was, I had all of the ingredients in my house.  I didn’t have to brave the mud puddles and cold temperatures for a single thing.   It seriously felt like Anartica!

To find more Abercrombie and FITness approved meals such as my infamous hearty low-cal HOBO Stew, you can click on the I DON’T COOK tab.  If you are using a mobile device you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it.  If you are on a PC or MAC it’s located on the right hand side.    

Do you have an out of sight low-fat slow cooker dish to share?I’d love to hear your stories because I’m open to conventional, convenient crock pot meals that taste delicious.  

Love, fire up the crock and walk the (low-fat) walk!

Angi xo

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