Bringing Sweaty Back


THE PREP KITCHEN is my newest obsession for healthy pre-cooked meals delivered right to your front door!

Did you hear me?

“Healthy” gourmet meals that don’t require an ounce of work. NO PREP time, NO COOK time!

Unlike other meal delivery companies such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, The PREP KITCHEN, AKA “PK” does the work for you. (click any Prep Kitchen link on this site for 20% off your first order!)

Simply, build or order your meals, click and eat! EASY PEASY!

But wait, what is the catch? RIGHT? This is what I was thinking. BUT, is the food truly healthy? YES, YES is the answer!

This is the best part, these meals are chef-prepared, generously portioned, all-natural and sourced appropriately.

As a FITness professional I’m crazy. cautious and skeptical about meal delivery companies.

Is the meat and or produce good lean meat? Are they using gluten-free products, is the food cooked in oil and preservatives?

The PREP KITCHEN, located in Dallas, TX, sources local suppliers, whole foods, and nutrient-dense ingredients. The majority of their meals are dairy and soy-free. In the meals containing animal products, they include grass-fed meat, free-range poultry, and sustainable fish. They have fresh, seasonal vegetables delivered daily.

The PREP KITCHEN is legit on all fronts!

What I love the most is the 3 options of buying.


Choose from an assortment of meats and vegetables such as shrimp, ground turkey, Angus beef, chicken, salmon, tilapia, puree, Brussell sprouts, green beans and much much more!


Pre-prepared meals for breakfast lunch or dinner! YES, I SAID BREAKFAST! End the morning madness with THE PREP KITCHEN pumpkin pancakes or the breakfast tacos! Care for an. fruittata? There are so many options from fresh fruit, to protein muffins. These are all made from scratch meals.


If you eat on the run or eat at your desk, try a chef-inspired PK bowl (Prep-Kitchen Bowl). Veggie bowl, chicken or beef burrito bowl, steak bowl or Koren beef bowl. TRY THEM ALL!

The PREP KITCHEN meals range from jasmine rice, green beans, and ground turkey! Selections of shrimp, mixed veggies and rice, or Steak, sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Among many others.


Pick from the full menu and build your own breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!

Let’s say you have a child or spouse who is looking to bulk up, PREP KITCHEN makes it easy to order meals with filters. Choose carb-heavy meals or meals protein-packed. Filter your search for low carb, vegan, gluten-free and much more! There are meals for weight loss, health and or maintenance-based.


But is it good?

I’ve tried 4 meals and Mr. Chicken Fry has tried 4 meals. I enjoyed the flavor of the chicken and the ground turkey. We both enjoyed the salmon but I have to say Im not a fan of shrimp (Ever).

This unique healthy service/ meal plan gets the Abercrombie FITness seal of approval.

Not only can I order low-fat gluten-free meals for myself, but I can order carb-loaded meat, pasta, and potatoes meals for Mr. Chicken Fry. It’s a win-win. Say you have a son who’s working out to put on muscle, but your daughter is a dancer who needs high protein meals….The Prep Kitchen is the answer for the whole family.

The meals come delivered to your front door in a cooler bag packed with dry ice to keep it cold. There is also a pick up option (click for more details). I simply unpacked the food and put in the frig or freezer. When ready to eat, pop off the lids, cover and heat. Time saving to the max.

If on the off chance you placed an order but realize your travel plans changed for the weekend. Simply, pop the meals in the freezer f or safekeeping. (no harm no foul)

Abercrombie Household

As most of you know, I just ordered a mini rice cooker from Amazon. Therefore, I won’t waste money on rice. I will gladly make my own CILANTRO RICE or steamed rice, quinoa and ground my own turkey. However, I will save myself from the smelly kitchen factor and let The PREP KITCHEN cook our salmon, shrimp and beef. I will rely on them for paring meals with veggies for me and mashed potatoes for Mr. Chicken Fry.

I’m a fan!

Please click direct from any link to receive 20%. off your first order.

Love, eat, feel great!!


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