Bringing Sweaty Back, Metabolism Monday, Muscles and Mascara


We twist, turn and manipulate all kinds of stuff to get our way get a specific RESULT.  Often, we work backwards.  We put the proverbial “cart before the horse”.  We do things out-of-order which actually over complicates things.

BASICALLY, we do it the hard way.

Just look at the word RESULTS – written backward, it doesn’t make much sense.  Required concentration is in order to unscramble and clarify the meaning.

To see the RESULTS you have to flip the letters from front to back. TURN AROUND!  

Life is this way. We struggle and more often than not, give up and boy do we give up way to quickly.

A big BIG B.I.G. thing to keep in mind is that all that extra weight, fluff, pounds, wine waist, muffin top, thickness that you have put on didn’t just appear over night.  Oh no honey, it happened very gradually.  The five Oreo mini’s you popped every night while watching NetFlix made a dent.  The extra pounds snuck up on you like a scene from a scary movie.  Last week you glanced down and the popcorn hit the fan.  Freightned by what you saw…(BOM BOM BOOOOMMMMM….the inner tube around your waist has got to go. BYE FELICIA!

So begrudgingly you made a decision to dedicate some time to exercise and better eating and work on getting your weight back down and under control.

By Wednesday your gusto for the gym was blown.  You’re over it.  You opt for plan B.  Old reliable “Plan B” which is operation starvation mode.  You load up on coffee, caffeine and water vowing to wire your jaw shut!  You’re actually good at this!  For years you have been able to drop 5 pounds in three days just by starving your body.  You’re sure you can go two maybe three days max on bird food…nuts and berries only.  You tell yourself that you would rather starve than sweat it out at the gym.

Girlfriend, this is no way to live. AND…we all know that “Plan B” doesn’t really work.

In fact, on the back-end it makes you eat more because not eating leads to over eating.  Nothing changes.  Your flesh is frustrated and you were hoping to see a result immediately.  Listen up sister, the horse before the cart! 

You have to do a little leg work.  The built-in fat burning machine (your metabolism) has to come first.  FIRST!   Before you purchase the cute new workout outfit or hire a trainer, or join a gym…set your metabolism up for success.  This is one of the hardest principles for newbies/beginners to grasp.  The work, the weight loss, the routine is dependent on the level of your commitment.  If you put a little in, you aren’t going to get very far very fast.  Your modus operandi is the obedience to diet, exercise and your attitude to the program.

Tell me the truth…⇓

Say you have an important date or event to attend.  Hypothetically this is a semi formal or formal affair.  Prep work is required, no?  You will need a dress, shoes, bling, maybe a updo, a hand bag and possibly a date.  Ladies we all know that no woman in their right mind does all of this on the day of the event.  No way.  The dress comes first!  We spend hours in our closet, rifling through websites or browsing through racks looking for “THE PERFECT DRESS.”  We eventually take the dress to find the most glamourous shoes to set it off.  Weeks later we think about a perfect pair of earrings to go with the dress and try on the ensemble to test the waters.  We walk, priss, stand, sit and entertain the idea of Spanx.   In the back of our mind we have a decent idea on hair and make up.  If the budget allows we might spring for a blow out or fancy updo.  The day before or day of the event we get the nails and toes buffed and polished.   It’s an ordeal and long process.

All of the effort for the special night paid off!  You look like a million bucks all perfectly quaffed because you put in the work!!!  THE WORK.  The dedication to the look and the RESULT is pure red carpet hot!

Why can’t you think about your body/health with the same attitude?  Because basically it’s the VERY same thing.  

Right now…give yourself a date.  I’ll give you one.. are three months out from Thanksgiving break.  Pretend, imagine that you are the bell of the ball on November 23rd.  This is your new target!  To have 10 or more pounds off by November 23rd.  It’s totally doable.  Start with the horse…the metabolism. FIRE it up with fuel!


Prep the kitchen i.e. the fridge and pantry.  Get rid of the toxic junk and processed snack foods and sodas. While you are at it ditch the sugary drinks like juice and lemonade.

This part is equal to the dress shopping frenzy. Load up on fresh vegetables, deli meat, brown rice, lean meat like chicken, pork or fish.  Eggs, oatmeal, fruit like strawberries, blue berries, pineapple and apples.  Find a yummy protein bar or protein meal replacement shake such as Premier Protein or Quest bar.  Load up on citrus to infuse your water.  Check out this nifty gadget PressABottle.  It helps me monitor my water intake while enjoying a different treat with every refill.  I love my Pressabottle.  By all means, eat!  Breakfast is so important because it is the beginning of

the fuel cycle. Eggs and an English muffin with honey is an excellent choice.

If you’re more of an on the go kind, opt for a protein bar or shake.

Next…get some shoes!  Good sports shoes make all the difference.  Make a plan and schedule a workout time into your day. Decide if morning, lunch or evening is best for you. Then mark it down in your phone, date book, set alarms,  reminders and tell all of your friends and co-workers.

Meal prep!  Take a day…Sunday or Monday and plan out your meals. This is not only cost effective but helps with portion control and easy snacking. Because you should be eating often. A hungry body is a healthy body.

Don’t skip your workout. Show up.  If you joined a gym use it. Don’t waste your money!  Get moving.  Lift light weights if you are a beginner. Bicep curls, crunches, leg extension, back pull downs, squats, chest press, lunges, and planks!  Blaze a trail on your neighborhood streets. Chug water like your life depends on it. Flush out the toxins.

All of these steps in this specific order breed RESULTS!  It’s science. Your body will change. Energy will increase and body fat will melt away.  Your clothes will get loose and your size will drop. Your body will take on a new shape.

Work the steps. The horse before the cart my friend!

Love, lift and be FIT!





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