Muscles and Mascara

About the elections…

A quick word about the US elections.

This is not the end of the world as we know it!

No matter what side of the fence you are on…these elections don’t define who you are as a person!

Listen up hot stuff…tomorrow when you wake up…you will still be you!  You will still be beautiful, smart, go getter you!

Don’t use this election!  This is not an excuse to drink yourself into an oblivion if your candidate does or doesn’t win! It’s not the time to light up and chain smoke a pack plus some because you feel uneasy.

The same goes for over eating. Tonight’s results are not a good excuse to gorge on mindless junk foods just because you feel anxious and stressed.

In the big picture God is ultimately in control.

Focus your thoughts on God! Prayers and petition to the one true KING! King Jesus!

If tonight’s elections have you tense and wound up tight…shake it off! Expel some of that energy by moving your body. Not drowning your sorrows and puffing like a chimney.  Instead, get outside and take a walk. Breath in some fresh air and drink tons of water. Once you’ve punched out…get yourself to the gym! Plug in your ear buds and take any and all frustrations out on the gym.

Get in some squats, lunges, chest press, sit ups, pull ups and push ups.  Give your heart a nice massage by climbing the stair master for 20 minutes.  Exercise releases endorphins and nervous energy.  It will help calm and still your mind.placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://

On the other hand, if you tend to lean more toward the couch potatoe depression mode…turn the TV off and go to sleep! GO TO BED! It’s that simple!

Take a nice warm bath, read a book and hit the hay.

Other options would be to take in a long movie! Currently, there are three outstanding Oscar performance films out in the theatre right now. A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Rocketman, two of which are based on true stories.  Hit the cinema and let your mind drift into la la land completely unaffected by the poll numbers. On your way home…down load the sound tracks from any one of these flicks and sing the whole way home.  Blast the radio do some head banging because tomorrow will come despite the election outcome.  The sun will rise and it’s all in God’s hands!

If you voted, which I hope everyone did, YOU did your job! You cast your vote so now you let go and let God!

Love,  pray and God Bless the USA!

Angi xo

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