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The Terrific Twos

Hang with me for a second!

I could not bring myself to send out a post yesterday much less a jovial, every body stand up and clap your hands kind of post. In light of the news it just didn’t seem right.  The tragic unveiling of the Las Vegas shooting was all too much for me to process.  I’m deeply saddened and at a total loss for words.  When awful unexplainable things happen I go to God. I look to HIS words to comfort and so, I’m claiming and standing on 2 Timothy 1-7

New International Version
For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

New Living Translation
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

English Standard Version
for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.


Now, with a heavy heart, grief and resilience, I press forward with prayer for everyone effected.

Happy Birthday to the blog. The Abercrombie and FITness BLOG spot turns two years old today!   This calls for a happy dance and a celebration for all of my loyal FITness fans!  If you are in a hurry, scroll down to see a butt kicking workout video just for you!


I want to thank you all y’all for hanging out and hanging around.   It’s here in this space on the internet where I feel free, a sense of purpose, truth and belonging.  It sounds silly, but when I get an alert and see that the “like” button is glowing, I’m literally over the moon.  The thought that I might have touched someone or tapped into a smidge of motivation or inspiration excites me to the core.

Y’all don’t even want to know how I feel about “comments”.  To receive a comment is just, to me, better than sex, mascara, wedding cake with butter cream icing.  It’s sweet n salty and kind of like a old treat that I still fancy, pop corn and Milkduds, which by the way, is an Abercrombie and FITness approved snack!  #abercrombiefitnessapprovedfood You’re welcome.

In terms of the blog, I have without doubt experienced some serious stretching. The two’s can be hard y’all. Right?  Remember? There is lots of toddling around, a new bed enters the picture, then we learn to tee tee in the potty and wear big boy or big girl panties.  It’s big important stuff and it’s not always easy breezy.

Last spring, I finally got up the gumption to publish a 6 week virtual FITness program. FITogether , the first group of an 18 week series.  I hand-picked detailed strategic custom exercises and put them together for a total of 12 killer workouts.  I dusted up my meal plan packet and made some minor adjustments. Next, I busted out my handy-dandy trusty iPad and filmed all 12 instructional videos.  There was no big film crew, no fancy lights or make up.  It was just me and an organic leap of faith.  Just like that I threw caution to the wind and birthed another FITness baby.

What do you know, I got a few hits and from that moment on I was in the virtual training business. I PUSHED PAST FEAR!  It’s scary to start something new even when you know it ‘s GOOD!  

In my heart, I knew that this wasn’t the most professional format but I did it anyway.  I trusted that the work, the actual workouts, would speak for themselves.  And so they have. The RESULTS are in and keep pouring in.   I can account the success by the testimonies of go getters grinding out the program.  It is in their dedicaiton and push where I  find my HIGHEST compliment, their results.  Their body transformation.  Their self confidence.  Their fat burning metabolism churning like never before.  Their weight loss and stamina.  Their smile.  It’s invigorating.


After the 6 week sessions come to a close I send out a survey.  Out of all of the folks registered for the program only 15 actually responded to the survey.  I have an ear for positive criticism.  I have taken this excellent feed back seriously and I’m in the process of dialing up my format to reach a higher standard.  I’m also writing the second phase of the program which is so fun because now I have an audience who knows me.  Now people have a sense of my style so I’m more free to be less “trainerish” and more just hard-core silly Angi.

Today’s anniversary workout is be a challenging “Terrific Two’s”!  All exercises are strategic combo movements targeting two or more muscles at a time. Get it!?!  A two for one if you will.  I’m all about mastering the more bang for your buck and time.  Make the most of every sweat session.

I recommend doing 4-8 rounds of this workout.


Squat Curl Press do 15-20 reps

Push up lat pull 10 reps each side

Leg lift into a reverse crunch – 20 reps

Curtsy lunge side lateral – 15 on each side

Plie jumps for 20

Deadlift, row, dead lift 15 reps


Most toddlers go through a terrible two’s tantrum defiant phase and I’m sure my baby blog will not be immune to growing pains.  I’m not going anywhere.  I plan to hang out, hang around and keep spoon feeding you some good old fashioned FITness food.  Hang with me and let’s see where this next year takes us!

I’m all ears.  What would topics peak your interest?  More workouts less talk?  More testimonials?  More food advice?  YOU TELL ME.

Last year, I wrote In FITness and in health a tribute to the blogs one year birthday.  Check it out!

Ready for more?



All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.



Love, learn, grow and set your life aglow!









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