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LIFESTYLE.  This word “lifestyle” has me dreaming of luxury yachts, St. Tropez and premier “never lift a finger” service.  I can still hear the thick accent of Robin Leach and “I don’t know why???” (no pun intended. and YES,  I’m here all week folks)

My brain, maybe yours too, has been programmed to believe that a lush decadent lifestyle, is ONLY for the rich and the famous.  It’s a lie!  The truth is, regardless of how many dollars signs sit in the bank account, a healthy lavish delightful “lifestyle” is completely possible.  We are the creators of our life.  It’s the choices we make, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the vacations we take, the way we live and how we spend time and money.   What we do and don’t do, how we act and how we treat our self says a lot about our lifestyle. Extravagant or modest? Poor and shameless? Party hard and crash?  Fat and happiness?  Health and FITness?

Somewhere along the way we inadvertently create an internal default setting. Your LIFESTYLE is a reflection of accumulated intentional or unintentional acts made up over decades of choices.  How’s the default setting treating you?  Do you like what you see? How do you feel?

The default setting is NOT always the best feature or lifestyle tactic.  I get it, you prefer  the pre-programmed package because it’s  convenient.  You don’t want to be bothered by getting out the blender, scooping in the protein, adding fruit and ice and working all of those buttons!  You’re tired, busy, over scheduled, underwhelmed, and who has the time to actually think about much less actively pursue optimal health.   It sounds enticing but at the end of the day, it’s just too much work.   “I just don’t have time,” is such a fraudulent default term.   I can’t stand it.   It’s highly likely you’re married, settled in and frumpy feels fine for you.  On the other hand maybe you’re afraid of failure or terrified to tackle a software update (aka a new lifestyle custom setting regimen) because it might involve doing stuff and mess up your whole program.   I have a solution that might change your mind and your LIFE!

Go ahead, analyze your current (general) situation, setting. Are you crazy stressed out, over weight, bloated and uncomfortable?  Do you chronically cough because you smoke a pack of cigs a day?  Are you always overwhelmed and exhausted? Are you in chronic pain…back pain, joint pain from a stagnant life/job? Perchance you’re happy but fluffy?  Maybe life is just peachy keen aside from your growing waist band.   Do you dread the doctors office scale like the plague?  Admittedly you desperately want to drop a few LB’s before the warm Summer months.  You had such monumental intentions in January.  What’s lacking is the staying power, or my FIT favorite term, lifestyle choices.  Time and time again you KEEP gooing back to the dang default / general setting.

Welcome to the bright bold world of CUSTOM SETTINGS.  Girl…it’s high time you bypass the general setting and update your profile.  It’s going to require an active participation but if you are reading this your obviously in the market for something new.  The muffin top roll over effect doesn’t suit you. So let’s check out some custom links. Maybe you desire more energy and increased in stamina.  Are you back on the dating scene after a dreadful divorce?    Has the baby weight lobbed over onto mama’s gut?  Take it off once and for ALL!

Let’s take a look into the advanced options. What tab do you need to open first?  My best guess is the EATING TAB!  Do you have trouble controlling your eating habits?

What do I do?

CHANGE!!!  Click the settings tab in your brain and prepare for astonishing change. The action will involve cleaning out your pantry, frig and possibly your wine and liquor cabinet.  Don’t freak out…it’s not the end of the world.  It’s a new setting that will become natural if you give it some time.  I promise you’re not going to starve.  I don’t play by those rules nor should you. A hungry body is a healthy body.  

However, I’m begging you to hit the escape key and X out of your current eating tab.  Open a new window.  Go green, go fresh and get your tush to the grocery store!  And by all means, EAT!  If you’re a busy working mom like me, you’re making weekly if not twice a week runs to the grocery store to feed your people.  It;s hard navigating healthy eating and also feeding a growing kids.  Welcome to my world.  It’s a lifestyle choice in the custom settings area.  Make the produce and meat isles a customary stop.  Load up on vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, celery, onions, garlic, bell pepper, asparagus, artichoke, brussels sprouts, corn, tomatoes, and kale.  Strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, black berries, oranges, pine-apple, watermelon and apples.​​​


Wave and say hello to the meat man.  Ask him about some lean cut pork chops, chicken breasts and or fish.  Get ready to fire up the grill and your metabolism.  Buy more than you need.  Go ahead and grill 10 chops or breasts.  Have it made so you can eat healthy  all week.  Lunch, dinner, snack.  Why not?  Again…revamping from the default setting.

