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Top 10 BEST of 2022

2022 was full of surprises and fun! Today’s post will showcase some of the most popular beauty products, gadgets and clothing from 2022. These items will keep you smiling and shining right into 2023!

Speaking of smile…


BURST toothbrush! This electric toothbrush is the jam! My entire household has one. I have the white brush, my daughter has rose gold and my hubby has black! BURST toothbrush packs a professional grade clean and gum massage! It makes a great gift for Valentines day, fathers day, mothers day or graduation, birthday!

SALLY HANSEN’s AIR BRUSH LEGS – Y’all this leg spray is freaking fantastic! It’s like spray on panty hose! It’s perfect for blurring blemishes and adding color to your skin. What’s more, it is long lasting and doesn’t rub off easy! I use to cover (sigh) spider veins and age spots. I spray directly on to my skin then with my hand, I rub it in a bit for smooth coverage. It’s fast drying and your legs will look like a teenager! Cross my heart hope to die!

CUTIE COSMETIC BAGS These adorable preppy cosmetic bags were flying out the door. Such a cute gift for any girl who’s got STUFF! The nylon bags come in so many vibrant colors for make up, toiletries, and skin care! Darling for grad gifts or bachelorette party favors!

CROSS BODY FANNY PACK This compact trendy cross body is so adorable. It’s half the cost of the designer brand and comes in every color under the sun! It’s a excellent quality and so versatile.

I also fell in love with this sherpa crossbody bag! It has gold hardware and the texture dials up the look! Great for travel and active on the go lifestyle! The bag is roomy for all of your cosmetics, cards and phone!

HIGH WAISTED FLARE ( BOOTCUT) workout pants The flare legging is back! These ultra soft and stretchy yoga pants are incredibly flattering. The material is so so sweet with plenty of compression. This brand makes some awesome workout wear that is creamy soft and long lasting!


MY PET PEED STAIN REMOVER The name says it all! This enzyme treatment is phenomenal! You just have to trust me and buy it to see for yourself. The best is, you spray and walk away! No rubbing, no blotting! You may experience a strong odor in the first hour, which is the treatment working it’s magic. Not only will the stain disappear, but the odor will be gone too! In some instances, you may need to retreat the stain but literally it’s been a miracle worker on my rugs!

CHEAL HANG OVER PATCHES These bad boys rock! A small clear square patch of vitamins and minerals to prevent the negative effects of alcohol. WHAT in the world will they think of next? Peal and stick these clear patches to your body an hour before drinking. I patch up on the weekends and they seems to work like a charm. I can sort of occasionally smell a vitamin scent when I first peal off the sticker. I rub rub rub and enjoy the party! Cheers!

POOL COOLING WATER FOUNTAIN Last Summer Texas experienced massive heat waves. Our pool felt like bath water until I found these water fountains. I could not believe the difference in temperture. We purchased two fountains that plug into the intake valves in the pool. In less than 24 hours these delightful fountains had cooled our large pool by 10 degrees or more! The bonus is the pretty water feature and the sound is quite tranquil. The water pushes up, catching air and creating circulation in turn, cooling the waters temp. It was a game changer!


BreBebe Assisted pull up band! Was a smash! This heavy duty pull up band straps up and helps increase upper body strength. Improving your wide grip, close grip and chin up pull ups! Each band is 10 pounds of resistance total resistance is 30 pounds. The scrunchie fabric covers the rubber resistance tubes making it easy to subtract or add resistance.

THE TERRACORE is hands down the fan favorite for 3 years and counting. ENDLESS workout options and legitimate stability training. Discount code ABERCROMBIEFIT = 20% off! I promise you that It’s worth every cent. Check out this former post on all things TERRACORE! It’s an all in one piece of workout equipment. My clients love it!

ARENA STRENGTH RESISTANCE BANDS Three levels of solid resistance. These latex free resistance bands are crazy worth while. A must have addition to your workout routine. I love the fabric and the non-slip texture. Excellent for travel because they are light weight and take up little space. They provide excellent resistance for squats, glutes, outer thighs and much more!

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