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Change it up


Hey guys!  I’m in Cali at my favorite Palos Verdes palace. Working from an bar on my resistance training.  Inversions and hanging exercises can pull and stretch your body like no other!

Trick the body.  Surf?  Swim?  Hike. Get out of your comfort zone and watch the transformation!

I alsodid some basic beach exercises that anyone can do!  Workout a sweat and get busy!

Warm up with some tin soilders!
While I was working on my FITness the teen queen was getting a surf lesson!  PV surf offers camps and private lessons that are bar none the best!  These newbies were up on their boards in 15 min!  #goals



​Alternating lunges with a knee hike!


​​push up elbow to knee










​Side shuffles low!  Keep that butt down!

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Love, hiit and be FIT


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