Bringing Sweaty Back


Easily distracted?

This modern techy age we live in is full of alluring distractions.  As a driver, these conveniences only add to the bait that suck our attention away from the road.  Navigation is so utterly awesome but it does distract my eyes from the road.  As does the phone, radio, or pesky fly on the inside of the car.

Even a long road trip with family or friends or a short jaunt gallivanting around town alone with my thoughts, can cause me to drift into an abyss of absent-mindedness.

I have to pay special attention when I’m in the process of gassing up at a filling station.  AKA (gas station).

In fact, if you’re a parent of a soon to be or a new teen driver, I highly recommend you have a full on DISTRACTIONS talk that includes the gas pump.  Out of all of the dangers, warnings and discussions I have had with my precious teen about driver safety, road hazards, speeding, drinking and driving, wet roads, etc…I super forgot to talk about the gas pump.

Getting gas, for a dinosaur like me, is such a second nature act that I failed to teach or discuss proper gas pump etiquette.  One lesson or talk would include to pay EXTRA close attention to the green nozzle labeled DIESEL at the gas pump!

It’s been brought to my attention that gas mishaps happen all the time. BECAUSE the glaring distinct green diesel nozzle isn’t enough!  So do yourself a favor and teach your young off springs to steer clear of the larger green pump handle marked DIESEL   Because yall…adults and kids alike are so busy…distracted and aloof.  The bold GREEN DIESEL area is not enough to stop anyone from accidentally using the wrong gas.  BTW so many people are under the assumption that the diesel nozzles are made so that they will not FIT down into a regular gas tank…WRONG!!!


UNLESS you have a diesel truck you DO NOT want to pick up the green handle.  No green handle for you!  And for folks who drive a diesel…the same warning goes for you.  Pay attention because you can do some serious damage if you accidentally pump unleaded into a diesel vehicle.

Now…if this sort of human error were to happen don’t flip out.  Depending on the amount of diesel you put into the unleaded tank will make or break your next move.  If you find yourself in a diesel debacle you have some options to carefully weigh.

First and foremost, take a breath and make an educated non distracted decision based on: age of the car, warranty, value etc.  Also it’s important to gauge how much unleaded fuel was in the car?  How much diesel fuel was pumped into the tank?

One conventional and economical option would be to immediately fuel the tank with a high Octane grade of gas and burn baby burn it.  Let it smoke because it ‘s going to run hot while clean out the diesel.  Or you can err on the safe side and tow and flush  Call a tow truck, have it dropped for a thorough pump.


The diesel could potentially cause long-term engine problems and or blow a fuse or three so be smart.

If our attention is so easily diverted while operating a motorized vehicle I can only imagine the brain after a busy stressful day.  Or a fight with our spouse or a high emotional meeting with a superior or a long day with a sick baby or toddler or hard day with an elderly parent. 

Even on good bright shiny happy days we are smothered with distractions that suck our attention away from being present.

The human body functions in many ways resemble an automobile. Our bodies require fuel to operate and run appropriately.  By repetitive healthy eating habits the body will perform and function at a high level.

However when you inadvertently drive through Taco Bell or Jack in the Box four times a week your body is going to smoke and backfire. If you fill up on Oreos and ice cream on a regular basis your engine will crash and burn out. If you reach for a smoke or puff on a vape, pop pills and binge drink your body is going to bottom out!

But…if you fuel up with lean proteins, vegetables and earthy carbs every three or more hours your body will run like an Indy race car.  Mindful grubbing!!! 

Energy is restored and your skin will glow like a shiny new car!

Stop ignoring the nutrition labels and quit munching on processed junk food. Otherwise you will wake up one morning weighted down with heart disease, high risk for stroke and heavens only knows what else.

You will be riding in an ambulance for gall stones, kidney issues, blood clotting or cardiovascular issues. This is not a three-day party pass hospital visit you want to have!

Pay attention! Slow down and get back in the driver’s seat.  Give your body the full care it deserves.

What matters most is what you eat MOST of the time. If you are consistently filling up on eggs, green veggies, chicken, pork, salad, water, fish, and grains by golly you’re on the road to success. Your metabolism is engaged and burning through healthy foods. So that when you want a piece of pizza or a slice of cake…by all means eat it. Your body will steam roll right through without missing a beat.

Just like the car!

If you’re constantly unaware and the cheese tray at the office party is glaring at yo chances are you will reach for the cheese.  Don’t do it.  Stop, look for another option.  While the cheese and fruit tray won’t kill you…it’s not the best choice.  Look for a deli tray with lean meats like turkey, ham or chicken.  A single donut won’t cause you to choke but if donuts become a daily ritual consider yourself tanked.

Don’t wait for a drastic dramatic scene to start eating a more healthy diet. Don’t wait for the caution flag! Start today! Top off your tank with oatmeal, whey protein shakes, and fresh fruit. Get your body back in mint condition before the holiday temptation season arrives.


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Love, peace, and turkey taco grease!



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