Make your way to the deli counter.  Step out of your box and ask to sample some of the different turkey and chicken varieties your market offers.  Smoked or peppered turkey, pan roasted chicken or turkey.  All smart choices.  You can also find pre-prepared containers of shredded chicken and bags of boiled eggs.  (as seen above in my video) While I’m all about custom settings we don’t have to revert to pioneer days and reinvent the wheel.  I implore you to take full advantage of all HEALTHY time savers.

Most people get into trouble in the snacking department.  Your default setting has violated the rules and left you hopeless and up to your eye balls in red wine and chocolate.  Don’t roll your eyes,  it’s the truth…whatever you have been snacking on is not working for you.  X out and click onto the new way of snacking.  Click custom and go for color…black and white is dull.  Try some edamame, pop corn, nuts, boiled eggs, vegetables, yogurt and or deli meat. Dried fruit like cranberries and raisins are satisfying to the sweet tooth lovers and a simple savvy selection .  Quinoa crackers and chips, and pretzels in small doses are better bad choices.  Hello Hummas and veggies!  More about this later. Path of life quinoa is a reliable brand with a fresh product and variety of quinoa.  I love the efficiency and taste of their microwaveable quinoa.   


If you vape or smoke please try to stop.  It’s not doing you any favors.  Smoking is hard to quit so I have been told.  Try the patch, try gum, try eating healthy food in lieu of smoking.  It causes cancer, wrinkles and it’s effects are all negative!

Dare I suggest exercise?

Don’t disapprove of this bright idea…direct your disapproval to the dastardly default setting.  I’m dispensing a gift over here.  A new opportunity for a FIT and healthy lifestyle.  Do whatever it takes to clear out of the “just for vacation mantra.”  That’s a total disillusionment that you bought into over the years.  It’s a bull corn lie.  Custom settings may sound extravagant but it’s the way to go.  You deserve it.  You owe it to yourself, your spouse, kids, and grand kids, to be healthy.  Start with something simple if the mere suggestion of exercise brings about heart papulations or anxiety.   Which by the way, will subside with healthy habits and exercise. (I PROMISE)  I’m pretty positive you have access to a side-walk, park, trail, or city street.  Those yoga capris you wear every day actually dual as active wear.  Get out and step in it.  Grab a friend or partner up for a morning or late evening power walk!   Dust off the jog stroller or remove the clothes from the treadmill in your room.  Start with 6 neighborhood blocks and each week add to your routine.  20-30 minutes is doable.  Cardio twice a week  Combo in a 6 week, two workouts a week, program.  May I suggest FITogether, a virtual program that works its magic in three weeks.  It’s inspiring and folks from Florida to California are experiencing massive success.


If you don’t like cold raw carrots don’t eat them.  Pick out a snack or veggie you actually favor.  If you don’t like to be out doors, find a treadmill or elliptical and work the socks off of the inclines.  Hate to jog no worry…power walk.  Find what works for you!!  Customize and incorporate some form of DAILY exercise into your schedule.  Make it a priority.  In no time the general settings that once ran your life will fall away.  You will be left with new healthy habits.  Who knows, a new wardrobe and a possibly a FULL length profile pic!  Custom is refusing to eat cheese and ice cream, because it always ends bad. It’s not buying crap processed snack foods and cheap fast food because you wake up shamed and pissed off.

By making these changes you will soon create what I like to call FITmentum...

The default setting leaves you restless, wrinkled, lethargic and quite frankly fat.  Every time you choose a greasy cheeseburger over a grilled chicken sandwich or queso and chips over corn tortillas and guacamole, or double stuffed cheese pizza over a garden salad (no dressing) and a thin slice of double chicken veggie pizza you will always wind up back in the same unhealthy place.

Work the custom features…they are there for a reason not just the advanced rich and famous.  Customize for real, significant life change.  No more yo-yo business…I’m talking life changing stuff.  FOREVER. Rock the crap out of your custom options.  Build your own profile.  Click the FIT and Health theme.

Please hear this, “words and want to’s don’t amount to anything.”   This my doll is going to take mental focus and ACTION.  You DIY custom the crap out of your house, closet and bathroom drawers so why not your body?

Love, customize and watch for a big surprise!





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