Bringing Sweaty Back


The word “too” before or after anything is what we call imbalance. Too much or too little of anything is not balanced.

We can drink too much water and we might not be drinking enough. We can over-exercise and yet not exercise enough. We can shop and overspend and those who don’t ever spend both are unhealthy habits! lol

NOW let’s talk about diet/ food.


Eggs are full of protein.  In my opnion an eGGcellent choice! I recenly purchased the DASH rapid egg cooker for my college student.  She lives in a dorm and desperatly misses her fresh eggs.  This cooker will make poached, scrambed, boiled and more.  Mine is on order ASAP!

Boils 6 eggs at a time.  The Dash rapid egg cooker also comes with a tray for poached eggs and scrambled eggs.  The easy to use timer allows you to start cooking and walk away.  The cooker has an auto shut off so you don’t over cook the eggs.  It’s genious.  

Orangic or not organic?

Does this matter? Do you need to go all organic? NO!

Because you don’t have to be all into one thing to be “healthy”. If you really love cucumbers or tomatoes or (fill in the blank vegetable) then by all means buy organic cucumbers because organic cucumbers might have a more robust flavor. There isn’t enough, in my opinion, and research, nutritional value to challenge that “ORGANIC” is better.

So save your money. More to spend on quality activewear from Amazon.


two pockets plus a drawstring

These feel amazing. High quality and strong compression plus they come in so many colors.

Paired with the CRZ Yoga Pima cotton workout tank (wearing a size xs)

CRZ YOGA two pocket leggings

Meat or no meat? A common question

We eat meat because we need it. What’s important, in my opinion, is the quality of the meat. Processed meats are a total no-no. Hot dogs, pre-packed lunch meat, this is not MEAT! it’s junk. Go to the deli and watch them slice the turkey or ham or chicken from the bone!

Invest in high-quality meat, grass-fed beef no hormones no antibiotics.
I’m talking, Omega 3 heart-healthy fat. Too much omega 3 can cause inflammation.

Answer – Eat less meat but good quality cuts of meat when you do eat it.

20 percent is more than enough meat.

Go for wild salmon, grass-fed red meats. Go for free-range chicken hormone-free!


Have you ever had too much to drink? It’s called a hangover and it’s miserable. Last week I was struggling and having a “hard” time.  Sigh, I felt like I need a “liquid IV. I was dehydrated and needed some serious electrolytes.  I took to research and ended up ordering Ultima recovery replenish drink mix.  I tried the variety pack but you can order packets in your favorite flavor.  I’m loving lemonade and raspberry.  Girls it’s gluten-free, dairy-free no sugar no sodium no calories etc.  Just ELECTROLYTES!  Perfect for recovery after cardio or sweaty workouts or in case you stay up too late drinking wine with your friend!!! CHEERS!

I also ordered these protein shakes. OWYN Plant-based protein shake with greens gluten-free and soy-free!  Only 5 carbs!  Taste good and by good, I mean really decent!!!  Borderline yummy!

Speaking of balance the fine folks at TerraCore Fitness are offering a BUNDLE AND SAVE! $229 includes the terracore and all bands plus use code ABERCROMBIEFIT at checkout and receive 25% off the total cost! The Terracore is must have pice of gym or home gym equipment. It promotes stability and balance. It strengthens the core and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Love, eat and stay balanced.


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