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Best of 2017: ECCENTRIC workout #3

Wasn’t that fun?

If you missed it…get your butt in gear and click over to yesterday’s cardio combo post.

I have been sharing some of the BEST OF’s from 2017.  I write a ton of custom workouts a year and these are some of the workout warriors favorites.

Maybe you’re like…”Angi, all of your workouts look so easy.  Anyone can do these exercises.  Whats the big deal?”

The big deal is actually participating.  Getting physical and active.

Doing all of the exercises in the exact order I instructed is the big deal.  There is a method to my madness people.  It’s called fatigue and it’s not without purpose.

Today’s post is deep and heavy.  Perhaps ECCENTRIC   That’s right…we are going to work from the bottom up.  Resisting on the negative which elongates the muscle.  Resisting on the way up.

We do these eccentric workouts about twice a month to switch it up and keep our bodies guessing.

This is one of those “take it slow” and keep your form in check.   It’s going to be heavy and hard but just stay with it because the pay off is ripped, tight toned muscles.

  1.  sculpt your legs with some heavy deep elevated lunges.  Put one foot on top of a chair or bench.  Grab two dumbbells.  I’m use to lifting heavy so I usually opt for two 25’s.  Drop deep and slowly raise up slow like to a 3 count and do 8 reps on each side.  Drop that knee to the ground.  Lift and squeeze.
  2. Get to a bench or chair and elevate your feet.  From a push up position push up and slowly lower down to a 2 or 3 count.  Do 15 reps.

3.  Shoulder presses – start at the top  and slowly lower down use 15-20 pound weights do 8 reps

4.  Bar Squat – or Dumbell Squat

5.  Hip Thrusts – Start up and slowly lower down – butter fly your legs

6.  Ab Tucks with weighted med ball – Hold up slowly lower down.  20 reps


7.  Tricep kick back

Do about 4-8 sets. 

Notice that in some of these videos I’m in my living room.  I’m doing these movements with little to no weight.  Showing that you don’t have to be in a gym to make these exercises happen.

If you’re advanced I recommend holding dumbbell for resistance.  Be careful and watch your form.  Keep your shoulders rested and chest lifted.  Abs tight and focus your mind’s eye on the muscles you are working on.

Remember to slowly count.  I like using the old school classic: 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi count.

Breath and keep pushing.

Stay tuned for the best of TABATA  training workout coming tomorrow.

Love, don’t cheat, rest and repeat!



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