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Happy Space

Give yourself some space!

Meet GYM!

Over three decades ago “the gym became my go to Happy Space. Kind of like a happy place!

It was in the gym where I found a sense of refuge from the day.  The gym seemed to be a place where I could battle past all that had been stored up from a day. Anyt test or homwork from the college professors could be crushed in one swift cardio session. The gym was always there for me when I had an intesne corporate marketing position.  Any   work politics taunting my young twenty somthing brain was tackled on the stair climber and melted on the gym floor.

The gym was like a safe space! Before I was involved in group training, I worked out alone. Girls, this was my time to drain the swamp.  I would walk in loaded up like a pack mule of all that the day had put on me. I would step onto the treadmill and run circles around resentment. I conquered fear with sweat droplets and ironed out emotional stress with hand weights.  I took it all out on the gym!  If I had beef with a co-worker or a work project that was stressing me out, I took it to the gym.  When life felt out of control being in the gym gave me a sense of stability, balance and control.

Stepping into the gym resurrected my spirits. Knowing that not everyone shares my passion for FITness I vowed to create a happy space where people would feel empowered. I wanted to change the scope of big box gym atmosphere and make it personal.

I basically converted an oversized stinky dirty dusty garage into my happy space!

This precious space is so beyond just a bunch of dumbbells and exercise equipment. It’s about selfconfidence and transformation. It’s a space to move the needle on health and wellness.  A step farther away from health problems such as stroke, diabetes and heart failure. A giant step forward to a better overall sense of well being. To a stronger body and a clear mind.

It’s about dropping more than weight and sweat beads. It’s about self development.

This space is not as much about losing as it is gaining a sense of energy and self worth. Finding your happy space is spritual and physical.

There is harmony in group training that some folks might not realize.

Goals might differ but the object is to put in the hard work for a better, different outcome.  A result.  This space is way more that just a gym.  It’s a blessing! There is a sense of commodore.  We allow ourseves to get goofy.  We play loud, some times old disco music, classic rock and or pop hits.  We act like fools sometime but that’s what is so great about it.  This is the place to be free and just be yourself. No makeup required.

My happy space welcomes all FITness levels.  There is no trainer or group judgment of any kind.  Everyone who enters the gym has a day one.  There are plenty of testimonies and agreememt that no one ever forgets their day one.

The people who fill this happy space bless me with their time and energy. I bless them with butt kicking workouts.  (what a trade off)  Through encouragin but challenging exercies we push our bodies past comfortable.  Workouts=Discomfort.

I give my workout warriors a safe place to talk out their resentment, complain about their job, brag about their kids, share interesting information, ask the hard questions and swap beauty secrets. We laugh, we talk about current events and news and we always do the work.

Give yourself time. Make time, find time and let time work for you!

Time is a big commodity these days. Everyone is moving and shaking so fast. With our smart phones and technology we are multitasking everything from school schedules to spaghetti.

What is wasted more than a half gallon of Milk before it spoils?  TIME!  Before you even realize it, time is sucked up as fast as dirt inside a vaccum.  We spoil and waste our time with mindless junk and harmful images.  The best way to reinvent TIME is to get some of it back.  It’s not impossible.  Here are some TIME TIPS!

  1. Align your time with God’s will. Start the day out early in Gods word. Make this a first priority.  This time will never leave you defeated.  This special time will in fact bless you.  You will feel as if you are somehow gaining time.  When we start the day with HIS positibe perspective we are redirected to the things that matter most. Time with Him is never a bad idea.

2) Don’t spoil the time.  Use it wisley.  This may mean you put an end to scrolling and reading unimportant stuff that is occupying quality time.  This could be social media, porn, fantasy football, little league stats, amazon, online shopping, reading your child’s diary, (is this even a thing anymore)  These things can be a serious distraction and high value suck.  Most of these things leave you empty and can actually make you feel less than. GUILTY!  Instead of mindless phone time, prioritize your health and schedule in the old “E” word.  Yes I said it, EXERCISE!  E.T. phone home.  Exercise time.  Making this small step will not only improve and benefit  your mood but also your state of mind.

3)  Find your happy space.  A gym, a yoga studio, a group training class, a virtual workout program or your living or bedroom.  On a cycle, walking on foot or in a swimming pool.  Find the space and committ.  Come on get happy!  Don’t knock it until you have tried it!  A yoga mat in your bedroom is a start.  A pair of 5 pound weights in your living room is a start.  All it takes is one small step.

You may be saying..Angi the gym will NEVER be my happy space.  All I’m saying is that it’s possible because you don’t know what you don’t know.  You can’t pre-judge something with out an actual experience.  What may start out as hell can turn into a little slice of heaven.  Endorphins are a funny little thing that will surprise you!  Not to mention that when women come together for the greater good and cause of anything AWESOME things happen.  In this case, smiles, weight loss, burning fat, food education, faster metabolsim, better healthy, increased stamina and energy.  

Doesn’t sound so bad now does it?  Live longer.  Live stronger. Live better.

Mabe you don’t like groups.  If you’re more comfortable in a private one on one session I have that too.  My happy space can be whatever you need it to except a place for child’s pose!

Despite my recoiled head space the last several weeks I have found much happiness and  comfort in the place I call “my happy space”.  I retreat sometimes to this place to pray and be alone.  To make private phone calls or to meditate and listen to God speak.

You too may just find that “the gym’ is the best part of your day!  Trust me…it’s possible.

Love, come on, find your happy space!



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