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Best of 2017 (wrkout 2)

Hey.  Good Morning!

How’s it going everybody?  Did you try yesterday’s lower body exercise combo?

If you did I bet your legs aren’t speaking to you today. They might be contemplating a call to Leg Protection Services. Every trip to the bathroom or traipsing up and down stairs is a wee bit uncomfortable I presume.

So sue me.

So if you aren’t ready to break up with me you’re probably dying  to break up some of the lactic acid causing the pain and soreness.  I have an excellent workout ready to go!

A movement combo is a ripe way to expel some pent up energy or burn through the traditional family fudge!

This indoor outdoor workout was inspired by the change in weather last spring.


Workout Link

No gym equipment required. Break loose and get outside or find a space in your bedroom or living room and get after it.  Arrange a spot near the fire place to roast and detox to the rhythm of this high intensity interval set. Keep the reps low and around 10-15 each exercise.

plank from the hands – Spider the knee to the outside elbow  – 10 each side followed by…

mountain climbers 20  on each side (40 total)

push ups 15 reps modify to knees if you need

burpies – 10 reps

front lunges with a knee lift  – all one side then switch 10 each side

jump squats 10 reps

So now what?  Do it again.  Perform this segment at least 4-6 times.

Then you grab a towel, wipe the sweat from your body, hydrate, shower and feel like a million bucks.  Your abs and arms will feel tighter and your body will be burning the calories for a while.  Following the workout, make sure to eat a high protein low carb meal such as eggs and an english muffin.

More meal ideas here

Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!



Love, spring into action and absorb the momentum.



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