Bringing Sweaty Back


Hey Turkeys…we are entering into a season of THANKSGIVING!  Be excited with me because I have some goodies coming your way.

November can be a long dud of the Fall season.  To me, it’s kind of brown, rainy and grey. Thank goodness for red and orange which color up the month with beautiful falling leaves. and seasonal changes.

Bursting on scene, the giant burnt yellow harvest moons and stunning picturesque sunsets that paint the fall evening sky!  Then there is my favorite and only thing super awesome thing November has to offer, THANKSGIVING.  

Thanksgiving weekend sparks the sweet spirit of giving which thickens as December arrives. Don’t you think?  Maybe November isn’t so bad after all.

It’s the spirit of GIVING! (click here for my infamous 30 days of thanks)   The reminder that God gave HIS greatest gift and we start planning and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

So in this same vein, I’m compelled to GIVE AWAY some FIT goodies.


FREE 6 week virtual training package.  Includes 12 workouts and instructional videos and a meal plan or a FREE MONTH of Abercrombie and FITness All Access Pass (full access to all recorded workouts and two live sessions a week). BUT that’s not all…you will also get…


Abercrombie & FItness crew neck T-Shirt


Jar of BLUE-EMU Lidocaine cream

super swanky WATER BOTTLE!

Abercrombie & FITness meal plan and healthy eating tips!

This is $250 value not to mention a perfect way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle.  When you think about it, your health is a priceless commodity. Get on the bandwagon and drop weight or tone up before New Years Eve!  This is the time to get busy! No pouting and no slacking inside sulking in your sweats.

Now is the time!

My program works.  It’s results-oriented and one lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 11th!  

To enter the THANKS-GIVE away, simply make a comment in the comments section.  That’s it.  Leave your name and an email address and you could be the lucky winner.

If you want to enter more than once you can also go to my Facebook page or instagram page and make a comment!

6 week Virtual Training Program

FITogether offers two total body workouts a week for 6 weeks including instructional videos and meal plan.

120.00 $

PlayBack Pass

Access to all recorded workouts for the month dumbells, towel, mat and water lose weight, increase energy, tone lean muscle, tighten the tush, and burn the fat.

65.00 $

Click the link above to read more details about the program or hurry up and scroll down and leave a comment!



Lean muscle




You will

Drop a size


Reduce chances of heart attack and high cholesterol

be able to get off of medication

learn to eat healthy

Cut your doctor visits in half

While you’re at it, join in on the GIVING and give away a big bright beautiful smile! It cost you nothing to smile. A simple smirk or pearly white grin can light up and change someone’s mood in a nanosecond.


Speaking of a smile…this is the ONLY toothpaste my family puts in their mouth. It’s a tad pricey but it’s amazing. It will brighten a dull yellow smile in two uses. It removes stains and leaves a clean fresh taste. NUSKIN AP24

I’m so excited about this FREE offer.  I hope you will engage and leave a comment and be my next client success story.  The program speaks for itself and to prove it, I’m giving it away!

I’m living proof that it works!

Blue-Emu Lidocaine cream is an instant pain reliever.  If you have an old injury or a new injury causing temporary pain and discomfort, the Lidocaine will make it better fast.  The Lidocaine cream is johnny on the sport and has a soft cushy foam applicator for spot treatment.  Blue-Emu cream is more of a therapy cream that works overtime.  My teen queen prefers the Lidocaine cream because she likes the instant cooling feeling and helps mask her pain for sports.  The Blue Emu cream is odorless, with no burning or stinging, or cooling.

The Abercrombie and FITness virtual or studio training sessions are a total bonus.  

Get your THANKS on and enter to win.

Love, soothe the pain and dance in the rain!  

Love Angi 

11 thoughts on “Thanks-GIVE-Away”

  1. Questions: is the Playback Pass completely separate of the 6-week virtual program? Meaning can I sign up for just the Playback Pass?

    1. Yes it’s separate! It’s an older model system but basic. Not the recorded lives I’m doing now. Xo. Which appeals to u?

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Angie Abercrombie is a flawless queen and her workouts are simply the best!

  3. Angie thank YOU so much for all your tips & fantastic motivation!! Truly a bright lite in the sometimes negative of social media. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family 🙂

  4. I went from the Sugarplum deal to the playback pass. I’m so pumped! My body feels stronger each time! The nurse who took my blood pressure the other day said, “You must workout! I feel it in your biceps!” Thanks Angi!

  5. I’d love to win this! It would be just the kick in the pants to get me back on a regular schedule of working out! I walk every day but I know it’s just not enough. I’ve missed being able to do group exercise and maybe this zoom type would make me feel like I was still with a group. I will be looking into your classes regardless, you look fabulous and I love how positive you are ❤️

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