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Blame it on the ALTITUDE!

It’s been 15 years and if I do say so myself, me and Mr. Chicken Fry still got it! We just spent seven days on a family road trip vaca #abercrombieabroad in Breckenridge, Colorado. We took the teen queen to the slopes for her first Rocky Mountain ski experience.

For fifteen years now we have put off, taken a back seat to the whole snow ski vibe! And within about 15 seconds into our first day, day I remember why we had waited so long.

Snow sports are no joke and quite frankly a ton of work! to be cler, by work, I mean the polar opposite of RELAXING!  Yes, being on a snow-covered mountain with my people at a luxury ski resort is a freaking blast!  That is, once we were physically on the mountain, boots buckled, coat zipped up, helmet and goggles in place with our ski tips pointed downward. At that point, it’s zippity do dah all the way down. However, the five trillion baby steps, which feel like slow motion, one must take to actually be in that position on the actual mountain is a full-blown act of congress. Snow skiing is a JOB and hard gig from the minute you get up until the time your head falls on the pillow.


We were crazy spoiled at the ski in ski out Grand Lodge on Peak 7 .  This convenient and super nice hotel/ lodge was our home away from home for two glorious nights.

After that, we moved into a private mountain home with more dear friends whom rented from VRBO. Click here to take a tour of our spacious 8 bedroom home for five nights!  →The mountain house !  It was approximately 1.3 miles from peak 7.   At one point we had 7 teenagers and 5 adults and never once felt crowded.  Minus the skiing, there was plenty of games and activities for everyone to do.  We had a pool table, ping pong, hot tub, television, wifi, a large cabinet with every game known to man and a gigantic table for family game night!   Additionally, the local shuttle stopped by for a free pick up to town which was a huge bonus for the antsy teenagers.

FITastic Spring Skiing

Want to lose weight?  Here is a brilliant but expensive option, just check your family into a ski resort for 5 days. If you follow my every move, instructions,  you couldn’t possibly gain a single pound and whatsmore, you will NOT starve!  It’s vital to stay carb-ed up and hydrated!

I’m a FITness instructor for Pete’s sake…I’m in great shape. I workout five days a week and do my cardio like a good girl, I drink tons of water but this sneaky little thing called altitude came outta no where and sucker punched me in the gut. It’s almost impossible to prepare yourself for the altitude. It’s bizarre! One small flight of stairs and Me and Mr. Chicken Fry were into the heavy bent over breathing mode! Holy huff and puff y’all!

Now, factor in the unloading of the car, (because we packed EVERYTHING), walking up and down stairs, the heavy ski boots, carrying the skis, walking everywhere, driving or taking a shuttle, in and out of snow all while wearing heavy layers of clothing! Talk about a calorie burn. My metabolism was on over drive. The ski boots are basically like cement shoes and way heavier than any ankle weights I have ever used! And at a ski resort, the restrooms are always downstairs!!!!!!!  UGGH!

Eventually, after doing ALL of the things…such as making online ski rental reservations, and purchasing lift tickets, dressing in layers, tucking in the layers, double checking all the required items….gloves, glasses, rubber band, lip balm, Kleenex, protein bar, locker key, phone, money, we eventually got the teen queen suited up with all the gear and into an adult ski school at Peak 8! We set her up in a five-hour instructional beginner ski class with 7 other people. Me and Chicken Fry figured that this was a no brainer and money WELL spent as to keep our family relationships in good standing.  It was basically tactical preventative measures from one of us being tossed off the mountain side due to ski frustration.

Five hours later our super star emerged totally exhausted but made great strides.

Meanwhile me and Chicken Fry hit the slopes like two young kids at recess during free play. It was like reliving our dating days. We held hands on the ski lift and everything!  This was our first “together” spring ski experience which meant Chicken Fry didn’t have to perform his usual blowing hot air into my gloves and stopping to get me hot cider every other run! Spring skiing is the way to go y’all! I never once felt cold which was a miracle because I’m almost always cold. We began our journey with a few easy blue runs to ensure our ski legs would still work. And just like that, with one warm up slope we were back in business!

