Bringing Sweaty Back


In TEXAS we must beat the heat. Texas is hardly the only state in the heat wave. I could name plenty of sticky heat stricken states begging for a rain drop or two. The high temps have a way of forcing even the best of us into a hazy, lazy, dehydrated state. Also known as a Summer hyber-nation mode if you will! The wine is cold and nothing else matters!

MAKE IT STOP! Chill out and get in the game. Early morning or “of an evening’ as my MAMMAW would say, get in the pool and splash around! I don’t care if you have had wine – hire your hubby to lifeguard and get after it!

HE or SHE will not mind when they see you in these…


These drawstring cover up pants are so chic. A stretchy crochet fabric with a drawstring elastic waist. The pants are sheer yet super flattering. Ultra versatile to wear the pants high waisted or low! I bought two pair black and beige! Check out all of the color options!


Sculpt and tone your muscles in or out of the water. These dumb bells are excellent for anyone on the move, perhaps the busy traveler or weekend warrior. WATER OR NO WATER these weights are easy to fill and offer plenty of resistance for light weight training.


These foam water weights are EXCELLENT for water aerobics and toning. Big water movements such as bicep curls, triceps sweeps, shoulder raises and chest flys are just the beginning. These weightless dumb bells are smooth and glide easy in the water. Get a great pump from the comforts of the water. The easy padded grip handles hold for ab kicks and tucks! Get a fantastic cardio workout in 30 minutes or less!


Yall – our pool was close to bath water before we installed three of the water cooling fountains. I don’t really know how it works but TRUST ME it’s a game changer. After Mr. Chicken Fry cut down the trees and shrubery around the fence line our pool had full sun. BUT…These fountains lowered our pool water temperature by 12 degrees or more! Super easy to install…screw right into the pool intake. The fountains act as a water feature and sound soothing. Float and or swim away in a cool pool!

Need a rest – this is great self care – pool side read!

THE OBESITY FIX. A highly recommended read from a local doctor. This book is all about how to beat food cravings, lose weight and get natural energy. I don’t always endorse books but this is the real deal as is the FAST METABOLISM These two clinical reads are accurate and true. They tell the truth about the human body and how to create a fat burning machine!

Yall – be cool, stay cool and splash in the pool!



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