Bringing Sweaty Back

Workouts, travel and trains 

Yesterday we packed a bag and traveled to San Diego to meet up with dear friends who will kindly put us up!  Or put up with us for a night!  Mr. Chicken Fry can’t sit still…he detests down time!  He has an aversion to REST!  (lol) We are both slightly addicted to chaos!  So sue us!  The Abercrombie’s are always on the move! Why not?  Carpe Diem while we can!

I of course got up extra early to be sure I got in a 30 min sweat session in ​​before our three hour train ride.

I hit up some ab crunches and weighted toe reaches!  I did a few sets of kettle bell plies, deadlifts and finished with bicep curls!

​I mean a girl has got to keep it in check out here!  California seems to breed the FIT and the health conscuous!  Or at least that’s my opinion of the sunshine state. Activity is everywhere. A exercise enthusiast play ground.

​This was only my second time on an Amtrak train!  The Amtrak trains are apparently a family friendly scenic way to travel. Mr. Chicken Fry has been so excited about this particular train ride because it’s a coastal affair!  Show the teen queen some scenery!  He bought 6 tickets, 2 students and 4 adults one way in business class for less than $275. Each ticket comes with a free drink (alcoholic or non alcoholic) and snack…train treats!  Ya gotta love California. Everything is so hyper health conscious. It’s great. Even the cute boxed train treats were decent & semi healthy!   We had an almond cranberry cashew trail mix, hummus and sea salt pita chips.

I sat back, kicked my feet up with the handy dandy foot stool, sipped my white wine and enjoyed the view!

We boarded the train in Fullerton with plans to deboard in uptown San Diego. This sure beats the Uber drive from two years ago to the tune of $405!  Ouch!
The train!
The train conductors come by and check your tickets just like Tom Hanks on the polar express!  These cats are not playing around. They take their ticket scanning seriously. This isn’t the DART in Dallas folks!  The business class seats are a HOT commodity!  The business class tickets assure you a comfy seat regardless of where you may venture on the train!  By venture I mean stretch your legs, walk around and enjoy some refreshments.  Who knew?



​There is a deli car and viewing car!  A full 365 view of the coast!  This ride is beach side baby. Check out these videos!  I highly recommend the locomotive transport for a day trip to La Jolla!

In other news the teen queens were in high heaven. As long as they have an outlet these girls are good to go!  Must keep the cell phones charged at all times. No time to miss a snap!  They snacked, listened to music and never complained a single second!

I also think these two beach bums were a little sore from their surfing shenanigans the day before. Thank you PV surf for the private surf lessons!  These two Dallas divas just may turn out to be wave crazed blonde beach babes!  

We arrived in San Diego with out a hitch. We hooked up with our long time friends Charlie and Pam who pulled the China out!  Pam just whipped up  this formal healthy meal out of thin air. But first champagne.

We cooked, we caught up, laughed, told the same  old stories, and ate like kings!  We drank wine in the cellar because they have one, gazed at the sunset, gawked at their costal nautical mansion and then fell fast asleep.

Funny thing about friends…time doesn’t phase great friendships!  Tonight’s memorable toast made me teary! It was a beautiful tribute to life’s many phases. 21 years ago I inherited a whole bunch of cool knuckle head friends and although we don’t see the Cali folks as often as we would like, we don’t let the distance phase us! We pick right back up where we left off! Cheers to more laughs, sunsets, sing songs and ice cream sandwiches!!! ❤️

Look at this garage gym set up?  Not too shabby right!  Wake up to the weight room!  And away we go!  #abercrombiesonthemove
Love, laugh and step on the gas!


No sleep till Dallas!

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