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Remember StarKist Charlie? The blue and white fish with the glasses and red hat!? He’s my main man! I have always been a huge fan of the tuna can.Is it just me or was tuna like a happening dish and kind of a big deal in the 70’s and early 80’s? I recall TUNA being served a lot and particularly at picnic buffet style functions.

Y’all, in my neck of the woods, tuna creations such as the tuna salad, tuna salad sandwich, tuna salad dip, and tuna casseroles were being served out the wazoo.  What’s more, at every large family or church gathering, certain women sat around “discussing” (ehmm ehmm, judging) the tuna fish.

I’m telling you, girls, some serious tuna banter was taking place. The low whisper of who made the best tuna salad was a VERY hot topic. The scandalous jaw-dropper was hands down the poor meek soul who used apples AND pecans…have you ever?  Heaven forbid if someone accidentally left out the diced boiled eggs or pickles…can you imagine?   The two most critical arguments were usually celery vs. relish and or grapes vs apples. Earth-shattering tuna talk…snore. One thing I know for sure, if anyone made a mustard tuna salad up in that bunch of church ladies, honey they were burnt toast!!! Picnic party banned for life! Only mayo up in our fellowship hall!  Ladies ladies please, can we all just get along?  I mean really, tuna is tuna and you can truly have it your way!

As a young girl, I don’t remember squirming and refusing to eat tuna. For instance, let’s say I was visiting my Aunt Rita. Remember when we use to visit people at their house?  It was called having company!  Well say we popped over just as Aunt Rita was whipping up a big batch of her special tuna salad. If my Aunt Rita slapped some tuna salad between two pieces of white wonder bread and served it to me with some nacho cheese Doritos, you better believe I ate it. No questions asked, no eye-rolling, no lip service or frowny face, I politely ate the sandwich. If today, I made my 18-year-old daughter a tuna salad sandwich she would threaten to call CPS or file for emancipation! When did kids stop eating tuna?  

Yes, tuna has a pungent fishy odor but aside from the smell, tuna has it going on.  That little can packs 16 grams of protein per 3 ounces. Hello protein power play.  I buy the chunk white lite albacore tuna in water (low sodium). It’s fresh and fantastic. 

TUNA PRESS – Stainless TUNA Colander

Sweet friends, I have matured and really come into my own in terms of tuna.  The church ladies would roll over in their graves if they knew how boldly I color outside the lines when open a can of tuna. Girl, I spice, dice, and use a lot of everything nice.  I only seek to please myself because Mr. Chicken Fry is a picky tuna guy.  He ONLY wants mustard, salt, pepper, boiled egg and sweet relish. (imagine that!)  

I get down, get funky and loose. I go straight up fiesta and add a Mexican flare to my delightful dish. I enjoy tomato, corn, egg, avacado, cilantro, celery, cucumber, green onion, cayenne pepper, and a dash of salt. I prefer to eat it like a dip with Louisiana Hot Sauce and crunchy celery sticks. Call me crazy but that’s how I roll.

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Be brave, yall… jazz it up, or dumb it down. The only calorie concern is the mayonaise. Try to keep it organic as possible and use low fat, or fat free condiments.

Don’t be afraid to take your tuna to the tailgate! Doll it up and dish it out! When everyone else is putting away pizza and beer or greasy wings and french fries…you eat the high protein tuna salad with your head high! Use it like a dip and indulge with a few chia chips or gluten free crackers! Stand tall like Starkist Charlie and keep your protein dialed in.

Ever had a tuna taco? Oh yeah. Make a tuna taco lettuce wrap or tuna taco with a corn tortilla! Taste just like a fish taco. Spritz with salt, pepper and fresh lime for a kick!

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How do you like your TUNA?? Don’t be shy, share your favorite ingredients with me.

Also, you can visit StarKist Tuna for a wide variety of low calorie tuna creations.

Love, peace and drain the tuna grease…(aka water)

PS Always check the tuna for oil or water…you want spring water!!! (not oil)

Angi xo 

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