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Heart and Soul: Abercrombie & FITness

Why is Abercrombie & FItness any different from all the other on-demand or virtual fitness programs out there?

Heart and Soul.

I’m living, breathing and full-on sweat proof that the program works. I’m doing the workouts too. I’m following exactly the same program that I share with you. I personally write each workout. I pour deep thought and time into each one. Each workout is hand crafted to hit a target. I aim for specific muscle groups that women call “trouble zones”.

I’m all heart and I have a passion to help people make changes in their health and fitness. I have a history and a “fat girl to FIT girl story. My heart and soul dedication to FITness is embedded in my career. If I can do it, If I can change, if I can maintain fat loss SO CAN YOU!

My program is about creating a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a habit. Each new workout I create allows me to help build on maximizing both short term and long term progress for my clients. 

This is about personal training! Personal training in a group setting via zoom or in gym setting. I take your workouts personally because I’m only successful if you hit your mark!

If you get on and stay on my program, I guarantee you won’t ever hit a plateau. It’s all about mixing it up. Changing it up so you won’t hit the wall. People often flat line when they perform the same exercises repeatedly.

One of my favorite aspects of my program is the variety of workouts. I’m always inventing new, exciting ways to challenge the body. No two workouts are ever the same which means you’re always being challenged both mentally and physically and you will never get stuck in a rut. Just ask around. I have numerous success stories.

I’m all about flexibility because I understand the busy world we live in. Most of my clinets are juggling life, kids, job, family, care giving, socicializing , volunteering, and much more. My program offers flexibility to FIT in a workout at home or in the gym with minimal equipment. You choose to complete a 30 or 60 minute workout, whatever you can squeeze in. My program is about helping you achieve long lasting results. I do this by ensuring that my workouts are something you can easily FIT into your routine and create a long term habit.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to health. Abercrombie & FITness is designed to be something you can stick with for the long term. 

We’re all different. Everyone has a unique structure, body type, and genetics. What I know is that hard consistent work can outwork good genetics ALL DAY LONG! I can guarantee that if you are consistent your body WILL start to change in under 3 weeks. Energy will increase, will be stronger and if you combine the workouts with a healthy balanced diet then you will see true physical change. 

I cannot promise to “help you drop 10lbs in 10 days” (it’s neither healthy nor sustainable!) But I do believe it is important to set specific goals to help you maintain your new habit and keep motivation high.

I know that starting a new program isn’t easy and that you’ll probably have some questions along the way. That’s why I give you my direct email address so that you can get in touch with me any time. If you are unsure of anything, want advice or just to share your progress I’m only an email away.

Keep in mind that I have seen and heard it all. I have been in and around this business for over 24 years. I have had my own studio for 10 years and I know the drill!

If you have any questions please email me. I love hearing from you and always answer your messages personally. Send me an email anytime at

Hope to see you soon!

Love, don’t be shy, just give it a try!

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