Bringing Sweaty Back

Guns and ROW-ses

About this time of year, most girls are thinking about covering up in yummy cardigans and long sleeve sweaters. And while there is nothing wrong with that…keep in mind that the holiday season will be here in a jiffy.

This time of year I like to forecast holiday shenningans, party dresses, off the shoulder sweaters, and feeling lean in my jeans.  I want y’all to have an ideal mindset but one keeps your FITness in check. RIGHT? I mean I don’t want anyone to lose all the effort from slaying during covid.

So many of you have worked your butt’s off and I want you to be proud. Plus in a matter of months it will be celebration season and for some vacation time. In some cases it’s time to dust off the ski boots and snow ski gear.It will be time to shine and use all muscles and energy for some snow sports! WHOOP!

Many of my new and recurring go getters are on the same wave length. Many of these beauties are dumping their FITness requests at my feet,  “I want to really work on my arms, abs and bootie, please.”   Butt of course, you do.  Seems, I’m detecting a lot of FITmentum results in the works…no?

The humble requests are pouring in and with this comes the immodest theatrics.  I hear massive amounts groaning as each person physically points out their “troublesome” hot zones.  The quarantine fluff and wine waist is a common complaint these days. As a fellow fem fatale, I totally sympathize with the candor. Hello, I work on the same grungeneous areas 6 days a week.  I totally get it!  I’m grinding it out just like everyone else.  

Suns OUT Guns OUT

All women desire tight bi’s and tri’s, (biceps and triceps).   Basically, we all want Angela Bassett arms at all times.  Is this too much to ask?   The misconception is that in order to have the lean sleek appearance of a defined bicep or tricep,  curls and dips are the answer.  WRONG!  The bicep is made up of 2 heads and you guessed it, the tricep has 3.  Each muscle and head of the muscle must be pampered.  One simple bicep curl only targets the bottom half of the bicep.  Same with the tricep dip.  Ladies, to super sculpt the arms you have to engage the chest, back and shoulders.  That’s right, toughen up, put on your big girl panties and do some push ups!   Start on your sha na na na KNEES KNEES if you must.  There is NO shame in using your knees.  


It’s funny how most women neglect to exercise the back in the same way men neglect the legs.    

Girls, seated rows and bent over flys engage the back and the biceps.  Set sail and row away.  One arm heavy lawn mowers chisel both muscle groups.  Push ups focus on the chest but also put pressure on the abs, triceps, shoulder and biceps.  Did you know that by simply making a diamond shape with your hands while performing a push up targets  the tricep?  OH yeah baby, get you some diamond push ups girl.  Work it.

Try adding half curls, hammer style curls and pledge allegiance style curls to your routine. Chin ups are a fantastic way to grow a beautiful bicep.  Lay on the ground or a bench and do a tricep press…opposed to a chest press.  French curls work the bicep and the tricep…who knew?  As you gain FITmentum and become stronger,  change it up with inverted and decline bench movements.

 The majority of these movements can be done ANYWHERE!  No room for excuses.  So get to work and get ready to flex.

Love, peace and elbow grease!


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