Mr. Chicken Fry, who never lifts more than a 12 ounce curl is EVER the stellar athlete! Time didn’t make a dent in his ski abilities. His skiing is so ultra fluid and fun to watch. But after our first run, he reluctantly admitted his quads were on FIRE!!!!! Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn (ummm, yes I do) but I felt pretty good about my form. It truly is just like riding a bike. I didn’t feel rusty or scared. What I felt was pure exhilaration. I forgot how much I enjoy SPEED! I love the feeling of coming over a hill, knees bent, skis parallel, tucked in tight as the fresh crisp air blows by in the great outdoors. It’s so worth it! It’s an awesome feeling!

Later, feeling invigorated by the cold air and delightful beer buzz from lunch, we got a little cocky and jumped on a black mogul run. People…for those of you who aren’t familiar with ski lingo, a black run is difficult.  The speed lift chair dropped us off at the tippity top top of the peak 6! We did it, just to say we did it. Needless to say it was NOT effortless but we did it and might I add we did it with decent form. The problem was the amount of concentration and excretion it required. Once again forced to dig deep and burn calories.  Butt out, knees bent, keep your body square, lift and turn, lift and turn, lift and turn! Totally using core strength, quads, shins and calves.

Yes!!!!! This is what it’s all about. It’s soooo worth getting up early, eating a rib sticking breakfast, literally perspiring as you layer on the ski garb, stop by the storage locker, carry the skis a hundred or so yards, clip in, zip up and WAIT and sweat in the lift line!

What can almost feel like self-inflicted punishment, actually turns out to be unusually delightful. Skiing a well-groomed wide run has a way of making your brain forget, dismiss the punishment of polling!

Day two was extraordinary! We get through the calamity of errors of our friend, right off the bat, dropping her ski pass off of the lift and after that a glove. I’m still friends with her 🙄! lol

And then finally….it happened!

We had our Griswold shining family moment. The three of us on the side of a mountain skiing as a family! The sun was shining, it was about 37 degrees and the sound of sweet angelic music was in the air.  For a second it felt like we were actually filming a ski resort advertisement.  My heart was so full and happy.  And for a few fleeting groomed runs, it was an incredible experience! Right up to the point when our teen queen had a minor crash resulting in ski  and pole carnage. Because Mr. Chicken Fry was ahead and I was behind, it was solely up to me to help restore the snow bunny back to her original state. I made my way down slightly passed to greet her and place her skis. She attempted four times to get her boot into the ski but she was slip sliding.  Like any good mom would, I removed my skis, crawled up toward her and wedged myself in between her legs and the poles. At this point my heart rate was at max acceleration from skiing and hiking to rescue my baby girl. Trying to give her a more stable place to step and a pep talk, after what was at least five more failures, both out of breath and sweating bullets, we locked eyes and lost it with laughter! Panting for air from our ferocious giggles we sat down and took in the moment. Laughter at this rate and altitude equals big time calorie burn.

Eventually we got her clipped in and off she went. Big nice snow plow turns! Me and Chicken Fry were beaming! Run after run she was gaining confidence. At first she was resistant to even taking a lesson because it was going to be a hassle. But she persevered and what was once a HASSLE was becoming closer to a habit.

The teen queen skied four full days. She was such a trooper.  So please hear me out, for FIVE days we did the same thing over and over again.  Day after day…toting the boots, the ski’s waiting in the lift lines, wearing the layers…all for the thrill of “special unique” family time and momentum!!  Every night after ski time followed by happy hour, we soaked our sore muscles in the hot tub.  This is the greatest reward.  Not to mention that before and after we slather ourselves with BLUE-EMU cream.    I swear by this product for joint or sore muscle pain.

Due to the high volume of activity I basically let loose on the diet side. By let loose, I mean I let go! I carbed out. Pizza, Chinese food, wine, champagne, and cookies! Blame it on the Al, al, al, ALTITUDE! My protein input was way low on the spectrum but I earned it! I skied 5 days in a row. I did classic basic warm up movements every morning with coffee in addition to toting the Herman Munster boots and skies every day. I skied sun up to sundown and ate whatever I could get my hands on! So sue me!

In the future, if you’re looking for a wholesome family Spring Break or sport, where all individuals can thrive, go for Spring skiing.  Yes it’s hard work but the pay off is FITastic! Breckenridge Mountain was packed with families, beginners and advanced skiers, having fun. I recommend sticking around peak’s 9-6 because the lines were significantly less crowded!

What’s your favorite family vacation?

Love, be free and Spring ski!

Angi xo

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