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FITastic Summer Favorites

It’s almost time! I’m so ready for Summer. Aren’t you?

Summer has a beat of its own and I’m chomping at the bits for some play time. Summer brings a much-needed slow pace and tranquility that SOOTHES and revitalise my soul. A nice break from the morning madness, lunch making and the afternoon carpool soccer mom routine.

In Texas, everything is bigger including the heat and June bugs.   When I’m not working training my loyal workout warriors I’m in a bathin suit slathered in Coppertone!  Sure this time of year comes with hot sunny days, lemonade stands, muggy nights and MOSQUITOS. But still, I can hardly wait!

Here are a few of my Summer loves ♥ that I simply can’t do without.


PressABottle –  Look at this nifty go-go gadget!  Because of Pressabottle, we never have to drink boring bland water EVER again. Introducing a water bottle that does the work for you!  It makes fruit infused water creations with a twist.  Have flavored water your way.  Pictured above is what I call a berry blast. A little antioxidant flavored water with raspberries and blackberries.  The possibilities are endless. Pineapple, lemon, lime, strawberry, kiwi, green apple, mango, blueberries or watermelon.  Make an orange citrus delight and keep it fruity.  I step it up a notch and add La Croix sparkling water for a fizzy bubbly treat. AHHH now we are talking!  Enjoy a 10% discount using promo code ABERCROMBIEFIT!

La Croix sparkling water. Hello crisp and refreshing drink that makes me feel oh so fancy! Pour it over ice with lemon or lime or drink up from the can. It bubbles with fizz and fun and never disappoints. This trucker style over sized ball cap is my jam!  Thank you to the mermaids at The Girl and the water for this gem! I wear this bold bright foam trucker style hat for morning jogs or running into the grocery store with a swimsuit cover up. Because lets face it girls, Summer is relaxed and makeup is completely optional.  Ok maybe one weekend night!

This ROMPER!  Y’all I bought this Chelsea & Violet romper to be worn as my Summer go to outfit.  I will surly wear it like a cazillon times.  I adore it because it’s a drop waist design and I can doll it up with wedges or dumb it down with flip flops.  It’s incredibly comfy and stylish.  On me…I admit I’m not a fan of the off the off shoulder look.  I have thoughts of taking it to alterations.  I might cut the sleeves off to make it a strapless pull up number.  What do you think? P.s. I purchased it from Dillards.

A good skin care regimen.  I use Remeverse Skin Care.  The products are basically all natural and super moisturizing.  The exfoliation toner and cleanser in one is the best on the market. The creams are rich and smooth.  This time of year pores can easily get clogged with sunscreen and sweat.  Not to mention skin gets dried out from chlorine, salt water and sun.  These nutrient rich day and night creams keep my skin supple and hydrated.  Remeverse also has an FDA approved acne medicine that is incredible.  It’s called RemeClear and I fight for it, share it with my teen queen.

Also in this economical skin care line is HydraMist which is a hylauranic refresher spray.  It’s a mist to spritz during the day or as needed for a pick me up/ dewy glowing skin all Summer long. Click on the links to check out all of the products.

It’s no surprise I’m a big Blue Emu fan!  Blue-Emu Anti Itch Cream is a must for those pesky mosquito bites. Bye Bye Benadryl.  Blue-Emu Anti itch blows you out of the water!   There is no better relief. I swear by it. Unfortunately I have to use it all the time because the Mosquitos  ♥luv me! Beat it Benadryl Blue-Emu Anti Itch cream wins the battle hands down! Guess what, for first time orders the fine folks at Blue Emu are offing a discount using promo code AbercrombieFIT. No one is immune from an old-fashioned bug bite or skin rash and trust me you want this cream on hand! This wonder cream doubles as a dry skin cream possibly caused from chlorine, sand, salt water and sun. It’s super soothing and feels great. You can buy direct form the link above or on Amazon. Most all Wal-Mart carries it too.

Coppertone Sunscreen – That smell! That sweet odor is a step back in time for me. Back to my carefree days. Every time I spray and have a deep whiff, I take a quick trip down memory lane to pig tails, bare feet and golden brown tan lines…my childhood! I use the 30 aerosol spray these days. Nothing else will ever do Coppertone through and through.

Havaiana flip-flops are a sure Summer investment. They aren’t to soft and they come in a variety of colors. These casual flops hold up their end of the bargain. It usually takes about 2 and half years to blow one out. Perfect for around the pool, beach, lake or a casual romping around shoe. Saks and Saks Off Fifth have a gazillion colors to choose from.

QUEST bars are the best fiber rich protein bar on the market. My personal favorite is lemon or blueberry muffin. I eat one every day for fuel before my cardio session. The texture is gooey but firm.  The flavors are bold.  Buyer beware, some of the more  chocolaty and peanut butter flavors add to the fat/calorie /sugar count.

A FUN FITness routine.  I personally prescribe FITogether Virtual Training by Abercrombe and FITness.  A challenging 6 week program includes two workouts a week and my meal plan!  Get your body ready for the lake, pool or beach with my combo exercises and eating tips! If you can’t get to me you can STILL get lean!  Join others across the country who are experiencing success such as weight loss, increased energy and sculpting lean muscle.  This program works!

Pop Cycles!! I scream you scream we all scream for pop cycles. The sugar-free pop cycles taste better than the regular. I’m not even kidding!  Who doesn’t love a cold, melt in your mouth, wet your whistle sugar free treat?  No offense Mr. creepy ice-cream truck man but we are all about the pop cycles.


SUSHI!  Bring on the sashimi and sushi rolls.  Mr. Chicken Fry calls sushi,  Jesus food.  You can’t go wrong or get fat eating fish and rice! Sushi is light and packed with protein.  I typically order a baby yellow tail special with cilantro and jalapeno.  I can eat my weight in a Ahi Tuna tower (ahi tuna, crab meat and avocado) and occasionally I will order it without rice.  The spicy salmon roll has just enough kick.  Steer away from fried sushi rolls.  Also on my top ten is a crisp Summer kale salad with almonds, grilled chicken, alfalfa sprouts and carrots. I also like to order edamame.  I buy frozen edamame to keep on hand at the house for healthy snacking.  It”s a green snappy appetizer to put out for those impromptu Summer gatherings!  Add a little sea salt and the restless nattives will chill!



I hope you enjoy my Summah lovin list!

What’s your can’t live without Summer staple?

Love, peace and pass the Coppertone please!!!!



Angi xo

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