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Weekend workout Sunday Sweat! 

Y’all, I still got it. Look at the height on this baby!  

I have a life long personal goal which is to be able to do a back flip, from a trampoline, until the day that I die. This is not an impossible feat. Check out my form?  Please be so impressed.  

I never pass up a trampoline. I can’t help it. I cannot contain myself from acrobatics. Call me an inversion addict, I don’t care because believe it or not, jumping on a mini tramp or trampoline is excellent for the digestive system. It’s also a fun way to incorporate low impact cardio. Might as well JUMP! 

Jump into fall with this flipping challenging workout. It’s got abs, hamstrings, legs, core and cardio. Have it beautiful. 

Check out this low fat dip!  Isnt it sooo pretty?  Bright and bold in taste and texture.  Make it as spicy as you can handle it. Ingredients include sliced jalapeño peppers, red and yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes.  Also included is black beans, avacado, green onion and baby shoe peg corn. Mix in lime juice chill and serve with baked chips, cucumbers or celery. For an extra kick…habanero peppers bring a whole nutha level of hot!  

If you’re into pretty presentation, serve the dip with Organic BLUE corn tortilla or Quinoa chips!  This is a delicious low fat dish to serve at tailgate football parties or festive social events. 

Also…we at Abercrombie and FITness are entering into planktember. A two month long dedication to the plank. Planking is a killer way to tighten and strengthen the core and shoulder. Show me your plank.  I’m encouraging you and all of my workout warriors to plank and show off. Post your planks to my Abercrombie and FITness Facebook page. 

I hope you have a banging balanced super Sunday. 

Love, live, lunge and repeat. 

Angi xo 

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