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Intimidation can become inspiration

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday!  Before COVID-19 quarantine I was working on this blog post about inspiration.   I never fully finished it because I think in the wake of the virus I became UNINSPIRED!

Now that time and people are slowly turning the corner I think there is much hope and inspiration to glean from these words.

Anything NEW can be intimidating.  I had never used the ZOOM meeting technology before March 23rd 2020.  I was scared and nervous about it.  I was low key intimidated even though I feel good about my technology skills. No one is immune to the first day/first time gitters. I was forced to adapt and not allow the intimidation to keep me down.

BEFORE COVID-19 we could find intimidation lurking everywhere.  It bleeds into social scenes such as sports clubs, country clubs, churches, big box gyms, or personal training studios.  The assuption is that ALL the people interacting “presumably” have the drill down.  Everyone seems to FIT in and know what they are doing.  The gym equipment is  stark metal and all the mirrors make the vibe overwhelming.


I had to kick myself into gear.  Either I was going to be totally out of work or I had to adjust to the change.  I was not going to be intimidated by the virus or the technology.

This virus and home sheltering is more than just preventative health.  It’s your health, your waist line, our mental and physical stress.  You and your wardrobe might be in serious jeopardy because both could be super uncomfortable at the moment.  Have you  let loose and made blistering bad choices.  The bulge and muffin top have overstayed their winter welcome.  The work load/stress that has compiled and put you 30 pounds overweight is harder and harder to carry around.

The good news is, I got you!

I’m a FITness professional ready to tackle your health and FITness needs. I’m compelled to help you create a healthy lifestyle.  A LIFESTYLE to be maintained once you’re reached your goals.

My area’s of study include and are not limited to:

weight loss

confidence building

improved posture


sports conditioning



increased energy

improved blood work

lower blood pressure

lower risk of heart disease

lower risk of stroke

meal prep/meal planning

improved diet

ignite metabolism

lean muscle

inches lost

increased flexibility

marathon training

increase heart rate and blood flow/circulation

I’m a master sculpter.  Melting fat and creating lean muscle for a tighter toned healthy body.

Intimidation soon becomes inspiration when you recognize that for over 10 years. (22 total) I have produced countless success stories.  And you can become one of them!

One of the real true students/clients who have lost pounds, inches and improved their overall health.  Once the snow ball effect…the FITmentum as I like to call it takes shape, intimidation leaves the station. The lack of self confidence is replaced with eager motivation to keep going.  Clothes get loose, sweat is dispersed and the plan of action is REALITY.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Step one is to step past   or step over or step on INTIMIDATION.

Step two is show up and do the work.

Step three is reap the rewards of putting in the TIME and COMMITMENT.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford a personal trainer.   My 6 week personal training program is $10 a workout.  That’s 12 custom workouts at just $10 a pop.  It’s really a no brainer.  My group training sessions are affordable and so much fun.

Also, during covid-19 I’m offering three FREE workouts a week on HiSugarplum’s IG live (instagram live)  Tuesday and Thursday half hour sessions NOON CST!  Saturday 11am CST total body half hour session 

My live group training zoom workouts are full hour total body sessions that get the job done!  There is no judging or intimidation.  And if at first you don’t believeor trust me…you can turn off your camera.


We laugh, we work, we catch up, and we grunt and groan.  We sweat together.  It always helps to break sweat with friends rather than alone!   Leave a comment or text me 214-794-2607 for the zoom code.  (Use promo code SUGARPLUM for $7 off!)

Walk out of this quarantine lighter and tighter!  Leave the house feeling encouraged and inspired.  Do not let this break your spirit or bust a button.  Take control of your health because NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU!

Would you believe that from the change I was forced to make in my business model, I actually gained new clients and a new confidence.  I now have an additional medium to work with.  A new way to reach people who can’t get to me.  A new way of personal training that I once deemed ineffectice and unattractive.  A safe way for people to talk, share and discuss their health.  I now have an effective tool for personal and group training even when I can’t physically be in the gym.  I have a work from home/work from vacation work from the road service.  A blessing in disguise would be an understatement.

Find your re-start. Hip hip hoory for another day and here’s looking toward May!

Love, lift and be FIT!






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