Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Some of yall need a remodel.  You need a touch of some self improvement to match your wall to wall swag  going on at home.  

When the term REMODEL comes to mind, immediate anxiety washes over me while an array of adjectives dance around in my head!  First thought is total topsy-turviness. 

Because is there ever just a tiny minor remodel? In my experience, even the smallest paint job can cause an upheaval. What is suppose to be a simple one room home improvement project usually turns into a BIG BIGGER deal!  It’s like pealing back an onion and hard to draw the line once it begins.

Remodeling your lifestyle and health is an invaluable wise investment.  Otherwise you run the high risk of looking up 10 years from now and your still staring at pop corn celings and shag carpet aka, a mad muffin top and lecture at the doctors office.   

I hope you will agree that a remodel should never be taken lightly.  It’s one of those hopeful ideas that is discussed at nauseam, mulled over for years perhaps even decades before the project takes shape.  One might visit the paint section of Home Depot only to gather paint swatches and glance at flooring options.  However,  anyone with a brain should know that it takes a lot more than a few visits to Lowes to constitute that a remodel project is in effect.  

Until a professional contractor has been hired or you’ve physically prepped the space and purchased the required necessities, the remodel is just a fantasy.   Action is required.  Plans are laid out, money is exchanged and contractors come muck up your space for a certain period of time.

A positive mindset is a must have.   A couple must be in the right frame of mind and on board before any type of work takes place! One has to literally wrap their mind around the fact that the space will NOT be useable for an extended period of time.  What’s more, everything in the current space must be cleared and live somewhere else before it can begin.  This can cause mass confusion and anarchy. For the duration of the project, you and your family will be completely PUT OUT! You will feel dirty from the dust and chaotic from the constant sea of workers in your home.  Any and all privacy will be stripped from the person staying at the house to manage it all.  

Less we forget that remodels take time…they don’t happen over night. In fact most home projects we have done actually go over the allotted time frame. But it’s not all loud noise gloom and doom.  There is a bright side.  From the disarray comes something wonderful.   A new space, with time and effort, will come together producing a fresh new room.  


Make up your mind.  The idea to get healthy and lose weight might float around in the mind for months and months and years and years. Until the mind is made up nothing will change.  It’s a buckle down and take the first step kind of effort that is required.  Investments must be made such as gym membership or home workout training program.  You will also need to buy into a healthier diet.  Otherwise the hideous floral wallpaper or bubbly linoleum will never change.  

Remodeling your body takes proactive planning and DOING!  You will be officially be under construction.  First step: making the time. Will your exercise commence early morning, mid day or evening.  Make the time, pencil it into the day and don’t cancel on yourself.  Otherwise you will only delay the project.  

Next clean out the space. Prep it. Pitch out all of the junk food and temptation from the fridge and pantry. Prepare to be uncomfortable and put out. You’re going to be out of rhythm for a while. You might feel unusually tired before your energy level picks up. You could experience detox like side effects from less sugar and alcohol intake.  This is normal.  The dust will clear I promise. 

EXERCISE – start somewhere.  Demo day one.  The texture needs to change from lumpy to lean.  One of the best ways to strip the texture is to strip the excess fat.  Lifting weights burns fat and sculpts lean muscle. Pick up some light weights and start squatting, curling, performing pushups and lunging  your way to weight loss.   Little by little fat will melt off and a slimmer lean physique will appear. The treadmill in the corner collecting clothes will also help.  Simply having the treadmill in your room will not remodel your body.  

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During a remodel you always want the workers to show up and finish the job.  You want them to make good time and daily progress. Often there are minor set backs.  The issue vary from not enough paint to plumbing problems. Reinforcements may be required to help cross the finish line.  

The lifestyle remodel is similar  You could experience minor plateaus or set backs such as sore muscles or sick down days.  You could experience your own sort of plumbing problems which is perfectly normal. Changing bad habits into good habits can sometimes cause natural bloating or loose bowel movements.  This is all part of the process.  Keep the end result in mind.  

Also, the scale…which is a very minor part of the remodel may fluctuate and even go up.  FITget about it.  Muscle weighs more than fat and sometimes you have to trust the trainer.  

Once you start there is no turning back!  You would be left with an even bigger mess than when you started.  If you quit, it’s highly likely you will put on more weight.  Statistically speaking, you will gain more weight than when you started the remodel.    The unhealthy greasy overeating isn’t your style any more than pop corn ceilings.  You scraped that off.  You invested time, money and energy don’t lose focus. Don’t go back to tight uncomfortable clothes, shame and defeat.  The fat clothes have been chucked. 

You wouldn’t dare think putting the fur down light fixtures back up so why would you go back to the old you?  

Tweak time.   You lost 25-30 pounds but there is still more work to be done.  Think of this time as the punch list.  The space is somewhat back to normal.  The yuck of the dust is clean and the workers are gone.  Now there are some punch list items to be addressed.  Perhaps the arm flab needs more toning.  Maybe your midsection needs a few diet changes.   You may need alternations for your loose-fitting clothes.  All of these things are easy fixes.  You’re a work in progress fixer upper!

Don’t quit.  Don’t give up.  Give yourself a full remodel.  An interior and exterior fresh new look.  It’s possible!  Start here.   ⇓⇓⇓⇓


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Love, lift and be FIT!





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