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The magic of motivation 

I may not have been blessed with extreme extra sprinkling on the gift of gab but I can tell you that I got an extra two scoops on gift of ENCOURAGEMENT!  I was born a cheerleader.

Rooting for friends and family, cheering people up or cheering them on to bigger things has long time been a role of mine.  I feel true sense of pleasure helping folks gain self-confidence and a healthy sense of well-being.  Motivating people is  my favorite part of training.

People wander and ask me how I stay so motivated all the time?  The answer is easy.

I fancy feeling good and by good I mean well!  Personally, I’m insulted when on a rare occasion I feel sick or under the weather.  My feelings are hurt if I don’t wake up like an energetic rock star.  I relish the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enjoyment when all systems are go.  Like when I’m properly hydrated, fed and have logged at least 8 hours of sleep coupled with weekly exercise, my receptors are right at rain! That hyper perceptiveness alone keeps me motivated.

And who in their right mind wants to workout with a sloppy trainer?  I have been accused of excessive silly behavior and serious heavy conversation but slob is never going to happen. I wouldn’t even feel right about doing my job.  Hello…I’m the example.  The leader in my business.  The CEO of FITness!  I’m the workout queen and FITness guru… so sure, the pressure of keeping my body and health in check is always lingering in and around my brain.  That’s the magic of motivaiton.

Let me be clear honey child,  no one can magically dust you with motivation. There is no hocus pocus fairly confetti, twitching of the nose and poof,  you’re MOTIVATED!   Motivation is set on your own terms!

The better I eat, the better I fell.  When I eat like crap, I feel like crap.  For me, when I consume junk food or drink alcohol in excess I have horrific interrupted sleep!  The very precious thing I covet most is sleep.  And to make matters worse, I become deeply dehydrated which makes me mean and lethargic!  Meanwhile to soothe my growing headache and sour stomach I choose greasy comfort foods such as chips and salsa or a greasy high fatty meal while sucking down a soda to feel better.


Crap leads to crap.

The old saying, “you are what you eat,”  …it should be “you “feel” the way you eat”.  Gorging on fried fast foods will only reflect a greasy old crusty diner!

Sorry Charlie,  I gotta a lot of life to live and a lot of bodies to transform. No time for unecessary self induced down time.  Seriously, find that I can be motivated to eat healthy foods simply to keep me out of the sick bed.  I hate being sick and feeling off!


I admit, when on the occaison I overeat or indulge in several chest meals in a row I not only feel it,  I see it on my skin, and in my puffy face!  The bloated pudgy feeling is nasty! Additionally, if I were to some how contract a virus, and my body is already down, I’m less likely to be able to fight it off quickly.  Healthy eating breeds a better immune system.

Find the why.

Motivation to remain hydrated stems from a constant throbbing or dull headache I get when I’m dehydrated. When I’m forced to take headache or sinus meds I get dry mouth and severe dehydration! I love the Pressa Bottle.  This nifty water bottle keeps it creative.

My motivation to produce a strong core is usually due to the coming bikini season so I eat a green protein rich diet!

My motivaiton to have a tight butt in my skinny jeans is the reason I squat till I can’t walk!  lol

Your why might be plain and simple GOOD HEALTH.  It might be for more sustained energy to play and be active with the kids.  It might be to look tight and toned in your Christmas party dress.  Who knows, maybe it’s a high school reunion, and your back on the dating scene.

You may not even know that you don’t feel good until you feel better.  Make a change.  Experiment.  Try eating gluten free for two -4 weeks and see if you can notice a diffeence in bloating, acne, or allergy sinus.  Try doing two or three cardio or weight training sessions for the next 6 weeks and see if you sleep more sound and lose weight in the mean time!


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Find your why.  When you find your WHY, it’s there you’ll find the motivaiton.  And when you do it’s like magic.  

Love, use your gifts and be FIT!


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