Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


When I was a pre teen, I became acutely aware that I did NOT posses certain qualities and features that some of my pre-teen counter parts displayed.

But it’s NOT what you are thinking.

Being a native Texan, I spent every Summer in a bathing suit splashing in and out of swimming pools or the lake.  Being in a swimsuit is a mainstay of life and the only way to survive the heat.  It wasn’t long before I discovered footprints.  What was odd is that mine were not like everyone else.  All of my girl and guy friends had what appeared to be perfect…petite like, footprints. When my gal pals stepped out of the water onto the burning hot pool deck or concrete their footprints looked like the “hang ten” logo.


In the sand or on land, they had curved at the sole and five perfect toe prints that made a  beautiful replica. I was baffled because when I, BIG FOOT, stepped out of the water, my entire foot left an imprint.   The WHOLE outline of my long narrow foot made its way on to the ground for all to see! While I sincerely doubt any of my friends noticed the glaring monstrosity that followed behind me, step by step and for the longest time I didn’t understand it.  WHY WAS I DIFFERENT?  

This is most likely where my OCT started…Obsessive Compulsive Tying 

At that age I didn’t dare to be different…no way. Y’all I learned how to make my footprint look like everyone else’s. If I strategically put my toes down first followed by the ball of my foot and finish lightly on the tread, I could make the hang ten footprint that came so naturally to my friends.  Of course I looked like a walking idiot but I was determined to have a flipping cute imprint like EVERYONE ELSE.

What felt like all of my life…elementary and middle school passed before I finally figured it out.  One leisurely Sunday afternoon dad and I were sunbathing in the pool.  Most likely I was sunbathing and he was working collecting leaves or cleaning out the skimmers…but none the less I saw him step out of the pool and just like magic…there it was…I saw the exact replica of my footprint but a much LARGER version.  I leaped out of the pool and hurriedly followed behind his dripping footprints.  Examining each step he took.  “Dad, why do our footprints look different from everyone else? “ He was perplexed at my question.  I told him that I had noticed that every other human life on planet earth seemed to have pristine “hang ten” foot prints. Why on earth did ours resemble a cartoon character such as FRED FLINSTONE?

flat footpring

I dramatically demonstrated by dipping my foot into the pool and revealing my un abbreviated footprint in all of it’s 8.5 glory.  Like always he had the answer.  “Angi, it appears that you inherited my flat feet.”  He explained that people with flat feet don’t have a high arch.  High…for us…it’s non existent.   Flat, narrow no arch having feet…so sue me!

My footprints haunted me…until I met Mr. Chicken Fry who just so happens to have a FOOT FETISH.   One of the first things he came to appreciate were my feet!  IT WAS A MIRACLE.  I almost fell over because for so long I harbored this weird stigma about my flat feet.  Yet before me was this wonderful man who to this day adores my feet!

As most girls do, I had many other traits that I knew were different such as my skinny hair…which I still whine about all the time.

But here is my hope…

My hope is that anyone reading this who has self-doubt or body image issues will take my advice to heart.  Perspective is everything.  Love your body in all of its wacky form.  We come in all shapes and sizes with an abundance of gifts to share with the world.  Big nose…bigger heart.  Big ears…the better it is to hear to beautiful music and laughter.   Big butt’s and bushy eye brows are so in fashion girl so rock it!  I implore you to love yourself.

It’s okay to improve in or on areas as long as it doesn’t consume you.  In the end…the heart is the true north.  A girl or guy can be a “ten” on the outside but if on the inside they’re arrogant or ugly…it all goes to waste.  What a turn off right!?

BE THANKFUL!  Be thankful for your feet because some people are bound to a wheelchair.  Be thankful you have eyes and ears and hands that work because so many can’t feed themselves.

30 Days of THANKS! 

People will still adore you with a crooked nose or thin lips if your kind.  People will still be attracted to your personality with buck teeth and or tiny hands if you are sincere.  Whatever it is that bugs you most people don’t recognize because their too self-absorbed in their own head.

I eventually embraced my flat fleet.  Making an imprint of my whole foot is a great party trick. I turned my insecurity into confidence and you can too!  My hair maybe skinny but it will hold a curl for days!

Change your attitude into gratitude gorgeous girl! Smile!

There is no one like you.  You are not like anyone else.  You’re an original baby!

 Go do you and shine bright!

Love, lift and be FIT!

Angi xo


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