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Terra Core it up!

From the second I laid eyes on Terra Core it was love at first sight.  Almost like a supernatural connection of fast friends.  

Since the official introduction on Friday, it’s been hard to keep my hands, feet, and quite honestly all other major body parts away from it.  We have become inseparable which is why it’s high time to Terra Core it up!



Terra Core is a functional trainer for home or gym workouts.  Also known as a versatile piece of exercise equipment for your home or training studio.  Its one size but FITness for all!  

Terra Core can be used as a basic piece for newbies double as next level resistance for  the advanced.  Suffice it to say, the versatility is EXTRA! 

At quick glance the Terra Core is a work out bench.  You can lay on it, lean on it, and give it a hug!  It’s a step up or elevated surface for knees, feet or hands.  


I often require my clients to use something sturdy to step on during workout sessions.  I    encourage them to elevate their feet, legs, shoulders or hands up. Terra Core is that perfect sturdy something.  


Weighting in at 28 pounds, Terra Core is beyond well designed and intentioned!  It’s hefty and has brawn.  It does not slide easily and holds its place. Being able to perform various exercises on an object you can trust is a confidence builder.   

They thought of everything including hand placement and angles.  The four unique handles on the bottom side are sheer perfection.  Tricep push ups, chest presses, burpees, over head swings, rows and lifts are ready to go! 



Both sides of the Terra Core can be utilized for mixed total body transformation movements. 


This strength trainer is not only ABERCROMBIE & FITness APPROVED but a borderline must have!  It suits all FITness levels and will not disappoint.  

During the filming of my first Terra Core workout, I heard a loud crash and my very favorite coffee mug in the whole wide world had crashed!  I immediately ordered three more! One in purple, one in sunshine yellow and mint green!  This is the perfect wide mouth mug with a good solid handle.

Core 10 Ruffle TANK only $13


No assembly required.

Simply pull it from the box and inflate the bladder with the provided (included) air pump. It comes with a measuring tape so you can accurately fill to 21 inches of air for best results.

Terra Core is bulky but can easily be stored upright in a closet.  FOR BEST RESULTS, keep it out and use it.  Blow dry your hair on it.  Use it as a step stool to grab out of reach items in the kitchen or bathroom. Lay on it and stretch.  Pack it in the car and take it to the park.  Take it on a weekend road trip. Let your kids pretend surf on it.  Try the bobsled method!  

One of the first things I tried was laying on the bladder (the puffy side) and doing a reverse crunches.  WHOA NELLY!  I was wobbling all over the place.


Flip it

Lift it

Crunch it

Dip it

Lunge on it

Band it

Scan it

or just LOVE IT!



Terra Core comes with a bar code. Scan with your mobile device which automatically  loads the TERRA CORE APP.  The APP has handy sample exercises and information in case you don’t have a certified personal trainer like to me to tell you what to do!

If you look close, you can see the grooves/divets at the bottom of the device.  These are used to hold resistance bands in place.  GENIUS!  The Amazon links above are recommended resistance bands. 


The Terra Core possibilities are endless and so is your total body transformation.  Change your shape and your level strength.  I plan on using this along with my dumbells in my group training sessions.  It will be used for agility moves like toe taps, hops, bench jumps and so much more.  The wide variety of cardio components and heavy lifting for athletes is remarkable.


They don’t care what happened or whose fault it was!  If your Terra Core ever has a health issue or fails to excite you, they will repair it, replace it for FREE for as long as you both shall live!

AND GET THIS…the fine folks at Terra Core are offering a 25% off discount.  

Use promo code ABERCROMBIEFIT!

I trust it.  I believe it can and will improve balance, flexibility and core strength.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to take time to learn it and perfect movements but the pay off is going to be totally worth it.  A tight body, better balance and diversity to the hilt.  

Get ya on and then let’s get to work!

Abercrombie Unlimited

Only $65 a month for 3-4 workouts a week! This is personal training recorded workouts. Total body workouts designed for weight loss, drop inches, produce lean muscle and energy. Includes a meal plan!


I also have other options for group sessions 45 minute or hour sessions weekly.

Love, TERRA CORE core and whole lot more!







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