Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Gene Pool

Before we dive into today’s deep subject, I want you to clear your mind and open your ears.  I want you to listen up and hear me loud and crystal clear.  


Is that profound and super exciting news or what?   It’s the truth.  

Healthy habits run circles around the gene pool.

Right now you’re picturing someone you know who’s got the God given genetic make up of an adonis. Trust me, I know one too…click here to read more about my greek goddess friend.  It seems that all the extra sprinkled moon dust and golden star lights landed a direct hit.  EVERYTHING that they have going on is working for them in an effortless way.

It’s true, occasionally, stars align, two worlds collide, and a beam of light shines down from the skies and the byproduct is a genetic super human. A cataclysmic event produces a person with precise bone structure and anatomically sound muscle resembling a gorgeous greek statue.  It’s beautiful and eye rolling nauseating.

This person, or friend is often the first one to jump on board when you decided to start a shiney new workout routine or fad diet.  As if they need any more perfecting!  Perhaps they want to see for themselves what this mysterious health fuss is all about.  They hit the gym, do some classes and spend a little time on the treadmill mainly to keep you company.  We all know they don’t need to lose or change a single thing.

What’s worse is, while you’re practically starving, eating slivers of air on dry lettuce sucking down water like it’s going out of style,  your genetically blessed bestie busts out a candy bar from her purse.  REALLY?!  

You order a grilled chicken and she orders a grilled cheese.  You choose corn she grabs the flour tortilla.  You choose the double turkey veggie wrap and she’s grubbing on a double bacon BLT with mayo.  It doesn’t seem fair!

Eventually this stick figure gets bored and retires from your meet and greets at the gym.  After all, what is she really doing there?  She talks herself out of it to make better use of her precious time.  She wasn’t into it at all. Why would she be, this joker has natural abs and a sleek physique what more does she need?  She looks good.   She doesn’t need to eat healthy and excercise.  OR DOES SHE?

While the gift of a genetic slim for life structure may work for a while…guaranteed it will eventually catch up and bite her in the_____________ pick a body part, any part.


Eventually gravity and the years add up and at some point this darling will droop. Her skinny arms will sag. Her bootie will become droopy.  The Taco Bell and burgers will end up rearing its ugly head in what’s known as the muffin top.  Her thighs will rub and that will be the sentence that serves her right.  Did I just say that out loud. That was mean, but truth fully it will catch up with her one way or the other.  It might not be until she experiences pregnancy.  Those baby pounds don’t just fall off on their own. Age is real and skin changes and crap shifts and changes and unless someone puts the work in to fix it…it turns into fluff!  

The people who practice good healthy habits for the long haul finish first. If you are the slow patient turtle in this scenario let me just tell you, YOU WIN! In the end, if you ritually practice exercise and dine on low carb high protein healthy nutritious foods, you are better for it.  Unfortunately, your freak of nature skinny ninny friend didn’t anticipate gravity, aging and clogged arteries. Those noodle arms that never met a push up need some love.  The sit ups that lasted for a week really needed a tweak.  Post alcoholic indulgences and baby left Miss Missy Poo in a real bind, including her behind.  Muscles need to be worked.  To keep the tone you have pump the I-RON.

The tortoise may have some hastily upfront work but will not have to worry with high risk of heart disease or diabetes.  The tortoise is balanced and steady.

I’m a tortoise.  I have SOME decent genetics but without regular workout and healthy eating I would tend to lean the other directon.  

I could easily fall into the fluffy middle, thick thighs and giggly arms category but I fight it! I eat right, I exercise and I do my part! Join me and sign up for a live or recorded workout!  



My mom has always had the WOW factor.  She was one of those “high metabolism chicks.”  However, she wasn’t sedentary.  She mowed the lawn, power walked, did her Jane Fonda tapes, and stayed on the move.My daddy, is tall and lean.  He has never been over weight but he is active.  When he’s feeling a big thick through the middle he hits the push ups and sit-ups and backs off the carbs. It works for him.

These two didn’t birth a super human.  I work hard for my lean physique.  I want a flat stomach therefore I eat like it.  I train like a warrior.  If I desire muscular legs, I lift heavier weight and build them up.  I eat whole grain carbs that fuel my workouts.  No funky fast foods that later lead to crash and burns.

At the end of the day….all hail the little trains that could!  The tortoises that keep creeping along towing the line of moderate exercise and balanced eating habits cross over into healthy mature adults.  Your muscular structure compared to the hypothetical hare who never lifted a weight will be no comparison.  The hare will look like a puffy squishy soft pillow but the turtle is durable, tough and rock solid.

There will always be the rare hundreds out of quadzillions who have it both ways.     Those folks who were double dunked in the gene spring fed genome pool.  They took what was given and made a mole hill into a mountain of muscles.  My friend, the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Troy Aikman would fall into this category.

Troy was born built like a pro athlete from the get go.  He was designed and built for the rough and tumble world of sports.  He refined his organic talent and honed in on football and became one of the greatest in NFL history.  Troy has never stopped perfecting his FITness.  Before during and after he trained for peak performance at every level.  Now at age 50 and retired from football, he’s remains a brick house.  A solid slab of genuine brawn and better than ever if you ask me.  He isn’t laid up on the couch drinking Miller lights and eating pizza. He hits the weight room at least 4 days a week and spends time jogging.  Other genetically gifted pro athletes often retire and get lazy.  They get soft and puffy.  Their necks get wide along with their mid section.

The same is true for some of the “super models” that adore the kat walk and grace the cover of VOGUE.  These frail figures hit the runway because they are rail thin in a natural way.  Later these bombshells blossom into curvaceous women because they never learned how to eat healthy and exercise because they never had to.  Trust me, there is nothing wrong with curves.  The problem is these women, for the most part didn’t “need” to exercise.  They have no muscle tone.  Later they fill out and become “thick” because they have no muscle tone or sense of a proper diet.  These super models end up super lost.  Many get a late start on  proper nutrition and working out.

So all you turtles of the world, keep plugging along.

Keep doing what you can do to stay FIT. The bulge battle only gets harder to manage. Don’t become a “HARRY” mess.  Come out of your shell and get cracking on that lean rock hard summer bod of yours!


Love, be a turtle and walk your circles!  

Angi xo


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